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Wholesale Boutique Accessories that Will Catch Your Customer’s Eyes

Wholesale Boutique Accessories to Catch Your Customer’s Eyes - WFS

We get it; purchasing wholesale boutique accessories to resell in your boutique is exciting. You get to look, touch, and try on fabulous items you think your customers will love. Making someone look and feel great is your mission, and having the perfect accessories is crucial.

Not all boutique owners hit the mark when buying accessories for their boutiques. One reason may be that they don’t focus on target customers and instead make purchases based on personal preferences. Another reason is that they misunderstand what is meant by eye-catching wholesale boutique accessories.

Below, we get back to the basics to help you avoid these mistakes and hit the mark every time you purchase wholesale boutique accessories.

What Are Accessories?

When we said back to the basics, we meant way back. However, you must understand the definition of accessories to determine which ones are a good fit for your boutique.

There are two types of fashion accessories: the ones you wear and the ones you carry. Fashion accessories are not just things your customers throw on because they want an extra ba-da-bing in their outfits. Accessories have a purpose, including the following:

  • Contributing to an overall look
  • Expressing personality
  • Influencing mood and attitude
  • Completing a look
  • Making clothes more versatile
  • Making statements
  • Creating conversations

What Accessories Are Not?

Fashion accessories are not meant to outshine an outfit, nor should they complicate a look. The wrong accessories, or too many of the right accessories, can add bulkiness and overwhelm your frame. Even when you wear stackable rings or bracelets, too many can make your fingers and arms look shorter than they are.

Accessories are not meant to be too busy, making it hard for someone to determine a focal point. While wearing mismatched accessories is not bad, you must do it right. Wearing multiple animal prints in one outfit can cause dizziness. Also, wearing a different patterned shirt, scarf and handbag may be confusing. It’s just too much activity, and the message you are trying to make is misunderstood. You want accessories to transform an outfit, not complicate it.

Wholesale Accessories

To be successful, your boutique must make a profit. To make significant profits, you must be able to buy low and sell high. You can accomplish this by buying accessories from wholesale suppliers.

Wholesalers purchase accessories in bulk directly from the designer or manufacturer. The more items they buy, the more money they save. They then mark up the price of each item to cover their preferred profit margins.

Wholesale suppliers mark up the price but not so much that boutique owners can’t get a good deal. You can get a great deal when working with wholesalers. The price you pay is still low enough that you can meet your boutique’s necessary profit margins.

Wholesalers also reduce the costs of goods based on the amount you purchase, allowing you to make bulk purchases for less. Other benefits of buying wholesale include the following:

  • Getting a heads up on the latest trends
  • Being able to negotiate costs, shipping, and more
  • Receiving orders within deadlines
  • Buying high-quality items at a discounted price
  • Having a one-stop-shop for all your boutique needs

How to Pick Accessories to Catch Your Customer’s Eyes

There are hundreds of accessory types and themes, but you can’t sell all of them in your boutique. You must be selective when purchasing wholesale boutique accessories. For example, you don’t want to offer beach jewelry in a bridal boutique. Answering the following questions about each accessory makes choosing simple. Does your item:

  • Fit my customer’s age group?
  • Match my customer’s lifestyle?
  • Fit my customer’s price point?
  • Reflect your brand?
  • Complement my clothing lines?
  • Can you make a profit with this item?

Best-Selling Wholesale Boutique Accessories

Now that you know more about wholesale boutique accessories, it’s time for the fun part, choosing which pieces to buy for your customers. Below is a list of commonly sold accessories based on specific categories.


Jewelry is usually the first thing that comes to mind when discussing clothing accessories. Some picture a layering of metal necklaces, while others think of nose rings and anklets. Take time to think about your target customer. Which of the following pieces of jewelry will they prefer? Aside from options like these, consider the type of closure and materials used to make the jewelry.

  • Necklace examples include the bib, choker, chain, pendant, collar, opera, lariat, locket, and rope.
  • Bracelet examples include bangles, cuffs, charms, tennis, leather, beaded, stretch, and watches.
  • Ring examples include signet, stretch, beaded, stackable, metal bands, and bridal.
  • Earring examples include hoop, drop, stud, cluster, dangle, chandelier, and huggie.

Body Wear

Wholesale boutique accessories include items other than jewelry that customers can wear on their necks, faces, hair, and head. The following are popular but before you buy, remember to focus on your target customer’s preferences.

  • Scarves, kimonos, and ponchos
  • Hairpins, barrettes, headbands, and hair clips
  • Hats, caps, beanies, ear warmers, and bandanas
  • Sunglasses and eyewear
  • Masks
  • Gloves and socks
  • Belts
  • Shoes

Accessories You Carry

Great style doesn’t end with the accessories you wear. Depending on where you are going, you may need to take products with you to help you stay fresh and look great all day. You need an accessory to hold such items. Here are examples of accessories you carry:

  • Handbags, backpacks, and makeup bags
  • Wallets and coin pouches
  • Cell phone cases, grip holders, chargers, earphones, and ring lights
  • Keychains

Getting Started

Buying wholesale boutique accessories that will catch your customer’s eyes begins with finding the right wholesale supplier. Try not to rush this decision. The research efforts you make now will pay off later.

Read reviews, call references, attend trade shows, and treat the wholesaler search like a job interview. The right company will be happy to answer questions, be eager to win you over, and work to ensure you and your customers are satisfied. When you win, they win.


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