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Women’s New York Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends

Women's New York Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends - WFS

Boutique owners everywhere look to the New York fashion industry to learn about new trends and styles. New York does not disappoint this year, making the upcoming fall and winter months a fashion adventure. New York is home to the top design schools, designers, and retailers. Fashion Week occurs twice a year, but there are hundreds of other events, fairs, and shows where boutique owners can find the perfect wholesale clothing and wholesale jewelry for their customers.

When you own a business, you must find ways to please your customers and make money. Shopping wholesale is the best way to make this happen. Buying wholesale means you purchase items in bulk at a discounted price from a wholesale supplier.

If you are searching for a quality wholesaler in the New York Garment District or online, they must possess specific characteristics.

Recognizing Quality in a Wholesale Supplier

Quality is the standard you use to compare one wholesaler to another. To find the right wholesaler, you can create a checklist to grade suppliers that pique your interest. Some of the best wholesalers have an internal checklist of standards. They work hard to meet the standards daily because quality is also important. 

Wholesale Fashion Square (WFS) is an example of a company with high standards serving the New York area. Your list of standards will likely match their list. It includes traits like the following:

  • Satisfied customers, current and past
  • Internet buying, payments, and other processes
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Quality control processes
  • Knowledgeable about your target customers
  • Effective communication and customer service
  • Offers multiple great products
  • Products are delivered on time and in good shape
  • Makes efforts to help you succeed

WFS also sets high standards for the quality of their products.

Recognizing Quality Clothing of a Wholesaler

One way to determine if a wholesaler offers quality products is to ask about customer returns. A company focused on quality will have fewer returns from customers. You can even inquire about the percentage of clothes, jewelry, or other accessories explicitly returned for quality reasons. 

Here are some tips for personally measuring the quality of clothing:

  • Fabrics known for high quality are used to make the product.
  • Clothes are thicker, usually of higher quality than thin materials.
  • Extra buttons and fabric usually come with high-quality clothing.
  • Seams and stitchwork are sturdy, and threads are tight.
  • Clothes are lined with a different fabric.

Benefits of Finding a Quality Wholesale Supplier

You will immediately notice some benefits of finding a quality wholesale supplier, like saving money and time. Buying in bulk means the discounts rise based on the number of items you purchase. Some wholesalers offer small and large batch orders with discount terms. Many are willing to negotiate the terms to help your boutique see more success.

Quality wholesalers offer excellent product variety, allowing you to purchase what you need in one spot. When you are ready to scale your business, a wholesaler can help you transition. In addition, you can lock down terms and conditions in a contract.

Now that you know the importance of quality in everything from the product to the supplier, you can focus on women’s fashion in New York and the latest trends.

New York Trends and Style

New York is one of the world’s most culturally diverse fashion hubs. The people of New York can take individual style to the next level. But not everyone looking for quality fashion and accessories lives in New York. Many boutique owners seek more basic trends that customers can enjoy, whether in the Deep South or the Midwest.

New York designers and wholesalers make this possible. They take the hottest, most creative trends straight off the runway and create street-style products with the same elements that fit the everyday needs of the average woman who wants to look great at work, home, and socializing.

Women’s Latest New York Fashion Trends

The fall season fashion industry trends elevate your wardrobe. Designers have once again found unique ways to create street versions of runway clothing and accessories. Below are examples of the hottest trends and fall favorites.

Denim on Denim

Denim and how women wear it is evolving, and so is the denim-on-denim trend. There are so many types and colors of denim you can create multiple outfits with just a few items. Denim is versatile and easy to style in all four seasons. The best thing is that women of all ages, shapes, and styles can rock a denim outfit.

Fall Favorite: Check out this popular classic slim-fit denim jacket from Wholesale Fashion Square paired with black denim jeans. An outfit like this is perfect for happy hour with friends, sporting events, concerts, bonfires, and much more.

French Terry

French terry is a knitted fabric that has a high-end feel to it. The trend is the fabric, which looks great as a shirt, dress, pants, or jumpsuit. You may have seen celebrities wearing French terry over-sized hoodies as a dress, paired with cool boots or sneakers.

Fall Favorite: A basic French terry dress can be dressed up or down for various events. This dress from WFS has puff sleeves and comes in multiple colors, from neutrals to bright Fall colors. 


Jewelry is always a must for fashion trends, and this Fall, pearls are in. Pearls are not just for formal events anymore. You are encouraged to wear pearl statement earrings with a sweater and jeans, layered pearl necklaces with a v-neck crop top, and, of course, with formal attire. You can even find cardigans with pearl buttons.

Fall Favorite: The multi-strand pearl choker from WFS is a big hit. Women wear it with graphic t-shirts and casual work outfits. At the same time, they wear the same pearl choker to an evening holiday gala.


As a boutique owner, consider these New York fashion trends and many others when buying for your customers. You can help them feel great in the street versions of the latest runway products.

Check out Wholesale Fashion Square as your top quality wholesale clothing and jewelry supplier serving Los Angeles, Texas, and the rest of the United States.

Women's New York Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends - WFS

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