3 Aug

What’s #Trending?

Who Knows? You Should!


Staying on top of fashion trends is like trying to pick the winning numbers in the lottery ー almost impossible. But with these quick tips on how to stay in the know of trending styles, you will be ready to tackle the challenge head on and hit that jackpot. And before you know it, your inventory will be flying off the shelves!


Who To Follow


Social media is your best friend when it comes to discovering the latest trends. Following the right blogs and influencers for your unique brand is the key. Keep your customers and their style in mind when deciding who and what you should follow.


Don’t make the one-size-fits-all mistake that a lot of boutique owners tend to make. Which is only following blogs and social media influencers of the same style and age groups. Make sure who you follow is just as diverse as your customer demographic. The focus here is to really know your customers and what they want. That way you can find the trends and styles that best suit them, which will in turn lead to large dividends for you and your boutique.


Another thing to consider when searching for people to follow on social media is where they live. Fads and trends on one side of the country may not be what’s in style in your area or city. Make sure the people you decide to follow are relevant and can really add value to your brand. It all depends on what YOU are looking for.


What To Follow


I’m sure all of you out there are familiar with Pinterest and Instagram when it comes to trying to find the latest and greatest fashion trends. But here are a few other trend-worthy social media sites you may not have discovered yet.


Polyvore is the go-to site for trend seekers looking to discover the hottest brands, products, trends and looks. They predict trends before they hit the mainstream, making it easier than ever to stay ahead of the competition.


StumbleUpon is a social network that helps you discover unique and interesting things by recommending webpages based on your preferences. The site allows you to submit web pages that you have enjoyed, follow people and interests, see what friends have shared, browse popular trending posts, photos, and videos and create a list of pages you like.


FashionTap is fashion social network that allows you to find and follow top ranked fashion bloggers, models, designers, photographers, brands, etc., from all over the world (or targeted to your city) to keep up with the latest style and fashion trends.


StyleCaster is your online go-to for what’s trending in the fashion industry. They deliver a daily forecast of need-to-know fashion intel and enable users to share fashion-related topics creating a unique one-stop style experience


Other Trendy Tips


Not sure what styles or trends your customers are looking for? Don’t be afraid to ask! Collecting customer feedback in store is priceless and is a great way to gain insights into what your customers are searching for when they come to your boutique.


Feel like you’re always late to the party? Stay ahead of the game by always anticipating the newest trends for upcoming seasons. By staying ahead of the trends, your boutique will stay current and ahead of the competition.


Of course you’re thinking to yourself, easier said than done right? But following these tips will make staying on top of trends just that much easier for you. What are your favorite fashion blogs and sites to follow? Comment below!

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