16 May

Trendy Boutique Jewelry Wholesale Styles You Need

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Desired styles change a lot in the world of wholesale fashion. Keep your business in the know and up to date with these trendy boutique jewelry wholesale styles. Read below for more…

Trendy refers to what is hot right now. In boutique jewelry, trends can happen with the material used to make the jewelry, the style, color, length, or placement of it on the body. Remember nose and belly rings? Trends can include artisan or mass-marketed jewelry.

Before buying trendy boutique jewelry wholesale, you must understand your customer base to narrow the categories and their trends. For example, if your boutique is on the beach, you want to search for trending beach jewelry. If your boutique sells evening gowns, you want to search for trendy formal jewelry.

Some boutique jewelry goes well in all retail shops. Below are the trendy boutique jewelry wholesale styles you need.

Charm Necklaces

Charms are a form of personalization. You get to share, or not share, your personality, favorites, and secrets through charms. They never seem to go out of style. What may change is the type of necklace on which you place the charms.

Charms have been around for ages, being worn by Royals like Queen Victoria. As a boutique owner, it’s up to you to decide which type of charm necklaces your customers want. Some may wish to wear a simple charm necklace with a silver chain with one single silver charm. Others may want a simple chain on which they add many themed charms, possibly seasonal or for particular celebrations. Work with a wholesale supplier who can offer multiple charm necklace options to meet all your customer desires.

Bead Bracelets

Beads are big right now. You often see tiny round beads that are strung together and may include a charm or accent piece. You can choose to be a little different with the beads you choose. There are many more options than small and round. Tubular acetate beads are elegant and fun.

Beaded bracelets date back to Native Americans and ancient Egyptians who handmade beads, some to distinguish spiritual differences, tribes, or social importance. Beads were made of bones, metals, ivory, and other materials gathered from the earth.

As a boutique owner, this is an excellent opportunity to work with a wholesaler since the variety, styles, and materials are so varied, it won’t be hard to please all your customers.


Do your customers like to wear a different ring with different outfits? Or do they prefer one classically designed ring to wear with everything, all the time? You can provide both if working with a wholesale supplier and not breaking the bank.

What’s trendy now is natural stones. You can get a variety of natural stone rings, some in a decorative setting or just plain stone. There is a reversible stone ring if you really want to wow your customers. Other trendy options include resin, signet, beaded, rhinestone, crystal, multi-band, etc.


Just as varied as rings are earrings. There are overwhelming options. It may benefit you to consult with your contacts at the wholesale supplier about materials and quality to help you narrow your choices. The better wholesale suppliers sell trendy boutique jewelry in assorted earring sets, giving your customers two or three items for the price of one.

You can never go wrong with hoops, big hoops, and bigger hoops. Also trending now is sculptural, pearls, tassels, and studs. Make sure your earrings, no matter what the style, match your boutique’s theme. Beach clothing pairs well with earrings that are light in weight and beach colors. They should also range from dressy, like a dangling pearl, to fun in the sun wave-shaped stud.

Anklets or Ankle Bracelets

If wearing an anklet brings back happy memories of summer vacations and seashells or making jewelry with your bestie, you will be glad to know anklets are still trending today, just not in the same style. Trends today include chains, natural stones, pearls, beads, and layered ankle bracelets.

Anklets are becoming more like bracelets in that people want to personalize them as much as possible. They do this with charms and seed beads. 


Don’t listen to the hype about smartphones reducing the need for a watch. There are still plenty of reasons to wear a watch. One reason is that they still look great and enhance an overall look. It is seen as a piece of jewelry, a representation of personality. There are so many watch options from which to choose. Your customers may want a professional style for work, a dainty gold cuff watch for an evening out, a vintage-inspired themed watch, or a waterproof, silicone band watch for deep-sea diving.

When so many people leave their watches at home, this is your chance to help your customers stand out. Plus, wearing a watch can make them feel more confident and stylish. Trending watches come in rose gold, gold, silver, leather, silicone, and mesh.

Why Buy Trendy Boutique Jewelry Wholesale?

Jewelry is the final touches, the icing on the cake to a trendy outfit. Wearing the wrong pieces can distract from the overall look. To provide the best jewelry pieces for your customers, you cannot cut corners on quality or style. That means you must find other ways, like cutting costs by purchasing in bulk. 

Wholesale suppliers give you a discount based on the number of items you purchase. The more you buy, the deeper the discount. The savings don’t stop there, though. Wholesale suppliers are also willing to work with you on shipping to find you the least expensive method of getting the jewelry to your boutique.

Because wholesale suppliers work directly with manufacturers, they have an inside scoop on upcoming trends. That inside scoop can be passed on to you to give you an edge over your competitors. If you think you don’t have the space to store a bulk order of jewelry, no problem. Most wholesale suppliers allow you to purchase jewelry in small batches.

In Conclusion

So, go ahead. Reach out today to learn more about how your wholesale supplier can help you get the trendy boutique jewelry wholesale styles you need.


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