7 Oct

Our Favorite Activewear for Staying Fit in Fall

Whether you’re working out or just dressing down for the day, you need comfortable clothes, and you’d probably prefer that they look good and accurately reflect your unique style. Activewear, affectionately referred to as the marriage of function and fashion, is the answer you’re seeking. Activewear has been a necessity for decades, but in recent years there’s been a sort of performance wear renaissance, with athleticwear’s appearance becoming just as important as its functionality. This has created an entirely new style known as athleisure, where gym clothes can be worn, well, outside of the gym! Today, we’re discussing this trend, and some of the current activewear pieces you can wear this fall.


The trend of athleisure has helped to transform performance wear into everyday wear, meaning you don’t have to reserve your leggings or yoga pants for that sunrise yoga class. Now, meet up with some friends for a day of early holiday shopping in a stylish pair of track pants and no one will bat an eye. Activewear has slowly evolved to fit the needs of more than just dedicated gym-goers, and it’s now also a stylish alternative for the busy person on-the-go who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. Athleisure has made it acceptable to wear those sweats you used to confine to the gym practically anywhere where casual dress is acceptable. Athleisure is also easily paired with other staple pieces from your closet. Pair your black leggings with a denim jacket and sneakers! Wear a sporty top with your favorite pair of ripped jeans! By making it easier to wear activewear anywhere, the athleisure trend promotes a healthy lifestyle that will encourage you to stay fit as well as fashionable.


What first comes to mind when you think of activewear? Leggings, of course! Form-fitting and outrageously comfortable, these alternatives to a pair of pants are a stylish staple in every active woman’s closet. Nothing channels the spirit of athleisure quite like a good pair of leggings; they go with practically anything, and they can be worn casually just as easily as they can be worn on workout days. No matter what you’re looking for, leggings come in every length and in all the colors of the rainbow, and they can have unique detailing, too! Looking to do lunch after morning lunges? The detailed pattern on these blue leggings gives them the sleek and stylish charm you need! Wear them with a tank top and sneakers to the gym, and then dress up the whole ensemble with a fashionable piece of outwear, like a leather jacket. And don’t forget jewelry! A watch and a big pair of earrings will take your outfit to the next level. Want a matching set that includes a top to go with the leggings? Consider this pairing of a stunning neon crop top with striped leggings.


Maybe you’d rather have the increased breathability of a practical pair of pants. Luckily, track and yoga pants are to the rescue! These types of pants are known for being big and even a little baggy, but they still fit the body well, so you can show off your best self without having to be uncomfortable. If it’s still warm enough to wear lighter materials, these olive tie dye pants are a great fall color, and the racing stripe down the side is the embellishment that really makes the outfit. Pair with a solid top and bomber jacket on your next outing. If the temperatures are a little too low to be wearing just any old gym clothes out and about, emulate the look and feel of athleisure wear while keeping warm with a pair of long velvet track pants! Performance pants are similar to leggings in that they’re incredibly versatile, so mix and match them with your favorite casual pieces to create exciting new combinations you never would have thought of!

Thanks to the rising trend known as athleisure, activewear is being seen more and more outside of the gym. If you or your customers value comfort and functionality, don’t hesitate to build a good collection of leggings, track pants, and other vital athleisure wear for your closet or boutique. Here at WFS, we want to encourage shoppers and shop owners alike to style their athleticwear in new and unique ways. Try out different combinations of performance wear and casual wear until you find what works best for you! Visit our website to see other examples of on-trend athleticwear and be sure to drop a comment below telling us what you’d like us to discuss next! We love hearing from you.

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