27 Apr

9 Tips on Buying Wholesale Layering Necklaces for Your Customers

9 Tips on Buying Wholesale Layering Necklaces for Your Customers - WFS

Buying wholesale layering necklaces is beneficial for you and your customers. Here’s why and what you need to know.

First things first, layering necklaces is a hot trend, one you want to apply to your boutique’s sales. Layering necklaces means wearing two or more necklaces together to create a unique, attention-grabbing style. The best thing about this trend is that hundreds, maybe thousands, of ways to layer necklaces.

Below are nine tips on buying wholesale layering necklaces for your customers.

1. Look for Pre-Layered Necklaces

Many manufacturers create necklaces that are joined together during creation. The pros of pre-layered necklaces are that designers will not combine necklaces that don’t look great together. They do look great, and you can guarantee your customers will match, and they will not spend time figuring out which ones to pair. If your customers want to look their best but are busy and can’t spare much time on accessories, pre-layered necklaces should be an option for them in your store.

2. Let Your Customers Do the Layering

Many of your customers will want to pick and choose their necklaces to layer. As the boutique owner, provide your customers with many options that will allow them to spend a lot of time trying on wholesale fashion jewelry in your boutique. Provide necklaces made from different materials, lengths, weights, and designs. This is also the perfect time to teach them what you have learned about layering necklaces.

3. Know the Layering Techniques

Yes, there are various layering techniques. While you can wing and throw your faves around your neck and go, you can also strategize, so your necklaces work for your customers and not against them. One technique is to make sure all your necklaces can be seen by choosing different lengths to wear. Provide options from chokers to waist length. Another suggestion is to avoid layering with more than one statement piece. Go bold with one piece and minimal with the others.

Pairing one necklace with a small pendant with simple necklaces in the background can be delicate and elegant. If you want to wear two or twenty necklaces at once, make sure they are all the same material. For example, avoid mixing metals with leather or ribbon. Also, if we stay with the same materials, feel free to wear necklaces of different shapes. A flat silver metal chain can be paired with a thin silver link chain, and those two can be layered with a silver pendant necklace.

4. Know How to Layer with Different Tops

Wearing a choker with a turtleneck doesn’t make much sense. There are layering techniques to apply when helping your customers find the best top to match their jewelry. For someone wanting to show off their neckline as a backdrop to their layered necklaces, an open-collared shirt works best. Also, match the style of necklace with the wardrobe. Wearing a paracord statement necklace with a formal gown is a no-go. Make sure fancy matches fancy, athletic with athletic, etc.

5. The Layered Necklace Detangler Tool

If you don’t’ have the layered necklace detangler tool in your boutique, get it now. Your customers will love it. It is a simple way to prevent necklaces from tangling while wearing them. By attaching the necklaces to the detangler rather than wearing them individually clasped around your neck, the necklaces stay aligned without overlapping. If you get the three or four necklace detangler, that will encourage your customers to get three or four necklaces.

6. Show Off Personality

Each customer that enters your boutique has a different personality. Help them pick the necklaces to layer that match their attitude or sass unless it’s negative. Then you must help them choose layering necklaces that make them feel better and changes their mood for the better. If you have athletic customers, provide layering options with an athletic theme. If your customers are wealthy elderly fashionistas, they need layering necklaces representing wealth and fashion know-how.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Layering Bars

Necklaces with bars are trending this year. Whether it is a vertical hanging lariat bar or a horizontal monogrammed bar, they are hot right now. When layering necklaces with bars, though, there are rules. For lariat bars, make sure they are the longest, so the lariat hangs down below all the other necklaces. A vertical bar will look good in any position. If it is monogrammed or you want to make the bar a statement piece, avoid covering it up with other necklaces.

If you want to wear two or three bar necklaces, avoid overlapping by wearing different lengths. Only wear one lariat unless they are long enough that they do not touch. Think of your neck and chest as the backdrop and the bar as your artwork. Placement is important.

8. Create Layered Necklace Gift Sets

Pre-package layered necklaces and sell them as a set near the checkout line. Present them as gifts for a bestie, mother, sister, sister-in-law, or teacher. Present them as seasonal gifts for Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, or graduation. You don’t have to pre-package many layered necklaces but enough to catch your customers’ attention. This is also an opportunity to mark up or mark down your prices and move more inventory at one time.

9. Break All the Rules Above

Here’s the thing, every necklace wearer on the planet will have different goals for layering necklaces. Some customers will be able to pull off mixing and matching metals. Some can drape their necklines, wrists, and ankles in chains and look like movie stars. Others will want to wear big, bulky-shaped necklaces paired with more bulky-shaped necklaces. If it makes them happy, that’s all that matters.

Buying Wholesale Jewelry

Layering necklaces equates to versatility, individuality, and freedom of choice. As a boutique owner, be ready to offer advice to those who ask for it. Also, be prepared to let customers choose. They likely have a good reason for their layering necklace choices.

Ultimately, wearing jewelry is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. With the right options, you can provide that for all your customers.


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