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Incorporate Wholesale Jewelry Into Your Customer’s Mardi Gras Outfits

Incorporate Wholesale Jewelry Into Your Customer’s Mardi Gras Outfits - WFS

If your customers celebrate Mardi Gras, like millions of others around the globe, you know that the party begins on Fat Tuesday or the day before Ash Wednesday. For some, Mardi Gras is one day; for others, it is several weeks of parades, parties, and celebrations.

What your customers wear to a Mardi Gras event is important. It shows their personality, passion, and commitment. Those wearing elaborate costumes, colorful wigs, purple and gold beads, and sky-high platforms are all in. Most people are only partially committed. They want to join the fun but can only do so for a short while before returning to work or home responsibilities.

For the occasional Mardi Gras patrons, it’s essential to incorporate the right jewelry pieces into their outfits. They can have an obvious show of support while also being able to transition back into their everyday lives.

As a boutique owner selling Mardi Gras jewelry and accessories, buying wholesale is the way to go.

Why Buy Wholesale Mardi Gras Jewelry?

Mardi Gras is a seasonal event. You don’t want to spend much time and money on jewelry that will end around Easter. Here are some other reasons to buy wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry:

  • Cost discounts on bulk purchases
  • Greater variety of items to buy
  • Receipt of items before your deadline
  • Quick reorder process

Wholesale suppliers give you a head’s up on the trendiest jewelry pieces. They give you an edge over competitors for incorporating the jewelry into your customers’ Mardi Gras outfits. Below are fresh ideas for this season.

Mardi Gras Earrings

Earrings are an excellent way for your customers to show off their Mardi Gras spirit. There are numerous options, too, for shape, size, and colors. Purple and gold are the primary colors associated with Mardi Gras, so wearing earrings in those two colors is a low-key way to start, especially if paired with a blouse with splashes of purple and gold or a tie-dye.

If your customers prefer solid-colored clothing, they can wear flashier earrings, like multi-colored fan hoops. Other examples are multi-colored rhinestone drops, sequined teardrops, or bright-colored tassel earrings.

Mardi Gras Beads

Everybody loves Mardi Gras beads. Many will do just about anything to get some during a parade. Fortunately, your customers won’t have to participate in crazy behaviors to get some awesome beads that enhance their outfits.

Bead necklaces come in Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold, and a combination of the two. You can also find multi-color beads that include turquoise, silver, blue, and more. You can offer various colored beads in styles such as bubble chokers, long-lined hand-knotted chains, or multi-layered necklaces.

Mardi gras beads can be incorporated into most outfits, from casual to formal. They will be a focal point, so help your customers avoid wearing tops with a lot going on. A casual suggestion is jeans, a mustard-colored top, and a multi-colored tassel necklace. A more formal look could be a black dress with a gold, multi-layered bead necklace.

If necklaces aren’t a big hit with your customers, offer beaded bracelets. Popular choices are multi-colored stacked beaded bracelets and single bead bracelets with charms, such as the fleur-de-lis, a clown, animals, or anything else Mardi Gras related.

Mardi Gras Headwear

A pop of Mardi Gras can come from what your customers wear on their heads, such as hats, caps, berets, scarves, bandanas, headbands, and clips. Hair is another place to decorate with jewelry, and the pieces available today are creative and can make anyone stand out in a crowd.

A yellow-gold beret is functional and attractive. Berets look great with casual outfits, and because Mardi Gras starts in February, they will keep your customers warm while watching parades. Not everyone likes berets, and that’s okay. You can offer ball caps, some with wild Mardi Gras designs and others in solid colors. Bucket hats are popular today. Provide options in corduroy, denim, and cotton.

If your customers celebrate Mardi Gras in warmer areas, they may want a Mardi Gras bandana or scarf to wrap around their hair or a ponytail, which would go great with a solid color romper. Starting with solid color clothing makes the possibilities endless for headwear. Even a huge gold, purple, and green bow attached to a headband can help your customers fit in with fellow partygoers but won’t be a distraction at the office.

Mardi Gras Outerwear

Outerwear consists of many items and is typically worn as protection of clothing or the body. Today, outerwear is part of an outfit, and during Mardi Gras, your customers can incorporate their outerwear into their overall look.

Mardi Gras masks are popular items every year. Many cover the entire face and have glitter, feathers, rhinestones, and much color. While these masks are great for parties, they aren’t for everyday outfits. However, since COVID, masks that cover the mouth and nose are accepted and, in many places, recommended or required.

Facial masks are a great way for your customers to show off their personalities; whether they wear a solid Mardi Gras color or deck it out in rhinestones or sequins, it will get attention.

Kimonos, capes, vests, cardigans, and rain jackets are different types of outerwear that can be incorporated into a Mardi Gras outfit. Pair them with wholesale jewelry, such as brooches, pins, and belts, to complete a look.

Tell the Mardi Gras Masses

You have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other wholesale jewelry to incorporate into your customer’s Mardi Gras outfits. Now you must let your customers know your shop is the one-stop place to prepare for the festivities.

You must create a Mardi Gras marketing plan showcasing the wholesale jewelry you offer. Your marketing campaign must match the theme of your jewelry. Ideas include a Fat Tuesday promo sale, Mardi Gras Monday giveaways, create your bead necklace event, or a picture parade you post on social media.

When customers arrive, give them an interactive experience that makes them want to purchase all their Mardi Gras jewelry at your boutique.


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