16 Oct

A Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

What is influencer marketing? As a store owner, you understand the importance of Instagram for maintaining relationships with your customers. Instagram boasts an entirely visual layout and is typically thought of as being more creative than other social media platforms. This fall, if you’re looking to improve your Instagram marketing strategy consider working with an influencer to promote your brand and products. Back in January, we posted about the top social media marketing trends for boutiques in 2019. One of the top trends we reported on was influencer marketing. But what exactly is influencer marketing and why does it matter for your store? Influencer marketing is when designated content creators, called influencers, share content about a specific brand or product on their...
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9 Oct

5 Ways To Take An Office Look Out After 5 PM

No matter who your customer is, you can just about assure that they are a busy, dynamic woman who often has many different activities and responsibilities every day.  Some of the most valuable pieces to women today are versatile ones that can be worn all day and night, no matter what the plans are. It is important to be sure that your boutique is stocked with the trendiest items that will make your customers feel like work is play. Dressing your mannequins up in these five pieces will be sure to inspire the woman who needs to take their look from the office, to dinner, to out on the town: Put-Together Blazers There is nothing like a classic blazer to make any...
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2 Oct

How To Increase Average Dollar Spent This Fall

Average Dollar Spent (ADS) is the measure of the average purchase in dollars that each customer in your store makes over a given time period.  ADS is a great indicator of the general shopping habits of your customers. Stores should strive for a high ADS because it means that their customers are bringing in more revenue individually, but more importantly, it means that they are buying more items.  Satisfaction with purchases of any size, but especially large purchases leads to greater brand loyalty. There are many sales tactics that boutiques can use to increase ADS, such as focusing on selling big ticket items, offering discounts on larger purchases, and including other suggested items in their fitting rooms or...
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25 Sep

Fall Sweater Trends

Bring on the pumpkin spice, it’s the start of sweater season! There’s no better feeling than curling up in front of a roaring fire wearing your favorite sweater. As a store owner, you know that sweaters are the most popular item to stock this season. So, this fall, make sure to stock all of the hottest fall fashion for all of your customers to enjoy! Colors Let’s talk sweater colors first. The Pantone Color Institute helps companies and designers around the world choose colors for their products or logos. Every year, they release a color trend forecast based on top fashion runway shows as well as a designated “Color of the Year”. Pantone is the leading expert in deciding which colors are “in” and which are “out” each fashion season. So,...
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18 Sep

Blast From the Past: Top 80s Fashion Trends Today

As the saying goes, everything old is new again. Whether you like it or not, the looks so beloved from the fabulous 1980s are back in style. From shirts to purses, customers are browsing boutiques for clothes and accessories that remind them of their past. So, this fall, be sure to stock up on all of the 80s-style products that customers are searching for. Need some ideas? Keep reading below to hear about out modern twists on vintage styles that you can utilize in your boutique! Totally 80s Madonna, Whitney Houston, Cindy Crawford, and Cyndi Lauper- icons of the global 1980s fashion movement. So many of the fashion pieces they pioneered are all the rage this fashion season. Think: everything you love about 1980s fashion with the benefits of the...
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11 Sep

Back-To-School Pieces To Help Your Shoppers Ace Every Class

Back-to-school season is a very important time for any clothing retailer.  Even if your shoppers aren’t all getting ready to sit in classes for five days a week, something about the end of summer and beginning of the fall season makes everyone wanna get serious about their academic or professional goals.  Fall is the most exciting fashion season and it is important for your store to have pieces that are not only appropriate for school or work, but are also on-trend. Be sure to have the stylish, put-together inventory that your customers are looking for to take them into this fall season.  Keeping these school essentials in stock is a great start: Cute Bags There’s nothing like having a fresh book bag to start off the school year.  Similarly, getting a new gym bag,...
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4 Sep

Key Pieces to Take Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

The season we eagerly await as we prep our beach bags and grow our denim short collections. Summer is great, but before we know it, June and July have flown by, and August nears its end. As we pack away our swimsuits and floppy hats, we inevitably make space in our wardrobe for the coming season’s must-have items. Soon enough, leaves will begin to fall and we will feel the chilly weather lurking in the months to come. There’s no better time than now to make room for fall fashion staples that can transition your wardrobe from summer to fall with ease. Keep the Sundresses, Just Add Jackets Don’t pack away those sundresses just yet! While it may get colder in the months to...
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28 Aug

How To Wear Summer Whites

When the temperature outside hits the triple digits, the key to fashion is staying cool. An easy way to do this is to stick to a neutral, lightweight color scheme- especially when it includes the color white. White doesn’t have to be boring. According to a study, there are over 50 different shades of white.  However, for these hot summer months, stick to your white whites and creams. These colors will keep you cool and in fashion. It’s one thing to know what shades of white are in, but each of these shades manifests itself in various articles of clothing from shoes to dresses to shirts. Summer whites are known for their versatility. Whether or not you wear white Memorial Day...
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21 Aug

Show Customers How To Mix The Chic Colors, Patterns, And Prints Your Store Offers

Summer inventory brings in more fun colors and patterns than any other time of year.  From floral to tie-dye to animal print to stripes, this guide will help you display your store to best show off the most fun prints you have to offer and offer tips to customers on how to pair your store’s items together to create a full look for them to take home.  Creating a full outfit out of more purchases will make your customers walk out feeling great and surely increase your store’s average dollar spent per customer rate. Below are our five tips for mixing and matching the highly detailed, bold, and colorful products you have in store in order to create a unique, chic look: 1.  Treat...
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14 Aug

5 Summer Sunglass Trends to Revitalize Your Wardrobe

Summer weather is upon us, and with summer weather comes the strong summer sun. That means it’s not only time to protect your skin with sunscreen; it’s time to protect your eyes with the season’s hottest sunglasses. Why not protect your eyes in style? From cat-eyes to wrap-arounds, we’ve got it all. Read on and gear up for this month’s fast approaching heat waves with these stylish wholesale shades. Big and Bold A frame that can’t be tamed. Whether you’re feeling extra spunky or you’re just trying to shield yourself from the sun, big frames are the way to go. With varying shapes and sizes, your possibilities are practically endless. Go for a pair of shades with extra embellishments like pearls or rose gold trim to amp up your ensemble, or...
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