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2023 Fashion Trends: Spring Outfits for Women

2023 Fashion Trends Spring Outfits for Women - Wholesale Fashion Square

Customers may just be beginning to search for Christmas outfit ideas, but fashion month is over, and it is time to start planning spring outfits for women that keep up with the trends.

While the past few years have focused on loungewear and bling, Spring 2023 is heading in a decidedly different direction; think classics like tailored blazers and drop earrings. Keep reading to learn about the five hottest trends to incorporate into your store’s spring outfits for women.

1. Baggy Denim

Denim is always in style, so it’s a safe bet for any fashion brand. But one longtime trend that is on its way out is skinny jeans. You’ve probably seen plenty of pix on Instagram of people proudly sporting their ‘Mom jeans.’ Well, it’s about to get a whole lot more relaxed as baggy jeans take center stage. Other denim trends include colored denim and jorts (jean shorts) or their longer, slimmer cousin, lorts. Different shades of denim, from classics like white and black to bold neon, are also trending strong. Because personal expression is of utmost importance, the jacket and pants can match, or you can go with different shades of denim. Another hot style is the Canadian Tux, aka denim top to bottom.

How to Style Denim for Spring:

  • Denim is nothing if not versatile. Pair your baggy denim jeans with a structured blazer and chic pearls for a smart-casual chic look.
  • Leather is another hot trend for Spring 2023. Denim and leather are natural partners and either work for the top or bottom half.
  • Denim looks fabulous with riding boots, athletic shoes, or thong sandals.
  • Accessorize. An oversize tote, cat-eye sunglasses, and classic gold hoop earrings — all on trend for 2023 — create a timeless look.

2. Sheer

See-through fabrics will be a staple in spring outfits for women and are a fabulous way to feel sexy while still being covered. They’re also great for catching a cool breeze on your skin. In 2023, everything imaginable will be available in sheer: translucent tulle trains, sheer chiffon shirts, and gorgeous gauzy gowns, all allowing you to show as little — or as much — as you like. Formalwear sheers run the gamut from staid beige to floral prints, lace, and sparkles. Strategic layers or boldly baring it all is up to the wearer.

How to Wear Sheer in Spring Outfits:

  • Sheer pieces are easy to style for a night out on the town. A sheer top over a lacy or metallic bra paired with a sexy skirt, and you’re good to go.
  • Taking sheer to work is trickier, but you can manage it by wearing a sheer blouse with a bold tank top under a blazer and then going more conservative on the bottom with traditional trousers.
  • A translucent boss lady jacket worn over a classic button-down shirt is yet another sheer work option.

3. Maxi Skirts

In some ways, next year’s fashion seems to be making the statement “2022 Is Over,” as is the case with skirts. Last year, micro-minis were everywhere. This year, it’s all about the ground-grazing maxi. One great thing about maxis is that they’re wearable year-round. Another example of opposites: daywear will trend toward more classic styling and neutral colors, while eveningwear will be bold and vibrant.

Incorporating Maxis in Spring Outfits for Women:

  • Maxis offer a lot of scope for styling. A maxi paired with a crop top and gladiator sandals creates a fabulous date look.
  • An off-the-shoulder blouse is another delightfully romantic option.
  • A bodysuit is a super-sexy companion for a maxi skirt.
  • A maxi may be worn with a matching or contrasting top.

4. Balletcore

We’ve been enjoying various aesthetics like pearlcore, cottagecore, and dark academia. Now balletcore gives us dreamy, flowy fabrics with forgiving waistlines, and we couldn’t be happier. You don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy being comfortable throughout the day. Trendy pieces include cardigans, wraps, skirts, and leggings. Also, more than a few women swore off heels during the pandemic, making ballet flats and platform flats very hot for 2023.

How to Style Balletcore for Spring:

  • Pair a corset with a wrap top, flowing skirt, and ballet flats, all in pastel hues, such as baby blue, dusty rose, or cream.
  • A skirt over leggings is one of the hottest balletcore looks.
  • Balletcore pairs well with many other Spring 2023 trends, including maxi skirts and sheer.
  • Balletcore is as much about color and attitude as it is about particular pieces.

5. Modern Classics

Working from home gave rise to the popularity of loungewear, but as people head back into the office, simple, classic suiting will be back in style. Quality fabrics and clean lines are always a good investment, and this trend is especially important in the sustainability market. Here are more updated classic styles to look out for: jeans with embellishments, embroidery, and ruffles; dressier cargo pants; and classic tops with asymmetrical necklines.

Styling Modern Classics in Spring Outfits:

  • Classics are classic because they are supremely versatile. Blazers look great with everything from trousers to jeans to dresses.
  • Pair updated cargos with a leather jacket and a slinky metallic top for a night out on the town.
  • One appeal of the deconstructed neckline is that it makes enough of a statement on its own, allowing you to go minimalist with the jewelry.

Final Thoughts

As winter fashion trends leave us, 2023 is introducing all-new spring fashion trends. Your customers will look for these trends to break in the new year. Be prepared by stocking up on wholesale clothing your customers can incorporate into their spring outfits for women. Denim, sheer, maxi skirts, balletcore, and modern classics are just a few, so stay up to date with fashion trends. Your customers will appreciate it.



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