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Loose Fitting Dresses: Grab These Wholesale Clothes Now

Trending Loose Fitting Dresses: Grab These Wholesale Clothes Now - WFS

Fashion involves several different factors, including psychology. Yes, your emotions are one reason you choose certain clothes to wear. Clothes can also change our moods. If you’ve ever felt blue, but after putting on a fabulous outfit, your mood lifts, you know it’s true. It has been proven that buying new clothes and accessories causes a boost in dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in the brain. That’s why they call it “retail therapy.” 

When you hear the words oversized, baggy, relaxed, casual, bohemian, and easy-going to describe a dress, you may not think it will boost your mood, but it can. Loose fitting dresses are all the rage today. It’s a trend everyone can enjoy. That does not mean every person can wear the same oversized dress and look great, however.

How To Choose The Right Loose Fitting Dresses

Before purchasing oversized clothing for your boutique customers, learn more about how to help your customers choose the right pieces of clothing for their body type. Below are a few tips you can start implementing right away.

  • Make sure the dress fits the shoulders. When you aren’t using traditional measurements, teach your customers to use their shoulders as a guide. Designers suggest that if it fits in the shoulders, the rest of the outfit will flow nicely.
  • If wearing loose fitting dresses in solid colors, help your customers create a focal point with a necklace that will stand out. You can also help them choose a dress that already has a focal point built in.
  • Advise customers to avoid going more than two sizes above their natural size.

Popular Loose Fitting Dresses

Loose fitting dresses come in various styles. Knowing the different options will make purchasing for your customers easier. If most of your customers are business professionals, you don’t want only to sell casual nap dresses. 

Many fitted dresses are now made in loose fitting options. Popular types include the tiered, trapeze, and shirt dress. Others include maxi and midi dresses, tank, caftan, and empire waist dresses. One dress that seems to be trending high right now is the babydoll dress.

What is a Babydoll Dress?

Babydoll dresses tend to fit a woman’s shoulders and chest area as it flows downward; the fit appears loose and has a lot of movement. It swings and bounces as you move. Most babydoll dresses stop above the knees, showing off a woman’s legs.

Some may think babydoll dresses are only for teens or young adults. This is not true today. Babydoll dresses are created for all ages and can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. Others think babydoll dresses are lingerie, possibly because they are flirty and sexy. Again, with the right accessories or add-ons, a babydoll dress can look great on anyone.

Why Everyone Loves the Babydoll Dress?

Versatility and comfort are the short answers to why everyone likes the babydoll dress. You can sleep and lounge in them, wear them over a swimsuit, or layer them when the temperature drops. They can look good on all body types, including pregnant, plus-size, or skinny.

Tips To Look Grown Up in a Babydoll Dress

There are times when women want to look and feel young and other times when they must appear more grown up. The babydoll dress can be both. Accessorizing it to be more sophisticated and professional may seem more challenging. However, following tips like the ones below will help until you get the hang of it. Share these tips with your customers.


Babydoll dresses with solid-colored leggings or pants automatically make the outfit more professional. During winter, wearing bottoms is a must and allows you to extend the use of the dress. In warmer weather, you can wear bottoms to work, but after, transition into just the dress for running errands or going to happy hour with friends. Or swap the pants for shorts.


The shoes you wear can make or break an outfit and influence other people’s perceptions, especially when wearing a babydoll dress. At work, pair your babydoll dress and bottoms with a loafer, even if it’s platform loafers. Outside of work, match the shoes with the event you attend. If going to the beach, wear flip-flops. If going to brunch, try strappy sandals. If you want to bring out your inner playfulness, wear shoes that you usually wouldn’t wear with a babydoll dress, like sneakers or cowboy boots.


There are numerous accessories to give your trending loose fitting dresses a completely different appearance and purpose. Options for babydoll dresses and accessories include the following:

  • A babydoll dress in your favorite color paired with a brown floppy hat, matching handbag, and sandals, and you are ready for a fun day at the beach, park, or watching your favorite sports team.
  • A tiered babydoll dress with a thin belt cinched at the waist and paired with a solid blazer and flats will make you look great at the office.
  • Your head is a space where you can get creative with accessories, enhancing your babydoll dress style. Think ponytail holders, headbands, scarves, bandanas, barrettes, etc.

Buy Trending Loose Fitting Dresses Wholesale

Owning a boutique means you must make a profit for it to be successful. One of the best ways to do this is by working with a wholesale supplier. You get the clothes your customers will love at a discount. This discount allows you to increase your profit margins and pass savings to your customers.

Boutique owners get other perks aside from discounts. You can expect quality clothing, information on trends directly from the manufacturers, excellent customer service, and streamlined processes.

Most importantly, wholesale suppliers can provide a great variety of loose fitting dresses and accessories options. You can buy dresses with details that will flatter each of your customers, from v-neck to square-neck, mini to midi, and solids to patterns.

If your customers want loose fitting dresses, like the babydoll dress, reach out to a wholesale supplier to get the best deals on the best products. This includes a wide selection of wholesale jewelry.


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