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Include These Fall Fashion Colors in Your Boutique

Include These Fall Fashion Colors in Your Boutique - WFS

Pantone is considered the universal language of color for designers, brands, and manufacturers. Here’s a guide on incorporating Pantone’s 2022/2023 fall fashion colors into your boutique.

What comes to mind when you see “Martini Olive”? How about “Orange Tiger,” “Lava Falls,” “Amazon,” and “Rose Violet”? We get it if you want to order a drink in a volcanic jungle while hanging with an orange tiger. If vibrant colors come to mind, we get it even more.

The Pantone Color Institute reports these colors are the colors for this Fall. Along with the ones listed, they also recommend colors such as “Midnight,” “Arctic Wolf,” “Autumn Blonde,” “Polar Night,” “Loden Frost,” “Chiseled Stone,” “Caramel Café,” “Samoan Sun,” Waterspout,” and “nosegay.”

Think about your customers. They want to feel good and look better. They want to stand out at the party in a good way, not because they are wearing last year’s neutrals.

Knowing the Fall fashion colors trending across the globe as a boutique owner will help you style your customers.

It would help if you found a balance for your customers. Too much color will give off a clown vibe. Not enough color can be dull and wallflower-ish. Below is a breakdown of the fashion colors to include in your boutique, including how to pair them.

Choosing Colors for Your Customers

Your boutique customer likely prefers some colors over others. According to research, their preference can be based on age and gender, plus many other factors. When choosing fashion to sell, you must consider all these factors because color influences how your customers feel.

A design company created an infographic based on research findings regarding color preferences, age, and gender. What it reveals can be helpful for boutique owners. For example, shades of orange are most appreciated by female teenagers. So, if your customer meets this description, add some “orange tiger” fashion items to your product list.

Based on Pantone’s Fall Color Report and the infographic, here are a few more suggestions for female customers:

  • Infants, choose autumn blonde and nosegay
  • Kids, choose a polar night and rose violet
  • Teens, choose orange tiger, as well as polar night and lava falls
  • Young adults select rose violet, lava falls, and Samoan sun
  • Adults choose amazon, nosegay, and rose violet
  • Middle-aged adults prefer nosegay, loden frost, and rose violet
  • Senior citizens, choose the arctic wolf, nosegay, and loden frost

Shades of Fall Fashion Colors

When buying clothing for your boutique, you will find that most designers do not label their colors; the ones that do use more generic names. It would be rare to find clothing using the exact colors shared by Pantone. That may not even be legal.

However, this will not be a problem because you are not searching for exact matches. Because you are buying for many customers, you want to find items in shades of the primary color. If purchasing “reds,” don’t get stuck on “red apple red” only. Instead, consider shades of red ranging from pink to maroon.

Once you find your staple products in the vibrant colors your customers will love, you must provide them with items that pair well.

Fall Fashion Colors That Pair Well

Sure, you could use “match” instead of “pair well,” but that’s not what your customers want. They don’t want to wear green pants with a green top. They want the colors and fabrics to blend, flow, compliment, and pair well.

Unless you plan to carry around a color wheel that you can whip out when a customer asks for guidance, you may want to pre-plan the items you sell that go with the fall fashion colors. Some people like to stick with the old rule of 75% of one color and 25% of another color. As you already know, clothing comes in more than just solids. You should consider your customer’s personalities and lifestyles to help you make the right fashion choices.

Fall Fashion Colors and Personality

Believe it or not, psychologists have figured out which colors represent different personalities. They call it color psychology. For example, blue is associated with a person with traits such as trust, responsible, calmness, relaxation, predictability, and orderliness.

Pink personality traits include nurturing, compassion, hope, and love. Depending on the customer’s age, it can sometimes be immature, flirty, or innocent. Brown characteristics range from security and protection to striving for material wealth.

Before buying fall fashion, think about your customer’s personalities. Are they fun-loving young adults just starting a new chapter in their careers and personal lives? If so, colors like yellow represent intellect and acquired knowledge, and magenta represents change. Interestingly, these two shades are like the ones listed above from the infographic examples.

Another example from above is for female adults. In color psychology, Amazon and shades of green represent personality traits like material and emotional well-being, harmony, balance, and growth. Nosegay, or pink and red variations, indicates passion, compassion, success, nurturing, and romance.

The color psychologists may be on to something.

You’ve been given a lot of information on fall fashion colors in your boutique. Don’t let the information overwhelm you. There is a way to make the process much simpler by working with a wholesale supplier.

Working with a Wholesale Supplier

Choosing color-trendy clothing becomes much easier when working with a wholesale supplier. One reason is that they already know the latest Pantone colors since they have established relationships with the designers and manufacturers.

Wholesale suppliers also know how to pair the right colors with suitable clothing styles. A good wholesaler will have pre-styled outfits you can purchase called “sets.”

Wholesalers go one step further by offering jewelry, handbags, and outerwear that pair well with your purchased items. For those who are better at business than fashion, buying wholesale is the only way.

With the time you saved by working with a wholesaler, you can focus on providing interactive fashion color experiences for customers. Most of them won’t know “their colors” based on skin tone and hair color. Create a fun space that helps them figure it out. Then, watch them enjoy buying the fall fashion colors in your boutique.


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