20 Mar

The Top 8 Swimwear Trends of 2018

Depending on where you reside, warm-weather vibes may feel very far away. What better way to make the cool weather speed up than by lusting over upcoming swimwear looks? No matter the temps, poolside hangouts, tropical vacays, and brand-new swimwear trends are near. Which styles should you carry in your boutique? Here are 8 swimwear trends that are forecasted to make a splash this year. Belts, Harnesses, Suspenders. This year, swimwear is staying away from minimalist and is all about eye-catching embellishments. Expect to see metal ring belts, edgy and goth-inspired harnesses, wide belts reminiscent of the '90s, functional ties, and more strappy delights. Metallics & Shine. Speaking of eye-catching flair, put those sunglasses on because summer 2018 has an oh-so-bright future. We're talking...
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13 Mar

7 Ways to Wear One Dress

Picture this: you're getting dressed in the morning. You peer into your closet and leaf through tees, cardigans, skinny jeans and jackets. You even try a thing or two on, only to toss them on your desk chair to hang up later that evening. It's official: you have nothing to wear. It happens to the best of us: we get into fashion ruts from time to time, where we seem to pair the same tops and bottoms together. We tire of our wardrobe because nothing feels fresh and you've worn it all before. Well, we've got outfit inspo for you today—and our inspiration? The capsule wardrobe. If you aren't familiar with the capsule wardrobe yet, get ready to be enlightened. Simply put, the...
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6 Mar

Personal Styling 101: How to Find and Refine Your Look

Personal Styling 101
We all have a unique sense of style that makes us feel like ourselves, but finding it and doesn't always come naturally. If you've ever worn an outfit all day that just didn't make you feel like yourself, or if you can't describe your personal style in three words, we've got some tips to help you become fluent in your very own personal style. Seek out inspiration. We're lucky to live in a time when the Internet, print media, and our city streets are accessible and full of fashion to lust over and make us say, “I want to wear that.” Our top tip in figuring out what you love to wear is looking at ensembles and choosing what you...
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27 Feb

3 Tips For Your Best Store Display Yet

Store Display Design Tips
Visual merchandising can be intimidating if you're new to the task, but it's an oh-so-important part of organizing your store and displaying your merchandise. It's more than simply folding tees, hanging up cardigans and buying a pre-made sale sign—it's an art. Whether you're training new employees on best practices or learning about store displays for the first time, don't fret. We've got some tips to take your store to the next level. Does visual merchandising make an impact on sales? Absolutely. In today's fast-paced, instant world, shoppers' attention spans are shorter than ever. Your store displays are your best tool to quickly show customers what you have to offer and how they may use your products. With a single display, you...
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21 Feb

How to Use Instagram Marketing For Your Boutique

It's no secret that being active on social media channels can remind past customers of your store, gain you new interest and enhance your business overall. Why not put your energy into Instagram, a platform that thrives on inspiration, and also happens to have 800 million active users? While there are dozens of ways for you to boost your sales and bring in new customers with the popular app, here are 5 ways you can start utilizing Instagram today. Visuals Are Everything. Instagram is an aesthetically pleasing mashup of colorful, edited, carefully curated (and sometimes completely random) images, videos and the ever-popular Boomerang. Catch your customers' eye and remind them to come in to check out what you've got for...
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8 Feb

Trend Report: 8 Looks You’ll See in Spring 2018

According to Women's Wear Daily, the hottest styles of spring 2018 have already been revealed on the designer runways. Now, it's only a matter of time until we see these themes rocking the streets. With over a dozen new fads (and some you've seen before) popping up, we're going to share with you our top 8 we're most eager to see, buy and wear. 1. Americana Red, white, blue, stars, or stripes—you name it, and spring of 2018 is going to flaunt it. Subtly add patriotic pieces to your inventory with blue pinstripes, star prints and all things preppy. Or truly embrace this trend with multicolored fringe, nautical motifs, light-washed denim, starry accessories, and tops that feature all three hues. We see...
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2 Feb

5 Timeless Pieces for Every Closet

The little black dress, simple black pumps, denim—some styles are always on trend, no matter the season. The key to having a popular boutique inventory is mixing these versatile pieces alongside trendier garments that highlight the fashion of the region and season. Your customers will love the range and have the ability to build complete, balanced outfits after visiting your boutique. A White Button-Up  Whether it's being dressed up with a blazer for a dream-job interview or accented simply with dark denim and black flats, the white button-up is a true must-have for your customers because of its versatility alone. A Black Blazer Don't underestimate the neutral-hued blazer. We love how a tailored jacket makes a vintage-inspired graphic band tee look a bit smarter—or...
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6 Dec

Shopping For Your Demographic

According to IBISWorld, the clothing boutique industry is worth roughly $21 billion, but at the same time is also highly fragmented. Meaning that no single player makes up more than 1% of the total industry revenue and every retailer is having to fight tooth and nail to even gain any market share. Due to the fact that boutiques are typically small, single-location enterprises, they thrive on catering to niche markets. You have to know exactly who to target and shop for if you want your boutique to be profitable and successful at the end of the day. Don't worry, this is where we come in! I’m sure you got a basic understanding of customer demographics in our previous post about “How...
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24 Nov

Ways to Promote Your Boutique

How Do You Promote Your Boutique? As a small business owner with a boutique retail store, it can be really easy to hit a slump and feel frustrated when sales are down or when you're just not getting enough foot traffic through the door. Luckily, there are many surefire ways to spread the word about your storefront in a way that only a physical location can. Check out and try these ideas below to help step up your promotional game and boost your business. Invest in Local SEO Brick and mortar retail stores cannot survive solely on foot traffic and word of mouth anymore. So you will need to make local search engine optimization a priority and optimize your marketing online for local...
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17 Nov

How To Improve Your Boutique’s Online Presence

As a boutique owner, I’m sure you are well aware of the growing necessity to build and maintain a strong online presence for your boutique. With the emergence of e-commerce as a powerful force in the retail landscape, more and more consumers are turning to retailers that are visible online. So now more than ever, it is vital to have a website enticing enough to have your customers visit and make those same visitors continuously wanting to keep coming back. Here are some of the basics to help you boost and maintain your current online visibility:   Pinterest Buyable Pins   You can sell your products on Pinterest for free with Buyable Pins. Buyable Pins allow consumers to buy your products without ever leaving...
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