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10 Handbag Styles to Consider for Your Boutique

10 Handbag Styles to Consider for Your Boutique | WFS

Who doesn’t love a variety of handbag styles to choose from to complete their outfit? We’ve listed the handbag trends to include in your boutique.

Did you know there are handbag styles to compliment every body shape? Whether your customers have an apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, or inverted triangle shape, the handbag styles you choose can flatter your figure or not.

There are industry tips on picking the right size, shape, and length:

  • For size, petite women look taller with small handbags. Tall women look best with medium size or larger bags.
  • For shape, short women look better with vertical rectangular shaped handbags, and slim or tall women look best with a round handbag.
  • For length, just remember that where the bottom of the handbag hits the body, that’s the area you are emphasizing.

Your customers will be blown away when you share these tips with them. It would help if you had a variety of handbag styles available in your boutique to flatter all shapes.

Let’s look at some examples of handbag styles to consider for your boutique’s customers.

Apple Body Type

Those with an apple body type have mid-sections that are larger than their shoulders and thighs. When looking for handbag styles, choose one that balances out your figure, has some width and structure. Wholesale Fashion Square offers excellent options:

1. Bowling Bag Style

This trendy designer-inspired fashion bag is elegant, with a textured leather look and gold zipper and accents. It comes in black, our most popular, as well as pink, camel, dark green, khaki, beige, and red. It holds everything a woman needs.

2. Brown Leather Tote Bag

The brown leather tote bag has a canvas style lower half and leather upper with leather straps. If you don’t like brown leather, you can choose black, or brown, or black with leopard print. It has plenty of storage pockets on the inside.

Pear Body Type

Pear-shaped women have more significant bottoms than their waists and shoulders. To create balance, handbags should be worn at waist level or higher. Choose a satchel bag or tote with short straps. Adjustable straps are also a good choice for versatility.

3. Two-Tone Stripe Fashion Bag with Pouch

Your customers will love this two-tone handbag. You can choose from black and grey, coral and tan, and denim and camel. It has short straps and an adjustable strap that is also removable. It also comes with a pouch for smaller items.

4. Chain Handle Tote Bag

The Wholesale Fashion Square chain handle tote is perfect for the pear-shaped lady who loves animal prints. The chain handles are short, allowing the bag to fall just above the waistline. You can choose from a black bag with leopard print handles. Or a leopard print bag with black handles.

Hourglass Body Type

When you think Marilyn Monroe when you think hourglass, we are on the same page. This body type has curves that accentuate a smaller waistline. When it comes to handbags, this is the body type you want to have. They look good no matter what kind of purse they wear.

5. Two in One Cross Body and Tote Bag

Who doesn’t love a two-for-one deal? Because hourglass customers look good in anything, you can give them two options for one price. The two-in-one crossbody handbag comes with a matching tote bag. Or, you can put one inside the other for additional storage. This multifunctional handbag comes in gold, silver, or taupe.

6. Crossbody Cellphone Bag

Since hourglass figures can wear any type of bag, the cellphone crossbody bag will allow them to show off a little personality with numerous pattern prints. Options include basketball, soccer, Aztec, leopard prints, colorful stripes, evil eye, sunflowers, snakeskin, and more. These will be the most eye-catching items in your boutique.

Rectangle Body Type

Women with a rectangle body type may appear straight, without curves, since their shoulders, waist, and hips are similar in shape. They need a handbag that breaks up the straightness and gives them the appearance of a curve. Long straps or short straps work as long as the purse itself has some roundness or fluff. Check out these options.

7. Convertible Leather Textured Sling Bag

This Wholesale Fashion Square sling bag transforms from a shoulder bag to a sling bag to a pouch using interchangeable straps, including a gold chain strap. Its crocodile textures are beautiful in black, burgundy, beige, brown, mustard, and pink. If your customers love animal prints, you can also show them the leopard and snake versions.

8. Hobo Leather Crossbody Bag

Another great look for hourglass figures that is trending now is the hobo bag. The leather hobo crossbody handbag has adjustable and removable straps. If you want to switch the original strap for a chain, you can do so in seconds. Inside and outside pockets give your customers ample storage. Color options include dark camouflage, red, light beige, camel, and black.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Women with an inverted triangle body type have broader shoulders than their waist and hips. When choosing handbag styles, you want to move attention away from your shoulders. Crossbody bags and belt bags are the perfect examples of how to do this, and of course, Wholesale Fashion Square has some fantastic options.

9. Buffalo Plaid Belt Bag

Buffalo plaid seems to never go out of style, especially in the fall and winter months. With the buffalo plaid belt bag, you get style and storage in a compact package. Outside zipper pockets give you easy access to your lipstick, phone, money, and more. It comes in black and white, red and black, zebra print, and leather-textured. Wait, we’re not finished. It comes with a black leather strap that takes it from a belt bag to a crossbody bag.

We saved the best for last. It’s the handbag style that goes with every body type, every clothing style, and it comes in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Drumroll, please…

10. The Wristlet

No one can go wrong with a wristlet. The hard part is choosing just one. That’s why we recommend offering your boutique customers multiple, fabulous options.

Final Thought

We say give women what they want, handbags.


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