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11 Reasons to Buy From Wholesale Clothing Vendors in USA

11 Reasons to Buy From Wholesale Clothing Vendors in USA - WFS

What’s so special about buying from wholesale clothing vendors in USA? There are a ton of benefits. Read now!

You know that feeling you get when you’re checking out a pair of pants, and you scroll by the tag that says, “Made in the USA”? It makes you do a double check of the item to find a reason to buy it. You get a sense of pride that you once found a product made in your country.

While you don’t mind supporting overseas workers occasionally, there’s just something special about knowing where your product originated. And this is not the only reason to buy from wholesale clothing vendors in USA. Keep reading to learn more.

1. America Needs Jobs

In 2020, 25,000 retail businesses had to shut down. Sure, it was during the pandemic, but that’s at least 25,000 to 50,000 people out of work. And the pandemic has not entirely gone away. Also, many stores that closed were giant retailers located in strip malls across the country. Examples are Victoria’s Secret, Chicos, J.C. Penney, Macy’s, and the Children’s Place, to name a few. Buying from wholesale American clothing vendors means American jobs for those willing to work hard.

2. It’s a Billion Dollar Industry

In 2021, the USA women’s apparel market revenues were 165,874 million. That’s great until you compare it to the overall women’s clothing market, which is now up to 165 billion with a B in 2021. So, who is getting rich? The Asia Pacific and Western Europe. Buying from wholesale clothing vendors in USA means your money supports America’s clothing market.

3. Variety

American-made clothing can be found in a variety of categories, including dresses, sweatshirts, blue jeans, casual wear, athleisure, socks, underwear, tuxedos and evening gowns, and much more. Wholesale clothing vendors in USA will have the popular trends in this country available for your customers.

4. Safety for Workers

Not all clothing factories overseas are required to have safe environments for their workers. Some aren’t required to provide the basics of bathrooms, heating, or air conditioning. Others employ children who often make mistakes, hence the reason for some recalls. Wholesale clothing vendors in USA must operate under strict guidelines and pass rigorous inspections, all in the name of safety.

5. Reduces Carbon Emissions

The further your clothing travels, the more fuel is burned, and the more carbon emissions are released into the environment to create smog and pollution. Buying wholesale clothing in America means your products don’t travel very far. It helps our country become more sustainable.

6. Cheaper, Faster Shipping

Buying from wholesale clothing vendors in USA means you get your clothing much faster. You don’t have to pre-order months in advance, and the costs are reduced. Turn around time is also much quicker. Returns are easy, and you already know how the system works because you go there almost every day.

7. Higher Quality Products

Americans appreciate quality and are willing to pay for it. When clothing is made in America and sold by American clothing wholesale vendors, you can count on quality. Manufacturers tend to use higher quality fabrics, like cotton grown right here in America. This means buying clothing in America also supports U.S. cotton farmers.

Recently, there have been some unusual chemicals found in clothing made in China, like formaldehyde and lead. In clothing. Buying American-made means, you can trust the ingredients used to make your products.

8. Better Customer Service

Everyone can agree that calling customer service for help only to speak to someone in India is frustrating. A simple question turns into an hour of misunderstandings. American companies have American customer services representatives. Customer service processes are simple and easy to understand. In America, wholesale companies understand the importance of building relationships with customers. They make it part of their customer service guidelines.

9. Strengthens the Economy

When you purchase wholesale clothing from vendors in USA, your money stays in the American communities and builds the U.S. economy. Buying overseas means your dollars are building the economies overseas. This country needs economic growth so we can remain independent. America is all about freedom and independence, even in retail.

Right now, America has a large trade deficit. We import much more than we export. This must reverse for America to thrive. Buying wholesale clothing from vendors in USA can help.

10. Prevent the Downward Spiral of Poverty

When jobs and money start going to overseas businesses, poverty sets in, and our communities suffer. Losing a job is like the first domino in a long line of consequences. Losing a job leads to unemployment, which leads to family fights, financial problems, broken relationships, loss of home and personal property. People resort to criminal behaviors to survive, which leads to legal charges and fines. To cope with the stress of poverty, some choose to use drugs and alcohol, which leads to even more significant problems.

People who are gainfully employed are less likely to experience this downward spiral. They can support their families and feel good about themselves for contributing to the workforce.

11. Accessibility

Working with a U.S.-based clothing wholesaler means having access to the company and its employees. If you need to visit their office, you can without a lot of planning or costs. You can drive or fly to their corporation and meet with the leaders in person in a few days. It takes more effort and money to meet with an overseas wholesaler. Plus, the language barrier can be troublesome when trying to broker deals if the company is willing to negotiate.

Final Takeaway

When searching for made in America wholesale retailers, do more than check their clothing tags. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has rules that some companies may not follow. The FTC also allows for “all or virtually all” materials to be made in the USA. Take the time to get to know the American wholesale fashion clothing company. Check reviews and ask questions about the issues most important to you and your business success. Then, have fun purchasing the clothes your customers will love.


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