30 Aug

3 Surprising Print Trends of 2018 & How to Wear Them

Try These New Patterns to Freshen Your Look! Plaids, polka dots and stripes every which way — some patterns are always in style but don't excite and delight trendy shoppers. We've chosen our three favorite , not-so-boring patterns we're seeing on the runway this year and giving you some styling pointers. Nature-Inspired It's more than just florals and tropical palms. A trend you'll see in tail-end of 2018 is nature-inspired patterns -- think mushrooms, 3D prints that look like the forest floor, leaf skeletons and limb-like fractals. You'll see them in every tone imaginable, not just colors you'd find in nature. Because these looks can often be surprising and unique, we recommend styling them with neutral colors, simple silhouettes and under layers, like chambray or even a tan trench...
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