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The Best of Texas Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends

The Best of Texas Fashion: A Guide to the Latest Trends - WFS

If your thoughts on Texas fashion are bootleg jeans, cowboy boots, and wide-brimmed hats, you will be blown away by current trends. Texas fashion trends reflect the numerous cultures, including Native American, Mexican American, wild west, rodeo, ranching, and even Southern Belle, to name a few. 

The latest trends are a great blend of designer runways and high-function styles. Boutiques are building relationships with wholesale clothing and jewelry suppliers offering affordable quality and beauty. Below are examples of the best of Texas fashion.

Blue Jeans

Believe it or not, blue jeans almost became the official state costume of Texas back in 1977. While the proposal was turned down, blue jeans have become a must-have for wardrobes. Blue jean trends are plentiful and include colored denim in high, mid, and low-rise. 

The best trend in blue jeans is to fit your body style for the most flattering look. Not long ago, women were forced to fit into standard sizes and lengths. Not today. Everyone has options: wide-leg, boot cut, flare, skinny, Capri, straight, shorts, and daisy dukes. 

In addition, you can opt for distressed, embroidered, stretch, pull-up, button-up, no pockets, or multiple pockets. At work and play, Texans look good in their blue jeans.


Blue jeans aren’t the only fashion trend in denim. In boutiques across Texas, you will see various denim items. Mini skirts, jackets, dresses, and jumpers are a big hit today. Summer looks include graphic tees paired with cutoffs and mini skirts, overall style mini dresses, and animal print bowtie back bodysuits with your favorite jeans.

Add a denim jacket in any color to your wardrobe when fall arrives. Also hot and trending are button-up denim shirts, denim dresses, and long chambray button-front skirts in fall colors.

Tote Bags

For women on the go, tote bags are life savers. They hold all the essential items you need to get through the day or weekend. Boutiques that buy from quality wholesale companies can pass great deals down to their customers. Wholesalers offer the widest variety for the smallest price. 

Many customers purchase more than one for day outings, weekend excursions, and work. Your shop can offer anything from plain canvas to statement pieces that show their personality, like religious quotes, the American flag, or their love of cats. 

Tote bags made of recycled and eco-friendly materials are big sellers.


Somewhere between the kimono, robe, and tunic is the loosely fitted caftan, catching everyone’s attention. Caftans have been around for ages, mostly worn as a coverup for swimsuits. They had a reputation as a must-have for beach vacations. Today they are being integrated into various types of wardrobes. In Texas, where everything is bigger and bolder, women pair neutral caftans with layers of necklaces and other accessories. Bell sleeves, ruffles, and lace on a caftan make any outfit stand out. Whether you are going to a Texas barbecue, concert, rodeo, or theater, a caftan can upgrade your look.


In Texas, hats are fashionable and serve a purpose: to block the blazing sun from a woman’s face. The trend is to look great while protecting your skin. Most women can’t just buy the first hat they see and make it work. They need boutiques to help them pick the best hat for their face shape.

If you own a boutique, make choosing the right hat an unforgettable customer experience and provide multiple options for purchase. Hats trending in Texas include wide-brimmed straw hats, small and oversized fedoras, Panama hats, and bucket and floppy hats. If you want to protect your shoulders, neck, and face, choose a more oversized hat.

Stacked Jewelry

Staying with the “everything is bigger in Texas” vibe, stacking jewelry is a popular trend. Women are doubling or tripling cuff bracelets on one arm, layering necklaces, and stacking earrings. Stacking jewelry is easier than ever because anything goes. It’s what you prefer that matters.

If just winging it feels overwhelming, here are a few tips to help you get started: 

  • Layer necklaces in lengths from longest to shortest
  • Don’t be afraid to mix metals
  • Mix bangle and cuff bracelets with different finishes and textures
  • If you love vintage and modern, wear them together
  • When stacking rings, wear at least three
  • Pick jewelry you enjoy and that makes you feel good

Don’t Forget These Staples

Boutique owners know that Texas trends include some staple items that may not trend in other places. For example, a satin dress paired with cowboy boots and a denim jacket is perfect for a night on the town. That same satin dress is versatile enough to pair with strappy sandals for dinner parties or ballet flats for church services.

Another trend to follow is fringe. That’s right, fringe. Whether it’s on a sweater, jacket, earrings, or boots, add it to your wardrobe. Finally, showing off your shoulders is hot, and designers are making off-shoulder tops to help you do it. You can opt for loose and flowy or body-hugging, whichever flatters you the most.

Message for Boutique Owners Regarding Texas Trends

As a boutique owner, you have two equally important priorities: make your customers happy and make a profit. You can accomplish both by working with a wholesale supplier, like Wholesale Fashion Square, who understands the cultures of Texas and the need for quality clothing that can last in all Texas seasons.

When you work with a wholesale supplier, you benefit from a professional relationship that helps you succeed. You get quality clothing and accessories at discounted prices. You can order in small or large batches, and you don’t have to worry about whether they will meet shipping deadlines.

Not only do you get the inside scoop on upcoming trends straight from the manufacturers, but you also get the most options in one location. No more losing valuable time shopping in multiple places. Wholesale suppliers are eager to aid in marketing, easy reordering, sustainability, and accessibility.

If you’re looking for a quality wholesale clothing and jewelry supplier, feel free to reach out to us for information and with any questions. We serve California and Texas with their wholesale needs, and throughout the United States.


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