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How to Start a Jewelry Business

How to Start a Jewelry Business - Wholesale Fashion Square

There is no better time to start a jewelry business than now. The industry is expected to grow to $292 billion by 2025. Retailers can see success online and in shops using creative marketing and promotional activities. You can start a jewelry business with a small investment and grow it naturally, especially when working with a wholesale supplier. 

So, if you’re wondering how to start a jewelry business, there are some crucial steps you can take to ensure success. A few of these steps are detailed below.

Choose Specific Types of Jewelry

To determine the types of jewelry you want to sell, you must organize your preferences based on the following:

  • Material used to create jewelry can include metals, fabrics, leather, resin, plastic, and more. Each of those materials has variations. For example, gold jewelry can mean yellow, white, or rose gold.
  • Gemstones, faux or real, are options retailers can choose to resell. 
  • Body parts to be adorned by jewelry must be considered, including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, crowns, anklets, or a combination.

Pick a Jewelry Niche

Selling jewelry successfully requires narrowing the target market. Your target market is your specific customer base. When defining your target market, consider their age, sex, lifestyle, income, and interests. It’s not all about the customer, however. You must also be interested in the jewelry you sell, which should complement your brand.

Jewelry niches include engagement and wedding, eco-friendly and sustainable, gemstones, personalized or engravable, and vintage or estate.

Know How to Find Your Customer

Knowing your target market is one thing; finding and attracting them to your shop is another. You must be able to connect with potential customers by going to where they are, online and in person. If your target market is a working professional over 50, Facebook is likely the place to connect with customers. If your target market is a college student, multiple online platforms will help you reach them, including TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

For the groups who avoid social media, try traditional marketing methods like radio ads, mailers, and promotional events.

Hone Your Skills

You can love jewelry but not know how to sell it. You may be the most terrific salesperson but not know how to determine profit margins. Anyone who owns a jewelry business must be well-rounded in the following areas: marketing, accounting, organization, leadership, communication, networking, computers and software, and problem-solving.

Assess your skills and get the necessary education in areas where you are lacking.

Buy Wholesale Jewelry

Running any business successfully depends on your ability to purchase items for a low cost, mark up the price, and resell for a profit. One of the best ways to ensure you make a profit is to purchase jewelry from a wholesale supplier.

Working with a wholesaler means buying jewelry in bulk at a discounted price. Some wholesalers offer discount prices but don’t require huge minimum orders. Depending on the size of your order, wholesalers often offer free shipping.

Other benefits of buying wholesale include the following:

  • They offer a wide variety of jewelry options
  • They receive trend information directly from the manufacturer
  • They save you time
  • They provide easy online ordering
  • They offer quality jewelry for lower unit prices

Tips for Buying Wholesale Jewelry

Buying wholesale jewelry is much simpler than you may think. Jewelry wholesalers are like one-stop shops, allowing you to purchase everything from one location. You can find all the jewelry you want to sell and check out other fashion products to complement the jewelry. 

Here are some tips for buying jewelry wholesale:

  • Choose the products that match your brand
  • Choose the name brands you want to sell
  • Create a store layout for where you will place the jewelry
  • Consider storage options for excess products
  • Create a budget for buying jewelry wholesale
  • Build a positive working relationship with the wholesaler

Tips for Choosing the Best Wholesale Supplier

Just like with any other industry, there are good wholesalers, and there are great wholesalers. You can choose the perfect wholesaler for your jewelry business using simple strategies. First, choose a supplier in the United States, preferably in an area you can access easily. Visiting the wholesale company onsite or at a trade show helps you inspect its quality, processes, and team, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

You can create solid relationships online even if you can’t visit them in person. Quality wholesale companies have reputable staff, positive reviews, and an eagerness to help satisfy your customers.

Tips for Selling Wholesale Jewelry in Boutiques

Ultimately, you must be able to sell the jewelry you purchase. Many wholesalers offer support by allowing you to use their photos with models wearing the jewelry you’ve chosen to resell. Taking advantage of this means you spend less time and money setting up photo shoots and recruiting models.

Create a positive customer experience in your boutique that customers will remember for a long time. Provide online experiences that attract customers to your boutique, including raffles, drawings, contests, sales, and rewards. For example, when a customer posts a photo to their social media page promoting your boutique, offer them a discount.

You should post photos daily of your boutique’s items, but make sure your images appeal to a diverse market. Provide detailed descriptions of each item. Show customers how to wear it. Learn how to use search engine optimization (SEO) in your posts and ads. The right keywords will help you reach the biggest audience.

Get involved locally by sponsoring community events, collaborating with other businesses, and giving back to the community. Beef up your website with jewelry-related content. You can educate potential customers on jewelry while attracting them to your boutique.

Know how to get the most out of social media. Use Instagram to showcase beautiful photos of your jewelry. Use Pinterest so customers can pin and share the items they love. Run Facebook ads and livestreams.

Finally, establish an emotional connection between the jewelry and your customer. They are more likely to buy it if it makes them feel good.

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How to Start a Jewelry Business - Wholesale Fashion Square

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