30 Aug

3 Surprising Print Trends of 2018 & How to Wear Them

Try These New Patterns to Freshen Your Look!

Plaids, polka dots and stripes every which way — some patterns are always in style but don’t excite and
delight trendy shoppers. We’ve chosen our three favorite , not-so-boring patterns we’re seeing on the
runway this year and giving you some styling pointers.

It’s more than just florals and tropical palms. A trend you’ll see in tail-end of 2018 is nature-inspired
patterns — think mushrooms, 3D prints that look like the forest floor, leaf skeletons and limb-like
fractals. You’ll see them in every tone imaginable, not just colors you’d find in nature. Because these
looks can often be surprising and unique, we recommend styling them with neutral colors, simple
silhouettes and under layers, like chambray or even a tan trench coat for fall and winter.
Want to try these patterns that look like they just came out of the woods but nervous to go bold?
Accessorize instead! Socks, scarves, pendant necklaces — outfit add-ons are a good way to try this
funky pattern trend.

Pastel Florals
And, no, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill flowery print — it’s pastel. Pastel florals are unique in that they
can be soft and feminine when paired with strappy sandals, tan wedges or nude heels, then turn around
and be punky and funky if paired with charcoal combat boots, a distressed denim jacket or high-top
Not feeling those polar opposites? You can also rock cotton candy-hued flowers on a blazer for a smart
work outfit or alongside a fancy updo for a special occasion (like end-of-summer weddings).

Okay, we saved the best for last. Have you seen landscape patterns yet? You’re read that right.
Landscape prints are realistic-ish pictures of fields, mountains, beaches, whatever — on your clothing.
This is one we can get excited about, but you may be asking yourself, “How do I even begin to style a
‘scape pattern?”
The answer is simple: pair it with neutrals and simple silhouettes. Rocking a perfectly autumnal
sweater featuring a cloud-scraping mountain? Pair it with light-wash denim jeans and classic white
sneakers. Did you find an awesome pair of harem pants that look like an oceanic painting? Pick a tone
in the pants and find a top that matches or a complements. Or don’t follow any style rules and style
your landscape with whatever you feel like! We recommend that too.

Which pattern are you most excited to buy and try? We want to know! Let us know in the comments!

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    3 Surprising Print Trends of 2018 & How to Wear Them
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