27 Apr

9 Tips on Buying Wholesale Layering Necklaces for Your Customers

9 Tips on Buying Wholesale Layering Necklaces for Your Customers - WFS
Buying wholesale layering necklaces is beneficial for you and your customers. Here's why and what you need to know. First things first, layering necklaces is a hot trend, one you want to apply to your boutique's sales. Layering necklaces means wearing two or more necklaces together to create a unique, attention-grabbing style. The best thing about this trend is that hundreds, maybe thousands, of ways to layer necklaces. Below are nine tips on buying wholesale layering necklaces for your customers. 1. Look for Pre-Layered Necklaces Many manufacturers create necklaces that are joined together during creation. The pros of pre-layered necklaces are that designers will not combine necklaces that don't look great together. They do look great, and you can guarantee your customers will match,...
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6 Apr

7 High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Must-Haves

High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale - WFS
Finding the best wholesale fashion jewelry can be an important task. Here are 7 tips for finding high quality fashion jewelry wholesale must-haves. Jewelry is a must-have for your boutique. Customers buy jewelry in various ways: a gift for a friend or family member, an accessory for their wardrobe, or an impulse buy. Your job as the boutique owner is to find the perfect fashion jewelry, display it in a way that convinces your customers they need it, and then enjoy the profits. Working with a wholesale supplier to purchase fashion jewelry will give you the greatest deals on the trendiest accessories, like the seven high-quality fashion jewelry wholesale must-haves below. 1. Fashion Watches In a time when many people use their cell phones...
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15 Mar

How to Choose a Reliable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier

How to Choose a Reliable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier - WFS
Clothing boutiques must provide options for a complete outfit. That means you give customers access to more than just fashion-forward pants and tops. You give them socks, scarves, shoes, handbags, and most importantly, jewelry. While stocking the right fashion jewelry in your store is essential, finding the right pieces for the right price, season, theme, and trend can sometimes be challenging. To make your job easier, find a reliable wholesale fashion jewelry supplier. What Is A Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier? Wholesale suppliers are your one-stop-shop for all things boutique-related, not just jewelry. They work directly with manufacturers and are given the 411 on the latest trends in clothing. With that insider information, they search and find the latest, greatest accessories to pair with...
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4 Feb

9 Tips to Know Before Buying Wholesale Bulk Jewelry

9 Tips to Know Before Buying Wholesale Bulk Jewelry - WFS
There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying wholesale bulk jewelry. Here are helpful tips to know. The jewelry industry is a multi-billion-dollar market, and retailers across the globe are making big profits. We want you to make big profits too. So, we investigated success stories to pinpoint what they were doing right. Then, we put together a list of nine tips to know before buying wholesale bulk jewelry. We want to share that information with you. 1. Learn More About Wholesale Purchasing It is never a good idea to start something without being fully educated on what it is and how it can benefit your boutique. A supply chain starts with a manufacturer who creates a product. The manufacturer...
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25 Jan

7 Tips on Buying Wholesale Jewelry for Your Boutique

7 Tips on Buying Wholesale Jewelry for Your Boutique - Wholesale Fashion Square
Buying wholesale jewelry can be stressful, especially if you're a new boutique business owner. Read further for helpful tips. Owning your own business is exciting and it comes with many advantages, but there is also a lot to know before you get started. If you just decided on opening a jewelry store, or you already own one, you should consider buying your products wholesale. Whether we are talking about dainty pearl bracelets or elegant engagement rings, jewelry is a great market to turn over product, so there’s also a big opportunity to buy it wholesale. Buying jewelry wholesale is one of the best things you can do for your store. This means that you can stock up your boutique for less money,...
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13 Oct

14 Tips for Managing a Fashion Jewelry Boutique

Fashion Jewelry Boutique - Wholesale Fashion Square
If you are starting a fashion jewelry boutique, you are entering a multi-billion dollar industry, 38.25 billion to be exact. The fashion jewelry market rises each year, even during and after the pandemic when fewer people visited stores in person. Now customers are getting out again and shopping for favorites locally. Your clothing and jewelry boutique can be a huge success. Following the fourteen tips below can help you start a fashion jewelry boutique. 1. Create a Business Plan A business plan helps you get organized and serves as a guide on running your business. It helps you set goals and measure progress. Business plans can include your brand name, mission, vision, company description, finances, and marketing strategies. 2. Understand Fashion Jewelry Fashion jewelry is...
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