30 Sep

6 Ways to Dress in Denim

Most everyone owns denim; that’s just a fact of life. It’s comfortable. It goes with everything. No closet is complete without it. When it comes to how we wear denim, blue jeans easily reign supreme, but there are other ways to wear denim that shouldn’t be overlooked this fall.

The Classic Jean Jacket

Everyone needs a jean jacket in their arsenal; they’re the outerwear that takes an outfit to the next level. Most of the time, we think of a denim jacket as the pinnacle of casual wear, and in most cases, that’s true. It’s a great way to add some stylish flair to an ensemble with minimal effort. There’s lots of variations to chose from, too. Whether it’s a jacket that ties in the front or one with lace traveling up the back, you can make this classic outerwear unique to you!

Still, people often overlook denim’s versatility when it comes to business casual outfits. Most people either go for a dark pair of jeans or opt out of wearing denim entirely, but we assure you that the right denim jacket, like this detailed denim blazer, can be the semi-formal piece you need to create a sophisticated outfit that’s also rich with personality. Don’t assume that denim has no place in your next interview!

Colored Denim

Denim isn’t limited to shades of blue, even if that is the most popular color. Strut through the pumpkin patch this autumn in loose denim pants. Prove that people can wear white after Labor Day with a chic pair of white skinny jeans. If you want something a bit more playful, wear tights under embellished shorts! You have endless options, so don’t feel like you’re limited to baby blue and indigo. The color wheel is yours to conquer!

Double Denim

Denim on denim: hot or not? It’s a decades-old debate, but the general consensus is that there are plenty of ways to make it work. Don’t be averse to wearing two pieces made of the same material if they look good together! The most obvious way to pull off double denim is to combine different colors together, like a white denim shirt jacket with a pair of blue jeans. You can, however, mix different shades of the same color by wearing a baby blue denim trench coat over a dark jean jumpsuit. Try out different shades and see what works for you and what doesn’t.


Overalls have made their way onto the city streets, and their ability to add a certain whimsical charm to any outfit has made them extremely popular. Denim overalls are similar to blue jeans in that they go with practically anything. A simple pair of blue overalls with a striped shirt is a great, go-to combination, but you can try out some stylish variations of basic overalls too! Some denim overalls with lace up detailing over a warm sweater will have you looking comfortably vogue.

Mix Print and Textures

Denim is the blank canvas on which you can place all sorts of fun textures and prints! Going to a concert but not sure what to wear? Try a thrilling floral acid wash denim shirt! Or, show off your wild style by wearing a shirt with a distinguishing denim collar. Denim gives you the freedom to try out all sorts of materials and patterns that will give your outfit the touch of individuality you desire.

Embroidery and Patches

Patches are a super fun addition to denim pieces, and they’re a great way to give an ensemble some originality and flair. If you need a pop of color on your jacket, an embroidered stripe is a simple way to dress up your denim, and it’s hard not to look super cool when your otherwise plain shirt is decorated with vibrant images of all manner of things. You don’t have to obsess over patch placement, either. Indeed, haphazardly applied patches on denim are not only acceptable, but trendy! Like denim, they work well with most anything, so next time you’re buying jean jackets or pants, look for pieces with embroidery and patches!

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