11 Nov

10 Ways to Wear Tunic Tops and Dresses

Ah, the ever-versatile and in-style tunic. Tunic tops and dresses can be worn in so many different ways with so many different pieces and accessories, and we’re willing to bet that there are a few ways to wear a tunic that you’ve never even considered. 

From the outerwear you choose to the accessories you elect to wear, there’s a million and one options to choose from, and they all have a big effect on the overall style of your outfit. So, without further ado, here is our list of 10 various ways you can style tunic tops and dresses.


Leggings and tunic dresses are a match made in heaven. Together, they create one of the most stylish and comfortable combos ever! This white tunic would pair quite nicely with some black leggings!


Whether it’s a tunic top or dress, you can wear a pair of pants with it and still look stunning! Don’t believe me? If you’re a fan of the bohemian look, just imagine this turquoise and olive tie dye tunic dress with some faded denim jeans and a matching jacket.


On a warm autumn day, a pair of denim shorts looks fabulous peeking out from underneath a shirt like this yellow scoop neck tunic top. If you really want your shorts to show but the tunic top is covering them completely, just tuck in the front of the top and you’ll be good to go!

Shorts and Tights

If it’s a little too cold for shorts on their own, all is not lost! Just add a pair of tights into the mix and you’ll be appropriately dressed for the cooler fall temperatures. Just wear some muted gray tights with shorts and this burgundy tunic top for a trendy twist on a casual look.


Tunics already have a lengthening effect, but if you want to emphasize this further, a long cardigan is a great choice (and we haven’t even mentioned the extra warmth it would add to your ensemble). This gray cardigan would look great with an indigo tunic top.


It’s rare that the answer to the question, “What kinds of shoes should I wear today?” isn’t “boots”. Considering how many different styles and lengths they come in, it’s really no wonder. What’s great is that your tunic top or dress will probably go with any boot style. Ankle boots will look fabulous, and if you’re wearing leggings or pants, you can tuck those into your boots for an even trendier look. If you’re wearing shorts or a dress, knee- or thigh-high boots are definitely the way to go.


For a more casual look, a cute pair of sneakers with a tunic top and jeans is a great combination. You can even use tennis shoes to give some sporty flair to a long tunic dress like this one. After all, sometimes, you just want to wear a dress without worrying too much about finding fancy footwear.


Speaking of fancy footwear… sometimes, you actually do want to strut your stuff in a nice pair of heels. When this is the case, it’s time to pull out your nice cream tunic dress and your favorite pair of stilettos and hit the town!


Scarves are an excellent option to pair with your tunic top, especially if it has a low-cut neckline. Going out with friends in your favorite velvet tunic dress? Add an infinity scarf for an extra splash of color and texture!


Last, but certainly not least, is jewelry! Arguably the easiest way to dress up a tunic top or dress, necklaces, bracelets, chain belts, earrings, and more can be used to add some sparkle and shine to your ensemble. Necklaces in particular are a good way to spice things up if you have, say, a plain tunic dress that needs something to add a little color and texture.

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and boutique owners to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing and accessories they buy. We hope you’ve learned a bit more about the different ways you can style your tunic tops and dresses. Be sure to check out our wide assortment of tunics to find some for your closet or boutique!

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