4 May

7 Tips to Create the Right Product Assortment for Retail

7 Tips to Create the Right Product Assortment for Retail - WFS
There is a lot to consider when it comes to product assortment for your boutique. To help, here's a guide of tips. The product assortment is sometimes called merchandise mix. It refers to the variety of products you sell in your shop that gives your customers options and promotes the overall theme of your brand. When customers decide what they want to shop for, a store will pop into their minds. For example, if they are looking for quality makeup options, they may think of Sephora or Ulta. If they are looking for fancy underwear, they may think of Victoria's Secret. Your brand must find a way to pop into your customer's minds whenever they need a particular type of clothing and...
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20 Apr

Wholesale Clothing Supplier for Retailers: How to Choose the Right One

Wholesale Clothing Supplier for Retailers: How to Choose the Right One - WFS
It's difficult to choose just one wholesale clothing supplier for retailers. Here's a helpful guide. You have spent hours researching manufacturers, wholesale companies, and individual artisans to find quality, trendy clothes for a fair price. You have learned that you could buy directly from the manufacturer if you can purchase large quantities of each product. Plus, many manufacturers are still old school and only want to deal with wholesalers. That’s okay because you’ve probably also realized that a wholesale supplier gives you the highest profit margins with the guarantees you need for a successful retail business, such as meeting shipping deadlines and small-batch orders. Now, you have to choose from the best wholesaler. As a boutique owner, there are ways to narrow your...
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12 Apr

Get the Latest on Spring 2022 Fashion Trends for Your Small Boutique

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends For Your Small Boutique - WFS
Looking to stock your boutique with the best Spring 2022 fashion trends? We have the latest information. Read now. Spring may be the most exciting time of the year for your customers. They've been cooped up for months, and now that the weather is warming and there are signs of new life in nature, people are inspired to refresh their wardrobes. They want color, vibrancy, and the hottest trends. Your boutique can give them what they want and more. You must be a few steps ahead on the latest Spring 2022 fashion trends. Use the list below to help you choose the right items for your customers. Handbag Trends Spring cleaning means out with the old and in with the new. That goes for...
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29 Mar

7 Tips To Find the Best Wholesale Supplier for Your Small Clothing Business

small clothing business - WFS
Do you have a small clothing business? Here are some helpful tips for finding a wholesale supplier. Finding a wholesale supplier for your small clothing business is critical. It can mean the difference between high and low profits, meeting or missing shipping deadlines, and getting the scoop on the latest trends. So, how do you pick the best wholesaler for such a pivotal role in your business? Below are 11 tips to help you narrow your list and make a final decision. 1. They Buy from the Best Manufacturers Wholesale suppliers depend on their manufacturers to let them know which trends are up-and-coming from the designers. They also rely on manufacturers to use quality materials, fulfill their orders, ship them on time, and...
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24 Mar

What is Visual Merchandising and Why Is It Key for Retail Success

What is Visual Merchandising and Why Is It Key for Retail Success - WFS
You have spent so much time searching for the right products to sell in your boutique. Hours upon hours of research, finding a quality wholesale supplier, marketing, and more. You’ve done everything right, so it is crucial you get a slam dunk when it comes to visual merchandising (VM). Visual merchandising is key to retail success. You could have the best product on the planet, but if it doesn’t get customers to walk through the door of your retail shop, you won’t sell it. That’s where visual merchandising comes into play. Visual Merchandising Explained Visual merchandising includes your plan, design, and display of the products for sale in your boutique. Visual merchandising is like your own private floor-model seller. It helps your products...
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15 Mar

How to Choose a Reliable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier

How to Choose a Reliable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier - WFS
Clothing boutiques must provide options for a complete outfit. That means you give customers access to more than just fashion-forward pants and tops. You give them socks, scarves, shoes, handbags, and most importantly, jewelry. While stocking the right fashion jewelry in your store is essential, finding the right pieces for the right price, season, theme, and trend can sometimes be challenging. To make your job easier, find a reliable wholesale fashion jewelry supplier. What Is A Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier? Wholesale suppliers are your one-stop-shop for all things boutique-related, not just jewelry. They work directly with manufacturers and are given the 411 on the latest trends in clothing. With that insider information, they search and find the latest, greatest accessories to pair with...
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8 Mar

7 Wholesale Spring Clothing Trends to Check Out for Your Store

wholesale spring clothing - WFS
If you're looking for wholesale spring clothing ideas, then look no further! Read below for details. Many people think January is the month of renewal. It’s the first month of a new year, sure, but it’s also hard to feel renewed in the middle of winter. Cute outfits are covered up by layers of clothing meant only to keep you warm. Early in the new year, most people are still winding down from the chaos of the holidays, recovering from the winter flu and blues, and focused on resolutions. Meaning they are thinking about making changes but not making them. Spring is the true time of renewal. As the weather warms, you can sense the excitement everywhere you go. People spend more time...
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25 Feb

How To Create a Successful Boutique Business Plan

How To Create a Successful Boutique Business Plan - WFS
It can be overwhelming to think about a boutique business plan. Luckily, here is a helpful guide to get started. If your goal is to open a fashion boutique, then you need a plan that could win an Olympic gold medal if there were such a category. The plan must turn your small space into a unique, trendy hot spot. Plus, it must show the various ways your profits will grow. You need to create a successful boutique business plan. This may sound complicated. We get it. That’s why we put together a list of tips to help you in the process. What’s Your Boutique Type? Choosing your type of boutique is deciding how you will make money. Consignment boutiques make money by selling...
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11 Feb

What to Consider When Finding Wholesale Bulk Clothing Vendors

What to Consider When Finding Wholesale Bulk Clothing Vendors - WFS
Wholesale bulk clothing vendors can be tricky to find. You want the one that best fits your top needs. Here's what to consider. If you own a clothing boutique, there is one thing you must get right, the clothing. The clothing you sell must have three wow factors: style, quality, and price. Since you don't have the time to visit every wholesaler in the world, or the worldwide web, finding one that can provide clothing with all three wows is your new goal. So, what should you consider when finding wholesale vendors? We have the answer below. Consider Location Sure, today, you have access to wholesalers across the globe, but there are disadvantages to consider. Like, what if you order bulk clothing from China...
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