14 Oct

How to Style Rompers and Jumpsuits This Fall

One-piece outfits were such a great invention. No need to dig through your drawers for a matching top and bottoms when you can easily slip on a romper and walk out the door!

Of course, there’s still a need to select the right romper or jumpsuit for a specific occasion, and then accessorize it properly.

And then there’s the fact that your rompers might seem a little out of season when the weather cools down. How are you going to style them?

Well, fret not! Wholesale Fashion Square is here to make these minor hiccups a breeze!

Short Rompers

Rompers are essentially a tank top and shorts rolled into one convenient garment. While they’re great for spring in summer, styling them in fall can be a bit of a challenge. But don’t put them in storage for the next six months quite yet! There are methods to styling your romper that will keep you warm while still looking chic.


Let’s begin with the top half of your romper. The solutions at your disposal are simple, yet effective. This off-white patterned romper is undoubtedly a summer piece… until you add a gorgeous leather jacket and this adorable red infinity scarf!

Jackets, cardigans, and other outerwear are your best friends in any situation where your top lacks sleeves or isn’t warm enough on its own, and scarves are excellent buffers against the breeze if your romper’s material is a bit too thin. Suddenly, your look is undoubtedly in season.

Now all you need to do is figure out how to style the bottom half of your romper, and you’ll be ready to hit the road!


Tights, tights, tights. If you want to wear shorts or a romper in the fall, a good pair of tights or pantyhose is your saving grace. They’re the easiest fix out there for this sort of scenario. That polka dot romper we mentioned earlier? A pair of black tights and matching flats would look perfect with it! And this blue denim romper? Mustard or rust orange tights would just scream fall, cider, and pumpkin spice.

Maybe you still want an added layer of protection for your legs. If that’s the case, a nice pair of boots is what you need. With tights, you can wear just about every type of boot under the sun. Anything from ankle booties to knee-highs will look great. However, if you’d rather forgo the tights, the knee-high or even thigh-high boots are probably the way to go. Wouldn’t a pair of long black boots look amazing with this long-sleeved copper romper?

Long Jumpsuits

Moving on from rompers, we have the one-piece garments that are fairly well-suited for the fall on their own: jumpsuits. Since they already have long pant legs, you don’t have to pair them with tights, and the top half is the only thing you really need to focus on. Even if it’s long-sleeved, you might want to throw on a cardigan for extra warmth and comfort, providing you with an opportunity to dress up your jumpsuit or add a little individuality to the whole ensemble.


Like the romper, a nice piece of outerwear is an easy addition to an outfit, and for a jumpsuit, it can help to break up the monotony of the color or pattern that adorns your one-piece. This black and beige print jumpsuit paired with a yellow blazer would be a super sophisticated yet fun look for the fall. On the flip side, this earthy mustard jumpsuit could be made to be a lot more festive with an exciting, patterned cardigan.


The other way to add a little intrigue to your jumpsuit is to accessorize! Scarves and big necklaces will provide additional patterns and textures to your piece that would otherwise be absent. Because jumpsuits have long pant legs, there’s not much you can do to break up the color; tights (and usually boots) would only be covered up. Jewelry and scarves are your best options, besides outerwear, of course.

Once you’ve put the whole outfit together, you’re ready to go! Now, get out there and show the world your incredible style!

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and boutique owners to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing and accessories they buy. We hope you’ve learned a bit more about how you can style your rompers and jumpsuits this fall. Be sure to check out our wide assortment of one-piece clothing to find something that could work for your closet or boutique!

Don’t forget to leave us a comment below telling us what you would like to see next! We love to hear from you.

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