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The Value of Buying Wholesale Jewelry in Bulk

Guide to Buying Wholesale Jewelry in Bulk - Wholesale Fashion Square

Before buying wholesale jewelry in bulk, learn more about the different types of wholesale jewelry in bulk available through suppliers.

When something has value, it implies there is something added to it that makes it better or more beneficial. This is especially true when weighing the value of buying wholesale jewelry in bulk.

Everyone from the designer to the customer wins when you buy wholesale jewelry in bulk. You get to pass on the savings to your customers, offering them a discount that doesn’t affect your revenue. Your profit margins are higher due to the discounts of purchasing in bulk.

Types of Wholesale Jewelry

Costume, Hand-made artisan, gold, and designer jewelry are the most common types of jewelry. Every kind of jewelry is different in forms, such as a bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings.

Each form has numerous variations, like the ones below:

  • Bracelets: cuff, bangle, tennis, charm, beaded, etc.
  • Necklaces: chain, choker, lariat, pendant, rope, statement, etc.
  • Rings: cocktail, stackable, engagement, eternity, etc.
  • Earrings: stud, hoop, drop, dangle, hook, crawler, etc.

Jewelry can be further niched by classifications, including the period it was created, where it is worn, how it closes, and its purpose. It’s essential to purchase wholesale jewelry based on your client’s preferences. Below is an exploration of jewelry you can buy wholesale for added value.

Costume Jewelry

While some describe costume jewelry as cheap, commercial, and knock-off, others describe it as functional, hip, and versatile. It is all of that and more.

Costume jewelry uses materials that cost much less than other types, making it affordable for the masses, and creating a broader customer base. Costume jewelry today is made of plastic, artificial stones, shells, glass, and metals. Some may be adorned with a gemstone, usually not genuine gemstones.

Costume jewelry can be niched down to meet the needs of your customers. A few examples of niches or themes include the following:

  • Formal
  • Sports
  • Animals
  • Tribal
  • Fruits
  • Travel
  • Nature
  • Hippy Chic
  • Punk Rock

Even though costume jewelry costs much less, quality is still a priority. Reports suggest the closure can give you great insight into quality. Costume jewelry allows customers to follow jewelry trends within seasons without the guilt of never wearing them again once the trend ends.

It doesn’t have to lay in their jewelry box, either. Collectors are buying vintage and modern costume jewelry. The value of buying wholesale costume jewelry in bulk includes providing customers with less expensive options that don’t necessarily lose their value. Also, you can purchase a lot of costume jewelry at bulk prices and mark them up for a significant profit.

Semi-Fine Jewelry

One step up from costume jewelry, but one below fine jewelry is semi-fine. This usually refers to a metal plated or filled, such as silver-plated or gold-filled. Semi-fine jewelry has base metals that are high quality, like sterling, making them longer lasting, stronger, and higher in price. If a gemstone is present, it is likely authentic.

Fine jewelry is the upper crust of jewelry, made with the best of everything. It is solid, pure metal, and genuine diamonds or gems created to last forever through generations. Fine jewelry is not an everyday piece of jewelry. Instead, you wear it to formal events.

Designer Jewelry

Designer jewelry has unique components, such as precious gemstones, etchings, or special materials. Designers do not produce them at a large scale; many are fully or partially hand-made by the designer.

Different types of designer jewelry include high-end and custom. High-end means higher cost, but that’s okay if your customers prefer it. You may have customers who want to work directly with the jewelry designer to create custom pieces. Your customers may want to be part of the process, have some control over the project, and have a piece of jewelry that appreciates when complete. While they wait for their meeting with the designer, they shop. It is an investment. This can become an opportunity to bring customers to your store.

As a boutique owner, you have options on where to find and sell designer jewelry. You can hit estate sales and auctions in search of pre-owned designer jewelry, which sells very well. Or you can work with a wholesale company that can supply a bulk order after just a few clicks on the computer. But that also takes a lot of time.

Metal Jewelry

Metals have been used for thousands of years to create jewelry for men and women. They are still trendy today. Gold, silver, and platinum, noble metals, are higher-end metals that cost more than stainless steel, sterling, or titanium. When buying wholesale jewelry in bulk, you can save a lot on rings, bracelets, necklaces, and all other pieces.

The value of buying wholesale metal jewelry is the variety of options you can provide customers. For example, gold comes in several colors, including white, yellow, blue, green, and red. Gold also has varying alloys, the mixtures of gold used to create a piece of jewelry. You also get an opportunity to answer customer questions on the terms associated with metal jewelry and the differences between the metals.

A gold cuff bracelet, for instance, can have a nickel and copper mixture. A ring may have a platinum and tin mixture. Some customers will want to know all the details, while others will want to see if it looks good on them. You can benefit by being able to answer all questions.

Buying Wholesale Jewelry in Bulk

Once you determine the jewelry you want to sell in your boutique, you can focus on finding a wholesale supplier. During your search, note the benefits they offer to retailers. Look for:

  • Small batch ordering or low minimum ordering quantity
  • Discounts, sales, and promotions
  • Shipping discounts or free shipping on specific orders
  • High-quality products for low bulk cost
  • Lead and processing times that make sense

Jewelry can be an asset to your boutique, bringing in more customers and increasing revenue, offering even more value in buying wholesale jewelry in bulk.


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