15 Jul

5 Colorful Combinations to Try This Summer

Summertime palettes are almost always the boldest and brightest of the year, which is lucky for us, because today, we’ll be discussing 5 colorful styles you absolutely have to try this summer. Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at the trendiest color combinations of 2020 and showing you some of the best ways to mesh the hues together to create a super chic ensemble. Scarlet and Saffron It can be a bit difficult to match close hues like red and orange or yellow without having them clash due to their closeness on the color wheel. However, the bright intensity of scarlet mingles surprisingly well with its more muted cousin, saffron. Saffron is an orange-yellow color with just a little more red in its...
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8 Jul

What Every Woman Needs to Travel in Style

It’s summertime, and you know what that means! It’s time to go on vacation! Whether you’re headed to the beach or a cozy cabin in the woods, there are few essentials that every woman needs to travel in style. Let’s take a look at some of those necessities, as well as a few specific examples that are sure to suit any style. Cosmetic Bag A bag to keep all your makeup and cosmetics in one place is essential. Otherwise, you’ll spend forever digging around your suitcase for that particular thin tube of lip gloss or your eyelash curler. A cosmetic bag is helpful at home as well as on the road, but if you want two separate bags (perhaps if you’d like a...
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1 Jul

Marketing to Customers During COVID

COVID has made a huge impact on both consumers and businesses. Store closures, product shortages, and CDC guidelines have caused customers to adopt new habits and use new products. While COVID restrictions may be disappearing, many of the new habits that consumers have adopted have not. Businesses need to take these changes into consideration as they create marketing strategies to reach its customers. Here are a few tips for effectively marketing to your customers during COVID.  Strengthen Relationships With Customers Take this time as an opportunity to continue growing your relationship with your customers. People value having a relationship with the business they shop at beyond just a purchase. One way you can grow this relationship is by keeping in contact with...
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24 Jun

How Fashion Trends Have Shifted as a Result of COVID

The Coronavirus has not only affected businesses and travel plans, but it has also affected the fashion trends this year. In the past, wars, economic recessions, and other major events have caused dramatic changes in fashion. The Coronavirus is no different. Months of working from home, CDC regulations, and economic uncertainty have altered what people will be wearing for the rest of the year. Here are a few of the trends that have shifted as a result of COVID.  Fashionable Face Masks This functional piece for protective equipment has evolved into a fashion staple for every closet in 2020. Per the CDC guidelines, many stores and restaurants require their customers to have a face mask in order to enter. Although the standard...
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17 Jun

How Boutiques Can Increase Sales During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has made a huge impact on businesses as mandatory store closures have been in place for several months. However, this has led to an increase in e-commerce as consumers turn to the internet for their shopping needs. Here are a few ways to increase your boutique’s sales during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Set Up Online Promotions  Your customers may not be able to come in and shop at your boutique’s storefront, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t shopping online! E-commerce is up by thirty percent compared to this time last year. Many businesses are taking advantage of this surge by running promotions to encourage their customers to shop online. Implementing new sales and promotions can incentivize customers to shop on your...
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10 Jun

5 Tips on Reopening Your Boutique After COVID

After months of stay-at-home orders and closures of non-essential businesses, the country is finally beginning to reopen. Customers and business owners alike are excited to get back to business as usual. However, reopening after COVID-19 presents some challenges. Many businesses are reopening on different dates, and many customers are still hesitant about returning to stores. These 5 tips will help your boutique successfully reopen and get back to business! Update Your Google My Business Listing  Many businesses have their own method and timeline for reopening their stores in accordance with government regulations. Some businesses are modifying their regular store hours, implementing curbside pickup, or waiting a few weeks before beginning the reopening process. This can be confusing for customers who are unsure...
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3 Jun

Protective Face Masks – The Newest Fashion Accessory this Year

Protective Face Masks
Face masks. They’re the fashion trend for 2020 that no one saw coming. What began early in the year as a way to protect from the Coronavirus has evolved into the functional fashion accessory of the summer. Although the standard N-95 protective masks are still common, other stylish, fun options have emerged. Fashionable face masks even made appearances on the runway and in street style during New York Fashion Week. Whether you’re going grocery shopping, heading back to the office or visiting with friends (six feet apart of course), there’s a face mask to complement any summer outfit.  How to Style There are a variety of types and styles of masks that can be used to protect yourself from the Coronavirus. Reusable...
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27 May

How to Pull Off the Metallic Trend this Summer

The metallic trend is one of the most fun trends that are out there, and what better time is there to wear a reflective blouse or shimmering gown than summer when the sun is bright and your outfit can really shine (literally!)? Metallics can, at first glance, seem like something reserved for fancy parties and festivals, given their flashy appearance, but in reality, there are plenty of ways you can pull off the metallic trend at all hours of the day this season! Day Turn a typical daytime outfit from drab to fab with some modest metallic additions! Is it a work day? Swap out the office pantsuit for a refined black metallic dress and black wedges. Perhaps you’re going out with...
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20 May

5 Ways to Dress Professionally During Summer

It can be difficult to exude confidence and professionalism in the workplace when you’re sweating bullets as a result of the midsummer heat. Even worse is when that sweat manifests itself as pit stains and an uncomfortably damp suit. Not very fun, right? It doesn’t seem like we have much of a choice in the matter; summer is hot, and there are simply certain things you can and cannot wear in an office setting. Indeed, office-wear usually conjures in us images of restrictive polyester pantsuits and thick, black blazers, the sorts of things you would otherwise avoid during this season. However, professional wear extends far beyond this limited interpretation, and we’re happy to report that a comfortable workday is more than...
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13 May

Why Tote Bags are the Must-Have Accessory This Season

Forget diamonds; a good tote bag is a girl’s tried and true best friend. Functional and stylish, tote bags can be dressed up or down and can serve a number of purposes. They’re arguably the most practical accessory you can carry! There are a million and one reasons totes are so popular, and why you see them everywhere. In grocery stores, gyms, amusement parks, classrooms, and more, they’ve become a go-to bag for almost any and every occasion. So, just why is a tote bag the must-have accessory this summer, and every summer hereafter? Size The size of tote bags alone is reason enough to justify investing in at least one. They can hold far more than just your wallet and a...
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