25 Oct

Made in the USA Clothing: All About Buying Affordable and Quality Wholesale Styles

Made in the USA Clothing: Affordable and Quality Wholesale Styles - WFS
The Federal Trade Commission defines Made in the USA products as entirely or virtually entirely made in America. They created forty pages of standards and regulations that Made in the USA manufacturers must meet. Customers like buying products made in the United States. Research shows that 80% of consumers prefer USA-made products, and 60% are willing to pay more. In a recent study, 32% of consumers reported they look for and purchase made-in-America clothing. They find that out of the billions of dollars spent on apparel yearly, only a small percentage is made in the USA. Boutique owners can significantly impact the number of American-made items sold by offering them to their customers. If you are a boutique owner in Los Angeles,...
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6 Oct

Why Find Handbag and Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers For Your Boutique Needs

Handbag and Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers For Your Boutique - WFS
Boutique owners find success when taking a multi-layer approach to selling products. They choose a primary product to sell, then complementary products that enhance the main product. For example, bridal boutiques sell wedding gowns but also offer wedding jewelry, shoes, and tuxedos. A boutique for professional women sells clothing appropriate for the work environment. They may also sell jewelry, handbags, and makeup. Everyone is so busy today. Customers don’t have the time to buy clothing at one store and then travel to different stores for jewelry, handbags, etc. You can solve this problem by stocking complimentary products, which means considering trends, profit margins, and target customers.  Here are some tips to ensure success if you are a boutique owner selling products that...
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11 Sep

California Wholesale Fashion Events: Prepare for Fall Styles and More!

California Wholesale Fashion Events: Prepare for Fall Styles - WFS
Retailers looking to stock boutiques with the best Fall styles and trends are in luck. California has some of the best wholesale clothing shows and events. You can find it whether you are looking for high-end, casual, formal, or gender-neutral fashion. Here are some of the most anticipated upcoming shows: Los Angeles Kids Mini-Market, September 10-13 International and American fashion for kids will be displayed at the L.A. Kids Mini-Market, perfect for retailers who can't attend the October Kids Market. In the heart of the L.A. Fashion District, you can find fashion for kids of all ages and sizes. You can visit hundreds of showrooms, meet designers, and make incredible contacts.  Showroom Sample Sales, Last Friday of Every Month, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00...
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9 Aug

The Evolution of the LA Fashion District: From Manufacturing Hub to Fashion Destination

The Evolution of the LA Fashion District - WFS
One hundred blocks and 2000 wholesalers with the trendiest clothing and accessories for you to fall in love with and purchase for your boutique customers. It's the Los Angeles Fashion District, the place for buying wholesale on the west coast. It all started in the early 1900s. Then known as the Garment District, it was a place for manufacturers to create and sell their work. It has been growing since, hitting some major milestones, like becoming the center for sportswear and women's clothing in the 1950s. It is where wholesalers want to be to attract the right customers. Eventually, some retailers were allowed to sell their purchases in the newly formed Santee Alley, which referred to retailers selling out of the backs...
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24 Jul

Where to Buy Bulk Clothes For Resale? Tips For Finding a Quality Wholesaler

Where to Buy Bulk Clothes For Resale? Tips For Finding a Quality Wholesaler - WFS
Are you curious to know where to buy bulk clothes for resale? Buying clothing in bulk to resale in your boutique has many benefits, including higher profit margins and revenue. The problem some retailers face is finding the right place to buy quality, trendy wholesale clothing that will sell. Also, they don’t want to make substantial financial commitments initially with a company they barely know. Boutique owners cannot afford to be on the losing end of a buyer-seller relationship. These concerns are nothing new; over the previous centuries, winners in the industry have been happy to share advice with retailers. The number one recommendation is to buy bulk clothes for resale from a wholesale supplier. Below is a guide to buying wholesale,...
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20 Jun

Finding Unique Jewelry to Buy for Your Business: Helpful Tips

Unique Jewelry to Buy for Your Business: Helpful Tips - WFS
If your business resells jewelry and other products, you must know how to get the biggest bang when finding unique pieces. You’ve got to get quality jewelry that stands out and attracts customers. Whether your customers are shopping for themselves or someone else, you must provide them with options in various categories. Plus, the jewelry you sell must align with your brand and complement any other products you sell. Buying jewelry does not have to be stressful, however. You can have fun picking out great items for your target customers. Below are some helpful tips for finding unique jewelry for your business. Follow the Trends This year several trends are at the forefront of the jewelry industry. One is layering or stacking jewelry,...
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17 Apr

Your Guide to Selling Jewelry: Why Buying Wholesale is Key

Your Guide to Selling Jewelry: Why Buying Wholesale is Key - WFS
American jewelry store sales have been over $32 billion in the last few years. Reports state that more than 52,300 jewelry stores in the United States contribute to the global market of around $300 billion. Statistics like these make it easy to see that selling jewelry in your boutique may be worth investigating. Deciding to sell jewelry is a small first step, followed by numerous others that create a successful venture. Below is a brief guide to selling jewelry in your boutique. These tips will help you pick the right jewelry to sell in your boutique. Jewelry Niche When it comes to selling jewelry, you must figure out your jewelry niche, a specialized section of the jewelry market. To find your niche, you...
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5 Apr

Cute Outfits For Women: Boutique Wholesale Spring Clothing Edition

Cute Outfits for Women: Boutique Wholesale Spring Clothing - WFS
Finally, Spring is here, and customers are ready to transition from bulky winter clothing to cute Spring outfits. When you think Spring, adjectives like fresh, renewed, and vibrant come to mind. This is exactly how your customer wants to feel in their clothes. As a boutique owner, you can help them look and feel their best this Spring. Below is a guideline on buying wholesale spring clothing for women. Cute Outfits For Women Clothing trends include warmer clothing for those early Spring days with cooler days and nights. Clothes must transition quickly to warmer times and eventually into Summer. Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may experience freezing temperatures one night, and two days later, warm weather arrives,...
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20 Mar

Purchasing Inventory For Your Wholesale Clothing Boutique

Purchasing Inventory For Your Wholesale Clothing Boutique - WFS
When you shop for inventory for your boutique, you try to find trendy, high-quality clothing and accessories for a discount. You need to find a reliable company that provides excellent customer service. You can have this and much more with the right wholesale supplier. But how do you find the right wholesaler for your boutique? It takes a little bit of effort on your part, but the results are well worth it. Below are tips and best practices when purchasing inventory for your wholesale clothing boutique. Find a Wholesale Supplier in Your Niche Your fashion niche is the target customer for which you purchase inventory. You must know your customer. What do they want? Which clothing sizes will meet their needs? Think back...
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13 Feb

Loose Fitting Dresses: Grab These Wholesale Clothes Now

Trending Loose Fitting Dresses: Grab These Wholesale Clothes Now - WFS
Fashion involves several different factors, including psychology. Yes, your emotions are one reason you choose certain clothes to wear. Clothes can also change our moods. If you've ever felt blue, but after putting on a fabulous outfit, your mood lifts, you know it's true. It has been proven that buying new clothes and accessories causes a boost in dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in the brain. That's why they call it "retail therapy."  When you hear the words oversized, baggy, relaxed, casual, bohemian, and easy-going to describe a dress, you may not think it will boost your mood, but it can. Loose fitting dresses are all the rage today. It's a trend everyone can enjoy. That does not mean every person...
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