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Retail Display Ideas for Boutique Clothing and Jewelry

Retail Display Ideas for Boutique Clothing and Jewelry - WFS

When online shopping is one of your competitors, you must find ways to connect with your customers and give them a unique shopping experience. How you display clothing and jewelry is one way to accomplish this goal. Read on to learn about retail display ideas you can seamlessly incorporate into your boutique.

When you think of retail display, you may think of glass display cases, mannequins, or posters with models wearing the products you sell, all of which are great. However, they must stand out. Remember that the customer’s experience and the layout of your store are crucial to its success. Displays are meant to grab the customer’s attention, engage them, tell a story, and help customers see themselves wearing your products.

For example, if you want to promote new designer outerwear, you can display one piece at a time on a mannequin. Or you can style multiple mannequins in different outerwear outfits showing your customers the product’s versatility. Show them how a jacket will look at work, running errands, and on the ski slopes. Show them how one scarf can be worn three different ways.

Below are more retail display ideas for boutique clothing and jewelry.

Retail Display Ideas for the Window

Window displays are often the first impression your customers get of your brand and products. If your brand is fun and vibrant, you don’t want to display neutral clothing with simple accessories. Instead, put those design skills to work. Use your mannequins to show off the latest trends in style and color. Pair it with jewelry that sets it apart. Encourage people walking by your store window to think, “I wonder if that would look good on me.”

Window display ideas for boutique clothing and jewelry include the following:

Create a Theme

Coming up with a theme doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by using customers’ expected themes—for example, holidays, seasons, or local events. Your theme is the starting point of the retail window display. It’s what draws your customer into your story.

Use Props

One of the most common retail display ideas is incorporating other pops with your mannequins. Mannequins are great props, but when you add props, it elevates your retail display. Props are specific items that help you tell a story. You could dress a mannequin in a fleece jacket, or you could dress it in a fleece jacket standing around a campfire, laughing and having fun with its other mannequin friends. Props do not have to cost a lot of money. Some can come from your home, like potted plants, books, lamps, Christmas trees, crates, gift-wrapped boxes, surfboards, sporting equipment, etc.

Creative Signage

Signage is a must. They have purposes, like guiding the customer through your boutique, educating them on products, and appealing to customers’ senses of smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch. Signage can also make your customer feel a certain way. Graphics can be funny, sentimental, liberating, and inspiring, depending on the products and your brand’s message.

Make It Interactive

Customers like to touch and feel products. Find ways to encourage them to do this in your boutique. A new trend is the use of technology to extend the shopping experience beyond the boutique. A large television screen that displays customer testimonials is one way to make it interactive. Make it easy for all customers to record their testimonials.

Touchscreen computers that allow customers to take beauty quizzes, find the right jewelry for their face and hair type, or pick a gift for a friend are a huge hit. Plus, they keep customers in your boutique a lot longer. At a minimum, provide selfie opportunities throughout the store. You can even offer a discount to those who share their selfie on social media.

Racks and Stacks

The chrome-colored metal racks in almost every retail store are often necessary and affordable. But they don’t have to be boring. You can build a whole theme around one metal rack or DIY it to give it a little more life. Paint it, cover it with fabric, or upcycle it.

How you rack and stack your clothing should match your brand. If you sell chic country products, incorporate wooden crates and ladders into your display. If you sell clothing and jewelry for the world traveler, use vintage suitcases as shelves or tables to stack items.

Other unique racks and stacks include picture frames, buckets, antique apothecary cabinets, barrels, piping, and more. And don’t be afraid to utilize your ceiling space by hanging display items that drop down from the ceiling.

Keep It Simple

When displaying boutique clothing and jewelry, you want it to appear organized, even if it’s not. Jewelry must be easy to take on and off a display. Avoid displaying too much jewelry in one place. It could get tangled, and customers will avoid it altogether.

You can keep it simple and still wow your customers. Get creative with your organizational skills. Instead of hanging bracelets on a velvet or metal table-top rack, put them in fancy, vintage bowls. Put sports-themed products in repurposed lockers or hang chicken wire behind a cool picture frame for an earring display. Drawers, drawer handles, wooden skids, cork boards, poster tubes, egg cartons, tree branches, old wine bottles, and hundreds of other creative displays make organizing easy.

Change Is Good

You are constantly getting in new items to sell. Retail displays for boutique clothing and jewelry should offer something new regularly. If your displays don’t change, your customers may think your products haven’t changed.

You don’t have to change every display in your boutique, but you want to help customers discover what’s new. Some retailers succeed in using mannequins to tell a story and each week make a small change to the staged scene using a newly acquired product. It’s like a long-running story that evolves through the seasons, school events, parties, etc. It makes your customers want to see what your mannequins are up to now.

The key to retail display ideas for boutique clothing and jewelry is to stay true to your brand and have fun. Start practicing today, and don’t worry about getting it wrong. You should always be open to changing your displays. If one doesn’t work, try another.


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