25 Nov

Break the Ice with These 5 Winter Weather Must-Haves

In a perfect world, our closet would update itself every few months with the season’s latest trends. However, shopping for the latest Winter trends isn’t always feasible for our schedule and wallet each time the thermometer drops a degree. In order to make the most out of your wardrobe for the long haul, be sure to include these five winter weather must-haves!

Cozy Beanies

During the winter months, we all know our ears are the first thing to freeze. Until the spring warms us up, it’s time to put on a trendy, cozy beanie to keep you extra warm. If you’re from a region that receives an abundance of winter weather, then this is absolutely necessary. But even if you aren’t, it’s a simple way to add a little extra style to a winter outfit! This white knitted pom-pom beanie adds a little fun and festiveness to any outfit. Beanies are a must-have for winter outdoor events to keep you warm and able to enjoy the holiday season.

Statement Scarves

While scarves can be simply a piece to keep you bundled up and warm, they can be a fashion power statement. Whether it’s a neutral, bright-colored, or printed, there are a plethora of different scarf styles that can spice up your winter wardrobe. Blanket scarves are all the rage, especially with the plethora of comfy clothes that are being worn this year. You can also pair them with dark wash denim and a tucked-in turtleneck for a chic, yet comfortable look. Get creative, too! Try pairing fun, colored scarves with other colors to create personalized outfits and add to your dynamic wardrobe.

Layer Worthy Jackets

Winter means lots of cold weather, and lots of cold weather means a closet packed with the season’s warmest jackets. While a massive, feather stuffed parka may keep you warm, it also isn’t the most manageable piece of clothing to bring out of your closet and lug around all day. Rather than opting for one large, heavy coat, we recommend collecting an assortment of thinner jackets in various materials. Feeling a casual look? This burgundy jacket with sherpa sleeves will make you feel like you’re wearing a blanket. Looking for something more presentable? Your favorite top beneath a sleek, neutral-colored jacket is a great decision, too.

Toasty Leggings

We love the look of skirts and dresses, but during the cold-weather months, it can just be too chilly to wear some of them. Luckily, leggings can save the day and your body heat all in the name of fashion. Whether you go for printed, patterned, or colored leggings, your personality can shine through with the leggings peeking out of your favorite knitted dress. Even better, leggings come in a variety of materials, meaning you can rock some fleece-lined leggings and stay super toasty. For extra warmth, socks, leg warmers, and over-the-knee boots can help protect your legs from this season’s bustling wind chill.

Pretty Ponchos

Ponchos tend to be an underrated garment and overlooked fashion accessory – but not this season. Ponchos provide a warm layer like a scarf, while keeping you even more snug in the chilly winter air. Pair this beige tasseled poncho with your favorite pair of jeans and booties to stay warm and stylish. If you’re going for a comfy look, you can throw on a poncho with your leggings to make your outfit stand out!

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we have so many great pieces to stock your winter wardrobe with. You’ll always have something warm and exciting to wear! Which items do you want to transform your winter wardrobe? Leave us a comment down below!

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