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Made in the USA Clothing: All About Buying Affordable and Quality Wholesale Styles

Made in the USA Clothing: Affordable and Quality Wholesale Styles - WFS

The Federal Trade Commission defines Made in the USA products as entirely or virtually entirely made in America. They created forty pages of standards and regulations that Made in the USA manufacturers must meet.

Customers like buying products made in the United States. Research shows that 80% of consumers prefer USA-made products, and 60% are willing to pay more. In a recent study, 32% of consumers reported they look for and purchase made-in-America clothing. They find that out of the billions of dollars spent on apparel yearly, only a small percentage is made in the USA.

Boutique owners can significantly impact the number of American-made items sold by offering them to their customers. If you are a boutique owner in Los Angeles, California, Texas, or any other state, consider the following reasons.

Quality is Better with Made in the USA Fashion

Made in the USA manufacturing must meet high standards before being approved for selling items to the public. There are multiple quality control requirements throughout the manufacturing process. They must:

  • Source sustainable fabrics
  • Pass extensive testing of the materials
  • Adhere to ethical labor practices
  • Comply with industry standards
  • Be eco-friendly

Shipping Costs Less and Arrives Faster

Shipping from overseas can mean delays, and getting the products you ordered may take months. If they arrive damaged or in poor quality, add a few more months for returns. You may never receive the items if they get lost in transit or mistakenly delivered to the wrong place. The United States has the best systems for establishing reliable shipping methods and meeting delivery lead times.

Customer Service is Better

Dealing with an American customer service team that speaks your language can be crucial when purchasing clothing for your boutique. Think how difficult it can be to discuss damaged products or try to find out where your order is when you speak English, and they don’t.

As a business owner, you must build relationships with customer service teams. Meeting them in person, being in the same time zone, and communication is much easier. 

Easier to Buy Wholesale

Boutique owners must focus on profit margins and revenues to succeed and keep their stores open for a long time. While it’s not the fun part of running a business, it must be done. Buying wholesale clothing for your boutique is the best way to keep costs low and profits high.

Finding the right wholesale supplier means searching online and in person for a company that offers the following:

  • Made in the USA clothing and accessories.
  • Discounts when you buy in bulk.
  • Big-batch and small-batch ordering.
  • Reliable shipping.
  • Positive reviews and references.
  • Customer service that rocks.

Conduct Google searches for American wholesale suppliers, attend trade shows, and ask other boutique owners for references.

Made in the USA Clothing: Affordable and Quality Wholesale Styles - WFS

Access to Trendy Fashion and Accessories

You must sell trendy fashion and accessories in your boutique to attract customers. A good wholesaler has a fantastic relationship with designers and manufacturers and can scoop up trends for upcoming seasons.

You can easily tell if a wholesale supplier understands the trends by reviewing their clothing and accessories. If the clothing on their website was a fashion hit last year, move on to the next supplier. They must also have various fashion trends to complete a whole outfit from head to toe.

For example, Wholesale Fashion Square (WFS) is a supplier that offers up-to-date trends for women only in the following:


A good wholesaler will offer five or more types of dresses in various sizes and styles. WFS offers the following dress types:

  • Maxi 
  • Club
  • Bodycon
  • Summer 
  • Cocktail
  • Black 
  • Prom


Boutique owners should offer a variety of tops, including blouses for work, tank or crop tops, bodysuits, and graphic tees. Basic tops, like knits, are also popular. The tops sold by a wholesaler should easily match their bottoms.


Wholesale suppliers should offer bottoms in petite, regular, and tall sizes. Bottoms should include pants, skirts, leggings, jeans, and shorts. Bottoms should also represent trending styles, such as wide-leg, flare, capri, mid-rise, and high-rise.


Think of your target customers and how they want to cover the clothing they purchase in your boutique. There are many trending outwear today, including the following:

  • Shackets
  • Jackets 
  • Kimonos
  • Ponchos
  • Cardigans
  • Hoodies 
  • Vests

Other Essential Items To Buy Wholesale

Don’t leave your customers with only half an outfit, forcing them to visit another boutique for the rest. Work with a wholesaler that can help you sell a complete look to your customers. If you can show your customers how to turn three or four pieces of clothing into more than one outfit, they will be pleased.

Other essential items to stock in your boutique include:

  • Activewear
  • Headwear
  • Jewelry for all popular body parts
  • Handbags 
  • Accessories 

More Tips for Buying Wholesale Clothing

None of your customers are the same. Each one that walks into your boutique has characteristics that set them apart. When purchasing for them, use their features to choose the colors, sizes, prints, patterns, and closures on the clothing and accessories.

Think of the styles or themes your customers prefer, such as plaid, animal print, floral, stripes, or tie-dye. Do they like a bell, cap, long, or short sleeves? Do you sell more linen, denim, cotton, or mixed materials?

Because you can’t buy everything a wholesale supplier offers, you must create a list of items for the must-haves and a backup list if you have money left in the budget.

Made in the USA Clothing – Buy Today!

Clothing and accessories made in the USA are sought after by many consumers who want high-quality merchandise. Some terrific wholesale suppliers pride themselves on offering made-in-the-USA items at a discount and in various styles. Working with a wholesaler is beneficial to your budget and time. When searching for the right supplier, list your standards, and don’t lower them or settle for a company that is not right for your business.

Finally, ensure the supplier aligns with your brand, has great customer service, and wants you to succeed as a boutique owner. When you win, they win.

Check out Wholesale Fashion Square as your top quality wholesale clothing and jewelry supplier serving Los Angeles, Texas, and the rest of the United States.

Made in the USA Clothing: Affordable and Quality Wholesale Styles - WFS

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