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Finding Unique Jewelry to Buy for Your Business: Helpful Tips

Unique Jewelry to Buy for Your Business: Helpful Tips - WFS

If your business resells jewelry and other products, you must know how to get the biggest bang when finding unique pieces. You’ve got to get quality jewelry that stands out and attracts customers. Whether your customers are shopping for themselves or someone else, you must provide them with options in various categories. Plus, the jewelry you sell must align with your brand and complement any other products you sell.

Buying jewelry does not have to be stressful, however. You can have fun picking out great items for your target customers. Below are some helpful tips for finding unique jewelry for your business.

Follow the Trends

This year several trends are at the forefront of the jewelry industry. One is layering or stacking jewelry, including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. When searching for unique jewelry to buy, look for pieces that look great when combined and piled on top of one another.

Other trends include large gemstone rings or cocktail jewelry, oversized cuffs, drop earrings, and statement pieces. Costume jewelry seems to never go out of style. At the same time, people are wearing minimalist jewelry styles, like small studs, a single choker, or single band rings. 

Give your customers a way to showcase their personality with jewelry. For example, birthstone rings, crosses, faith-related pendants, or sustainable and eco-friendly jewelry.

Research Products

Researching jewelry may sound boring, but it can help you get an edge over your competitors. Knowing the statistics on which jewelry pieces are most purchased and why makes it easier to decide what is best for your target customers. 

Instagram Influence

According to reports, 72% of users make purchases based on what they see on Instagram through ads and influencers. This is compared to 23% on Facebook, 22% on Pinterest, 3% on Twitter, and 1% on Snapchat. If you don’t have an Instagram account, now is the time to get one.

Check out the jewelry influencers on Instagram and the comments they receive about a product they are showcasing.

Think Wholesale Supplier

Choosing where to get unique jewelry is as important as the type of jewelry you buy. You could go straight to the artist, but you must be willing to pay more. You can attend trade shows, but they can be overwhelming, and you may end up with impulse buys.

To avoid overspending, look for a wholesale supplier, a liaison between you and the manufacturer. Working with a wholesaler allows you to buy jewelry in bulk at a discounted price. Finding the right wholesaler means the jewelry you buy will be the following:

  • High Quality
  • On Trend 
  • Within Budget

Those aren’t the only benefits, though. Good wholesalers offer support for boutique owners at every stage of the buying process. They deliver items on time and work with you to save on shipping costs. Some even offer small-batch purchases for retailers who do not have the storage for larger orders.

Don’t just go by the word of the wholesaler. Check reviews and references to verify their reputation. Also, meet them in person to build an even stronger relationship.

Now That You’ve Got It Flaunt It

How you market and display jewelry in your boutique is a skill you must learn for success. Mannequins, wall displays, and social media posts are the minimum in getting the word out about your fabulous jewelry pieces.

Other ideas include glass display cases and rotating racks are conventional ways to show off jewelry. Don’t be afraid to be more unconventional. Use wood blocks or planks that vary in height to display rings in ring boxes. Hang bracelets or necklaces around old wine bottles or place jewelry in cool bowls or teacups near the cashier.

Pairing Unique Jewelry with the Right Wholesale Clothes

If you own a fashion boutique, you have more opportunities to flaunt your jewelry by pairing it with clothing in your store. If you do this well, you can sell customers the entire outfit or give them ideas they can use when shopping.

Whether you work with customers one-on-one or create an interactive experience in your boutique, it’s crucial that you find a way to teach customers how to pair jewelry with clothing. Start with the most basic types of pairings: formal, professional, casual, and party. You may also want to add matching jewelry with skin tone, facial shape, hairstyle, etc.

Examples of the basics include the following:

  • Wearing a formal dress, choose a simple pendant with a gemstone that doesn’t outshine the dress. You may also choose drop-down earrings to make more of a statement.
  • Casual, everyday clothing is the most versatile when pairing jewelry. Show off your personality by wearing themed fashion jewelry. If your casual outfit has patterns and prints, wear simpler jewelry to avoid the outfit being too busy.
  • Pairing professional outfits with the right jewelry often depends on the profession. Business suits are best paired with simple stud earrings and dainty necklaces. Scrubs pair well with themed jewelry. For example, a medical professional working with children may want to wear cartoon-themed jewelry. A sales representative can wear larger pendants and matching cuffs. A speaker or entertainer can wear a combination of layered necklaces, bracelets, and an oversized ring.
  • Avoid competition between your outfit and your jewelry when going to a party. If you wear a colorful shirt, choose simple silver or gold jewelry. If your outfit is solid, go bold and colorful with earrings, necklaces, etc.

Final Tip

You could find the most unique jewelry to buy for your business. It could be gorgeous and make every customer feel like a rockstar. However, if your customers don’t know it exists, they can’t buy it. The final tip is to create a marketing plan to help your jewelry stand out and attract customers. Marketing plans assist in brand awareness, which is needed for long-term success.

Utilize social media, host promotional events, collaborate with community organizations, and create a following. Most importantly, love what you do. Your customers will notice.

And if you’re looking for a quality wholesale clothing and jewelry supplier, feel free to reach out to us for information and with any questions. We serve California and Texas with their wholesale needs, and throughout the United States.



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