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Wholesale Clothing for Boutiques: All the Styles to Stock

Wholesale Clothing for Boutiques: All the Styles to Stock - WFS

Why buy wholesale clothing for boutiques? Imagine your customers entering your shop. What is the expression on their face as they look around at your displays and how you feature products? One way to ensure smiles on your customers’ faces is to stock clothing and accessories that match their lifestyles and spending habits. Unfortunately, you can’t simply go out and buy clothing from your favorite designers and show them off using trendy displays. Your customers will be happy, but you will feel stressors like the budget, inventory, storage, returns, overages, etc.

There is a way to make customers happy that will also make you happy. Use a wholesale fashion clothing supplier for all your boutique needs.

Why Buy Wholesale Clothing for Boutiques?

Wholesale suppliers offer the best prices to boutique owners who need to purchase many quality products for a discounted price. Wholesalers buy items directly from the manufacturer. The more they purchase, the larger the discount. They pass the same savings offer down to you. That’s not the only benefit, however.

Working with a wholesaler means you get information on the latest trends before your competitors. You can buy various products to accessorize clothing, including makeup, handbags, wholesale jewelry, outerwear, and hats. Other advantages include negotiating the terms of your contract on issues like returns, shipping, and price.

Wholesale suppliers want to help you create a boutique that stands out from all the other boutiques. They can help you provide customers with a shopping experience that makes them want to purchase multiple items before leaving, starting with helping you stock the right styles for each season.

Make Your Boutique Stand Out

It is crucial to begin selling clothing and accessories at the right time before each season starts. Use the following guidelines when purchasing wholesale to make your boutique stand out.

Summer Styles to Stock

Customers start getting summer fever around May when temperatures rise, schoolyears end, and vacations are a priority. Boutique owners should have summer clothes and accessories stocked and displayed in May. This means you must purchase summer products from the wholesaler in early Spring or late Winter.

Summer products:

  • Swimwear that flatters each body type.
  • Ruffle short sleeve tops in various colors and materials.
  • Mini, midi, and maxi dresses in solid colors or with pattern prints, with and without tiers.
  • Denim cutoffs, capris, skirts, and rompers.
  • Flower print bandanas, kimonos, at hair accessories.
  • Summer-themed jewelry with flowers, fruit, nautical, cocktails, and butterflies.
  • Graphic tees with summer themes, favorite bands, inspirational quotes, or your brand.
  • Products to support national holidays, charities, etc.

Fall Styles to Stock

July for boutique owners should be back-to-school or early Fall merchandise, followed by additional Fall clothing and accessories making their way into your shop in early September, after Labor Day when Summer is officially over for most people.

Fall products:

  • Long-sleeve button-up and pullover tops with bright colors and lively patterns.
  • Blazers in trendy patterns like Aztec, polka dots, and stripes.
  • Cardigans in various colors, lengths, and styles, including open, snap, button, and tie front.
  • Denim jeans with skinny, flare, wide-leg, and boot-cut options. Also, in low, mid, and high-rise varieties.
  • Denim jackets and jacquard shackets.
  • Lightweight sweaters for layering with short-sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirts, vests, and jackets.
  • Graphic tees with back-to-school, football, and funny memes.
  • Straw hats.

Winter Styles to Stock

By October, you should order your boutique’s winter clothing and accessory stock. Start displaying winter items around Thanksgiving, about when you have your clearance sale for unsold Fall products.

Winter products:

  • Headwear like felt hats, fedoras, beanies, and ear muffs.
  • Scarves can serve multiple duties, such as neck and head coverage or as a mask.
  • Outerwear includes heavy coats, thick socks, cozy sleepwear, and ponchos.
  • Sweaters that keep a person warm but also express personality.
  • Long sleeve tops with tiers, bold colors, ruffles, or puff sleeves.
  • Graphic tees and hoodies with long sleeves.

Spring Styles to Stock

Winter can seem like it is never-ending, which makes shopping for Spring products in February a great relief. Spring is a time when customers are searching for renewal. They want new outfits, makeup, purses, shoes, and more. They want to feel refreshed after the long Winter like they are starting over.

Spring products:

  • Lightweight-themed socks.
  • Denim jeans can stay on your shelves.
  • Baseball caps and visors in trendy patterns like leopard prints or emoji patches.
  • Cardigans for layering during weather fluctuations.
  • Sunglasses for being out in the sun longer.
  • Activewear to layer for style and exercise.

How to Boost Sales

Stocking all the right wholesale clothing and accessories doesn’t mean you will automatically have sales. To boost sales, you must also have the following:


You may already be thinking about variety, such as colors and styles, but you must also consider customer sizes, skin tones, body shapes, ages, and interests.

Profit Margins

Work with your wholesale supplier to get the highest profit margins possible. If you can, negotiate prices on small-batch purchases to avoid having a surplus of unsold products. If buying large batches, find creative ways to sell stock that didn’t sell initially.

Market and Promote

Marketing on social media platforms should be a priority and followed by in-store and other media-related marketing. Promotions and sales must be creative and exciting to bring customers to your boutique. Make it worth their while.

Customer Experience

When your customers leave your boutique, you want them to remember their experience and tell others about it. You can create an unforgettable experience by using interactive apps and technology that helps customers pick clothing, wholesale jewelry, and beauty products for their skin tone, size, and body shape. Even having educational materials to help them make the best decisions will improve the customer experience.

Find the Right Wholesaler

So where to find wholesale clothing for boutiques? Working with the right wholesaler is like a partnership where you both want each other to win. When you win, they win, and vice versa. To find the right one, check reviews and references, interview them in person, and communicate often.

Your boutique can be successful if you take advantage of what wholesale clothing suppliers offer.

If you’re looking for a quality wholesale clothing supplier, feel free to reach out to us for information and with any questions. We serve California and Texas with their wholesale needs, and throughout the United States.



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