10 Jul

How Much Inventory Do You Need to Start an Online Boutique

Some of the first things you should think about before launching your online boutique are how much inventory you'll need, how much it's going to cost, where you plan to store it and how much you plan to make. Before settling on the number of items for your online boutique, ask yourself if you'll have time to write quality product descriptions, meta tags, and professional photos for every item.  Since you are selling clothes online, you'll need to take time to organize that information so you can move those items fast. Here are five tips to help you figure out how much inventory you'll need for your online boutique. 1. Come up with a budget. Whether you're first starting to build your online boutique or are an established shop, you'll...
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3 Jul

5 Facts About Wholesale Clothing for Boutique Owners

As a business owner, you never stop learning! When you run your own boutique, there are always new terms, skills, and sales tactics you can explore to help your business grow. In this post, we’ll offer an overview of some common terms and key concepts in wholesale clothing that can help you navigate the waters of small business as a boutique owner. Ready to dive in? Minimum Orders Are Important If you’re new to the world of fashion retail, you might not know much about minimum orders for wholesale clothing—but these requirements often dictate your financial decisions and inventory management plan. Ordering wholesale clothing isn’t quite the same as just popping into a shop and picking your favorite items off the rack; you’ll need to be prepared to meet your wholesaler’s order minimums...
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26 Jun

How to Track the Latest Trends in Wholesale Clothing

As a boutique owner, one of your most important tasks is staying on top of what’s trending in the world of fashion! However, that can feel like a big-time challenge when you’re also busy merchandising your boutique, building a marketing plan, managing your social media accounts, working with dropshippers, balancing the books….and the list goes on, right? Well-considered wholesale clothing orders are an essential part of keeping your boutique in business, so you want to be sure you’re making the right purchases for the seasons ahead. Here are five ways to stay on top of future fashion trends for your boutique. 1. Read Fashion Week Coverage The earliest signs of a new trend usually come into focus at Fashion Weeks around the world—the major ones are held in New York,...
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19 Jun

5 Dropshipping Challenges—and How to Overcome Them!

If you’re interested in starting your own online boutique or expanding your selection of clothing and accessories in an existing business, you may have already considered a popular option: dropshipping! In a dropshipping model, a retailer (that’s you!) relies on a manufacturer or wholesale clothing purveyor to produce merchandise, store it in their warehouse, and ship it when the retailer makes a sale. The dropshipper handles the logistics of production, inventory and shipping, while the retailer handles marketing, customer service and website management. Sounds great, right? As in any business endeavor, there are pros and cons to weigh when it comes dropshipping. We recently answered seven common questions about dropshipping; now, we’ll take a deeper dive into challenges frequently faced by boutique owners who use a dropshipping model, and how they can...
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12 Jun

Our Favorite Business Podcasts & Blogs for Boutique Owners

If you’re a boutique owner who spends long hours in the car, packing up orders, or balancing spreadsheets every day, put that time to better use by queuing up a few informative podcasts! There are dozens of great podcasts out there for business owners, ranging from the informative to the inspirational. Whether you’re just starting out as a boutique owner in the world of wholesale clothing and accessories, or an experienced entrepreneur looking for ways to refresh your marketing tactics, the podcasts on this list will help you make your business better, just by listening! StartUp The idea of starting your own business can seem incredibly daunting—so how about some inspiration from real-life people who have made it happen? StartUp is just that: a documentary series covering the challenges and triumphs...
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5 Jun

5 Tips for a Successful Instagram Contest

A strong social media presence is essential to success as a modern retailer, but it can feel impossible to grow your Instagram following in a world of ever-changing algorithms and skyrocketing costs for paid advertising. Hootsuite reports that 60% of Instagram users find new products via their feed, and the platform boasts a much higher interaction rate per post than other social networks. But how can customers find your boutique’s Instagram account—and then make purchases—in the first place? If you don’t have the budget or the marketing background to invest heavily in paid advertising, an Instagram giveaway can be a low-cost and highly effective way to gain new followers and boost your boutique’s online presence. Here are five tips for an Instagram contest that will help you gain engagement and followers on...
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29 May

8 Accessories to Transform Your Travel Wardrobe

When it comes to packing for a vacation, most travel gurus recommend keeping your wardrobe simple with lots of mix-and-match basics in a streamlined color palette. They suggest banning wrinkle prone fabrics, impractical shoes, and fussy trend pieces from your suitcase—and it’s easy to understand why. Budget-busting baggage fees and limited luggage space mean you should keep your carry-on as lightweight as possible when traveling. But that doesn’t mean your vacation wardrobe needs to be bland! Here are eight small accessories that can have a big impact on your travel style, curated by our wholesale clothing experts. Glam Hair Clips Playful hair clips are a teeny-tiny option for making a major statement when it comes to your travel look. Clips with over-the-top embellishments, like rhinestones, pearls and even seashells, have emerged as...
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22 May

5 Of-the-Moment Sandal Trends

When it came to setting the sandal trends for summer 2019, designers sent shoes down the runway that were anything but basic. From highly embellished heels and eye-catching animal prints to thoroughly modern minimalism, there’s something for every style in this year’s assortment of sandals. Read on for all the details on five of our favorite sandal trends, plus how we’re planning to wear them this summer. Sporty Sandals Perhaps the most unexpected shoe trend of 2019, Tevas are having a serious high fashion moment! These practical sandals were once relegated to your dad’s vacation wardrobe, but they’ve been reinvented thanks to turns on the runway from designers including Sandy Liang, Prada, and Anna Sui. Thanks to fashion-minded updates like platform soles, pops of neon, and iridescent details, sporty sandals are now among...
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15 May

7 Common Dropshipping Questions, Answered

Have you ever thought about running your own online fashion boutique, but felt uncertain about the financial and logistical demands of inventory? For many aspiring business owners, the costs and time commitments associated with inventory management are the biggest hurdle when it comes to establishing a thriving business. Dropshipping is a great way to overcome the challenges of inventory management, whether you’re just starting out as a retailer or an established business looking to streamline your daily operations. We recently posted an overview of how to get started with a dropshipping partner, and why dropshipping is a great fit for many online boutique owners. Today, we’ll be sharing the answers to seven common questions about dropshipping models. 1. How does dropshipping work? Let’s start with the basics: what is dropshipping, and how can...
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8 May

6 Tips and Tricks to Show Off Your Summer Style

Wholesale Fashion Square Summer Wardrobe
Our Sun & Fun Vacation Packing Guide There’s something about summer that makes us incredibly eager to schedule a trip (or two!). Maybe it’s memories of childhood family vacations, maybe it’s all the long holiday weekends, or maybe it’s just the warm and sunny weather. Whatever the reason, we’re currently finalizing our summer vacay plans—and the wardrobes to go with them! See what we’re planning to pack for six quintessential summertime getaways. I’m headed…to the beach There’s no vacation that sums up summer quite like a trip to the beach! Whether you’re spreading out your blanket for a single afternoon in the sun or posting up for an entire week by the ocean, you’ll need a few staples to make the most of all that sand and surf. Start with a loose-fitting...
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