23 Sep

How to Style Your Blazer This Fall

Blazers: They are the outerwear of the trailblazers (hah, trailblazers) and money makers, those that exude grace and sophistication with an unrivaled poise and coveted style. If you have a collection of blazers that you only cycle through on workdays, we’re sorry to say that you’re severely underestimating the versatility of this awesome outerwear. But not to worry; that’s why we’re here.

Today, we’re going to be sharing with you all the trendy ways you can style your go-to blazer this fall. And no, we don’t just mean in the office. We mean on dates, on vacation, on excursions with friends… everywhere!

Mix Up the Pants

We all know and appreciate the blazer and pant combo; a good pantsuit never gets old. However, we encourage you to mix up the colors a little! Next time you go into the office, instead of navy on navy, what about navy on khaki, or even rust orange on navy?

The idea is to treat the blazer as a functional piece of clothing on its own. It doesn’t need the matching pants to look good, and in fact its versatility is severely limited if you insist on only wearing your gray blazer with the gray pants that came with it. If you want to be able to wear your suit jacket outside of the office, switch up the pants. Try combining different colors and patterns; you might even find that your blazer looks great with a pair of denim blue jeans.

Try Oversized Blazers

We’ve established that blazers are generally thought of as professional wear, but if you take nothing else away from our blog post, remember this; you don’t always have to think of blazers that way.

“Oversized” blazers – the ones that are purposely made to be a little longer, a little looser – can function as shapely cardigans, and they’re a great alternative to your typical outerwear. In fact, they’re probably a little closer in function to the original blazers on the 1800s, since those were first worn in boat races; the jackets were meant to be loose-fitting and keep rowers warm and comfortable.

Next time you’ve slept in and you’re throwing together a quick outfit, grab a blazer and throw it on. Your outfit will suddenly look 10x more put together when you have one on; such is the nature of the blazer. Our personal favorite is this mauve blazer. It’s loose and comfortable, and with a patterned blouse and jeans, it’s the perfect addition to a casual outfit in the fall. We’re also in love with this beige blazer, which would look amazing with a pair of black jeans. With these in your arsenal, no one will think you’re putting together such fabulous looks in the span of 5 minutes.

Wear with Shorts

Shorts are probably the last thing you think of pairing with a blazer, but the combination is actually a pretty trendy look! You can wear this staple black and white striped blazer with a white tee underneath for an effortless, chic look. Is it a little too chilly for shorts on their own? Add a pair of tights underneath to keep your legs warm!

Another fun option is to try mixing a two-toned blazer with some denim shorts. This burgundy blazer has a sophisticated black collar, and would look fabulous with some cuffed blue jean shorts and gray sweater tights underneath.

Wear with a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and blazers might seem like an odd pairing, but they work quite well together. An especially loose jumpsuit looks great with a shapely blazer, and even a more fitted one-piece garment can benefit from the chic aesthetic effects of a long blazer like this zebra print one.

If you’ve got a solid-colored jumpsuit that could use a little something to spice things up, a fun patterned blazer like this red checkered blazer is a certainly a strong option. Or, if you’re trying to dress up your one-piece enough to wear it into the office, an elegant grey blazer might be just what you’re looking for.

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and boutique owners to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing and accessories they buy. We hope you’ve discovered a few new ways to style your favorite blazer this fall. Be sure to check out our wide assortment of blazers and other professional wear to find some pieces that could work for your closet or boutique!

Leave us a comment below telling us what tips and tricks you would like to read about next! We love hearing from you.

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