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Plus Size Summer Fashion: Wholesale Clothing Trends for Your Boutique

Plus Size Summer Fashion: Wholesale Clothing Trends - WFS

According to statistics, the plus-size clothing market is valued at $288 billion today. In the same report, reasons for this booming segment in the fashion world are based on several factors, including the world’s growing demand for body positivity and the push by plus-size people to have more trendy options available for everyone. 

Although the runways are still walked by size zero-wearing models, 68% of American women are size 12 and above. Even the plus-size models don’t accurately portray the average American woman, who is a size 16 or 18.

Your boutique can benefit from these plus size summer fashion trends. Summer is the best time to introduce wholesale clothing trends for plus-size women. If you’re not sure what to purchase for retail, keep reading. 

Plus-Size Denim Bottoms

All women, no matter their size, need a good pair of denim jeans and cutoffs. Denim shorts are everywhere, some with frayed, folded, or fringed hems. Denim shorts and jeans are easy go-to bottoms for plus-size women to pair with a graphic tee or tank top. 

The hardest part for retailers will be to narrow the options to put in their stores. For jeans, straight legs, distressed aesthetic, high-waist and stretch fabric can make plus-size women feel and look great. For denim shorts, consider high-waist, Bermuda length, and avoid daisy dukes.

Plus-Size Dresses and Skirts

Loose-fitting dresses on a plus-size women can make their size appear bigger. Instead, purchase various sizes of semi-fitted dresses in solid colors. Women can bring pops of color in with a belt or jewelry. Trendy dresses are button-up shirts, tiered, and knit shift dresses.

Retailers are stocking midi-skirts for plus-size women this summer. They are so versatile and can be worn well into the Fall season. Various options are available, including asymmetrical, flowy, or split hemlines.

Midi skirts can be casually paired with a t-shirt or worn to work with a blazer or cardigan. 

Plus-Size Swimwear

The body-positive movement is fantastic because more women are encouraged to get out in a swimsuit and enjoy the pool, beach, or even their backyard. This year, plus-size swimsuits are amazing and not all solid one-pieces. 

As a retailer, you can offer plus-size bikinis. For women who want to hide their backside, offer swim skirts with cool patterns. For women who hate swimsuits, offer swim shorts and tanks. Choose pieces with ruffles and designs, along with comfort and coverage.

Plus-Size Activewear

It wasn’t too long ago, during COVID, that everyone spent most of their days in leggings and T-shirts. It was called the slob-chic style. Activewear was turned into pajamas. Well, activewear for plus-size women is returning with a new style. First, activewear comes in matching tops and bottoms. Women can throw out the college concert tee and throw on something that shows off their personality through patterns. Athleisure designers have put in much effort to emphasize assets. Women now have tops and bottoms that make them feel special, not just covered up.

Plus-Size Formal Dresses

All women need a formal or semi-formal dress when they get an unexpected invitation to a fancy event. This year, corsets are all the rage. They are perfect for women wanting to show off their curves by sinching in their waistline, sending their bustline up a few inches.

Retailers are getting customers to purchase more items by selling the corset and matching skirt separately. When paired, they look like a complete evening gown. When separated, the corset can be worn with jeans, flared dress pants, a blazer, or a more casual midi skirt. Or they may want to ditch the corset and pair the formal skirt with a tee or button-up shirt tied at the waist.

Plus-Size Pants

This summer, women wear long, flowing, wide-leg pants that sit high on the waist and flare down to their platform sandals. Most have elastic waistbands and bold prints. If you buy them in solid colors, make sure the colors are bright, like green or pink. Floral, animal, and geometric patterns are popular.

Popular in solid color pants are unusual hems, like tiered hems that start around the calf. As a retailer, you can buy many varieties of pants, including Capri versions with the same styles.


Yes, that’s right, rompers. This one-piece short-set is not to be confused with the jumpsuit, which refers to one-pieces with bottoms that drop past the knee. Also, instead of picturing bib overall shorts, picture loose-fitting linen with thin straps and a cutout back. Or form-fitting with cutouts in the front.

Whoever took the idea of sewing a shirt to shorts to make a one-piece is brilliant. Rompers are a summer essential, and the plus-size options are terrific. You can offer your customers rompers that button-up in the front, have a cinch band around the waist, with sleeves or without, in solid colors or prints.

Sheer and See-Through

Plus-size women are enjoying the sheer, see-through movement going on right now. Selling in boutiques are sheer kimonos, long and short lengths, and with patterns and solid colors. Kimonos can be paired with jeans, skirts, and dresses.

The sheer sleeve is a big hit this summer. Designers are creating dresses, shirts, and jackets with sheer sleeves. The sleeves come in varying shapes, including cap, puffy, ruffled, and tulip.

Light and Stretchy

The trend for plus-size fashion is light stretch fabric, and with good reason. Lightweight stretch materials make it easier for women to walk, sit, dance, and all the other ways they want to move. They are flexible and don’t get stuck in one position. They also form the woman’s unique shape. The industry finally recognizes that every woman should have access to fit, fabulous clothing.

The stretch fabric holds its shape and is machine washable.

Find Plus Size Summer Fashion Trends Today!

To offer these trends in your boutique without sacrificing quality or cost, work with a quality wholesale supplier like Wholesale Fashion Square. They can be your one-stop shop and have the inside scoop directly for manufacturers on what will be hot this Fall, giving you an edge over other boutiques.


Plus Size Summer Fashion: Wholesale Clothing Trends - WFS

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