17 May

Plus Size Fashion 2018 Buyers Guide

The Buyer's Guide to the Plus Size Fashion Market It's 2018. The world is finally turning its back on high-fashion fads from decades gone by, jutting hip bones and thigh gaps. Research from The NPD Group shows that the plus size apparel market generated $17.5 billion in sales between May 2013 and April 2014, up 5% from the prior year. Real women's real bodies are being celebrated — and we can't be more excited. You know that plus size women have just as much of a style range, wants and needs. But because plus size fashion wasn't on the runways and in the magazines for so long, knowing which brands to buy for your store can be tricky and intimidating. Here are 5...
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10 May

Opening Your Boutique: Getting Started

How to Open a Boutique So you're thinking of opening your own boutique, huh? Congratulations! You've taken the first step into being a successful business owner. We know you've got an idea, and oh—you've got passion. We're just skimming the surface here with a few tips on how to begin your store's business plan. Whether it's a niche boutique offering hard-to-find, vintage shoes or an online wholesale clothing store, keep reading for 5 things to ponder, plan and do before opening your very own. Location, Location, Location. It's no secret that the traffic around your physical location will considerably impact the amount of customers who visit you—and ultimately your sales and profit. Research the area you're considering. Is it up-and-coming? Is this...
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3 May

How to Pair Your Pieces

How to Pair your Pieces
Tips to Pair Your Pieces for the Ultimate Look Your Customer Will Love Whether it's dressing a mannequin in a top-notch ensemble or placing pieces that look great together next to each other on your counter displays, the way that you visually display your merchandise is über important in selling your goods. According to researchers behind the book See What I'm Saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses, Dr. L.D. Rosenblum, Dr. Harold Stolovitch and Dr Erica Keeps, most of the info our brains process (a whopping 83%!) comes via our sense of sight. Looks are important when it comes to your store! This goes for teensy boutiques, large stores that cater to the whole family and wholesale clothing vendors. Here are...
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25 Apr

Denim Refresh: 7 Jean Trends You’ll See in 2018

Denim Refresh: Jean Trends for Spring 2018 Whether it be a light-wash jacket that adds warmth on an autumn day, dark date-night pants that fit you just right, or a pin-loaded vest that completes a sunny-day ensemble, denim has the power to make an outfit and will never go out of style. This spring 2018 (and summer 2018 too!) is getting a refresh on the runways and fashion-forward sidewalks when it comes to dynamite denim. Deconstructed Denim. Rips, tears, knee-and-thigh-baring holes, dangling shreds, asymmetrical silhouettes and scrapes—all forms of fabric annihilation are present this year in denim deconstruction. Although this fad has been around for a while, this year it's getting a revamp with a few new embellishments. We always recommend...
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18 Apr

Spring and Summer 2018 Vacation Trends

Summer Boutique Clothing Trends School semesters are winding down, temperatures are warming up, and now is the time to think about what will be hot for the vacation season of 2018. Here are 6 trends you'll see and love in the next few months heading into summer. You can also take a look at our wholesale summer clothing collection on our website.   Fire Up a Little Island Romance. Seemingly meant for sunny, long days and carefree getaways, the aesthetic we're calling 'island romance' is one you'll see a lot—and in many different forms—this vacation season. From flowy white dresses with delicate lace embellishments to earthy sandals and rope belts, this upcoming trend is all about neutral, pair-with-anything hues, intriguing texture and...
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10 Apr

The ’90s Are Totally Back: 5 Flashback Finds to Feature in Your Boutique

The '90s Are Totally Back
You're not clueless-- it's no secret that many of today's trends have been inspired by the way fashion-following people dressed in the 1990's. From neon mesh tops and black chokers to plaid mini skirts platform shoes made popular by the Spice Girls, looks from a quarter of a century ago are still living on in our hearts—as well as on the runways and streets. Here are 5 '90s-inspired styles that you should let shine in your boutique. Womenswear Inspired By Menswear. The runways and popular shops like Nordstrom, Everlane, and ASOS are bringing back smart, oversized styles inspired by the '90s power suit. Whether your customers are browsing for their 9-to-5 or brunch-ready wardrobes, they're sure to love to see these smart styles...
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3 Apr

The Buyer’s Basics: How Much Inventory to Buy For Your Boutique

buyer \ˈbī(-ə)r\ noun "The buying role differs between companies but all fashion buyers are responsible for overseeing the development of a range of products aimed at a specific type of customer and price bracket.” Whether you're starting an online boutique or physical store, buying is one of the most important factors when it comes to running a smart, budget-friendly business—and creating a brand identity for your store. These tips are great for store owners who have been in the game a while too. Read on for 5 pieces of advice we have for buyers. Figure Out Your Niche. Maybe you want to start a vintage boutique specializing in women's apparel and accessories. Groovy! That's a niche and, chances are, you will stand out among...
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27 Mar

The Fashion Buyer’s Guide: Style Selection

The Fashion Buyer's Guide
There are many factors that go into buying inventory for your boutique or online shop. Now that you've read our blog post on Buying 101, here's the next step in narrowing down your target customer and piling your shelves and racks with pieces they'll gobble up. We're sure you've heard "variety is the spice of life," and it applies here too. But before you fill your shopping cart at your favorite online clothing wholesaler, here are 5 tips you should keep in mind when shopping for a variety of ages and body types. Take inventory. Checking out what you've currently got in stock will tell you what you've sold most of in terms of style and size. The garments that are left...
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20 Mar

The Top 8 Swimwear Trends of 2018

Depending on where you reside, warm-weather vibes may feel very far away. What better way to make the cool weather speed up than by lusting over upcoming swimwear looks? No matter the temps, poolside hangouts, tropical vacays, and brand-new swimwear trends are near. Which styles should you carry in your boutique? Here are 8 swimwear trends that are forecasted to make a splash this year. Belts, Harnesses, Suspenders. This year, swimwear is staying away from minimalist and is all about eye-catching embellishments. Expect to see metal ring belts, edgy and goth-inspired harnesses, wide belts reminiscent of the '90s, functional ties, and more strappy delights. Metallics & Shine. Speaking of eye-catching flair, put those sunglasses on because summer 2018 has an oh-so-bright future. We're talking...
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13 Mar

7 Ways to Wear One Dress

Picture this: you're getting dressed in the morning. You peer into your closet and leaf through tees, cardigans, skinny jeans and jackets. You even try a thing or two on, only to toss them on your desk chair to hang up later that evening. It's official: you have nothing to wear. It happens to the best of us: we get into fashion ruts from time to time, where we seem to pair the same tops and bottoms together. We tire of our wardrobe because nothing feels fresh and you've worn it all before. Well, we've got outfit inspo for you today—and our inspiration? The capsule wardrobe. If you aren't familiar with the capsule wardrobe yet, get ready to be enlightened. Simply put, the...
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