26 Oct

The Latest Trends in Wholesale Clothing

Trends in Wholesale Clothing - Wholesale Fashion Square
Understanding the latest trends in wholesale clothing is essential when purchasing items for your retail boutique - here's what you should know. A fashion trend occurs when someone creates a product that is liked by masses of consumers. They like it so much they purchase it. Wearing it inspires their friends and family to buy the item, and the cycle continues until it doesn't. There are categories of trends, including one season, several seasons, and long-lasting. There is even a timeless trend with clothing that never goes out of style. It's hard to know which category the latest trends in wholesale clothing will fall. An excellent example of a long-lasting trend is athleisure. From Lululemon to Lula Roe, clothing transforms from workout...
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21 Oct

How to Find the Best Wholesale Vendors to Buy From

How to Find the Best Wholesale Vendors to Buy From - Wholesale Fashion Square
If you are opening a boutique, then finding the best wholesale vendors is a top priority. You know that finding the right one can mean better prices for you and your customers, more significant profit margins, ease of ordering, and even learning inside tips about upcoming trends. So, how do you find the best one when there are so many from which to choose? Below are some tips to follow to ensure you find a wholesaler that meets all your needs so you can spend less time on purchasing and more time on selling. Know What You Want to Sell Decide on what you want to sell before you start searching for a wholesale vendor. Once you know what you will be selling,...
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13 Oct

14 Tips for Managing a Fashion Jewelry Boutique

Fashion Jewelry Boutique - Wholesale Fashion Square
If you are starting a fashion jewelry boutique, you are entering a multi-billion dollar industry, 38.25 billion to be exact. The fashion jewelry market rises each year, even during and after the pandemic when fewer people visited stores in person. Now customers are getting out again and shopping for favorites locally. Your clothing and jewelry boutique can be a huge success. Following the fourteen tips below can help you start a fashion jewelry boutique. 1. Create a Business Plan A business plan helps you get organized and serves as a guide on running your business. It helps you set goals and measure progress. Business plans can include your brand name, mission, vision, company description, finances, and marketing strategies. 2. Understand Fashion Jewelry Fashion jewelry is...
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8 Oct

7 Fall Fabrics to Surely Include in Your Boutique

7 Fall Fabrics to Surely Include in Your Boutique - WFS
It's the season to find the top fall fabrics for your boutique. But, where do you even start to look and how to choose? Here's a guide to help. Football, pumpkin patches, leaves changing colors and cozying up under a blanket with coffee and a good book are just a few favorites of the Fall season. Most people are happy to transition from the summer heat to cooler temperatures, from shorts and tees to fashionable layers, from flip flops to boots. Fall is a favorite for many people. There are specific qualities buyers are looking for in clothing today, like comfort while working from home. Yet, not so comfortable your coworkers think you are wearing pajamas in a zoom meeting. Customers want...
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27 Sep

9 Clothing Store Layout and Design Ideas to Improve Sales

Clothing Store Layout - WFS
The layout of your store is crucial for sales. Here are some clothing store layout ideas we've collected from successful boutique owners. Your clothing store layout and design should accomplish the following goals: draw customers in, encourage them to check out the entire store, buy items that give you higher profit margins, and return in the future as loyal customers. Whether you have a large or small retail space, you can design it to meet the above goals. Below are clothing store layout ideas we've collected from boutique owners who are winning with sales. 1. Use the Right Lighting Lighting throughout your store must be perfect. It can't be too bright or so dim you can't tell blues from blacks. Lighting affects your products' appearance...
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21 Sep

How to Start a Boutique and Why a Business Plan is Key

How to Start a Boutique - Wholesale Fashion Square
Creating a business plan is essential when opening a retail store. These tips will help you learn how to start a boutique to ensure your store is as successful as possible. If your dream has always been to start a boutique, now is the time to do it. Some of you may have been forced to change careers due to the pandemic. Others may be sick and tired of the same old job and want to try something exciting. Anyone can start a boutique. However, not everyone can start and maintain a profitable retail boutique. One reason is that they don't understand the process of starting a business. They skip necessary steps that lead to success. They do the fun stuff, like purchasing...
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15 Sep

The 7 New Dress Designs Your Boutique Needs

The 7 New Dress Designs Your Boutique Needs - WFS
There are so many different types of dress designs out there, that it's ideal to keep all of them in stock! Here is your ultimate guide with all the details. Women everywhere, even the ones working from home, are ready to get back to wearing a stylish wardrobe—no more athleisure to attend online meetings. No more jeans and tees to meet friends for happy hour. No more stretchy yoga pants and hoodies. Women are ready to be trendy and creative. Women are ready to be women again. They want to release their inner fashion queen. One way to do this is with dress designs in trendy new colors. New Colors for Fashion The Pantone Color Institute reports color fusions are a big thing this...
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8 Sep

7 Best Practice Tips to Better Manage Inventory Control

Improve Inventory Control of Wholesale Products - Wholesale Fashion Square
Effective inventory control is essential to a successful boutique or retail store. Here are 7 tips to better manage your inventory of wholesale items. As a retail business owner, whether you have a small boutique or an eCommerce warehouse site, you have products in your store and products in storage. These items are your inventory or stock. Staying organized and keeping track of your products in stock is called inventory control, different from inventory management. Inventory management refers to the products that are not in stock but ones that will replenish stock. It is a process that includes knowing when to reorder and how much to reorder. The goal is not to have too little or too much inventory on hand, avoiding...
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27 Aug

How to Buy Wholesale for Resale: 11 Tips for Success

How to Buy Wholesale for Resale: 11 Tips for Success - WSF
When it comes to buying wholesale for resale, there is a lot you should consider. To help guide you, read and keep these 11 tips in mind! It's impossible to open a store, stock it with products, and have customers roll in. If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it. Many factors create a successful retail business, like choose from over 826,000 wholesale companies in the United States alone. We’ve created specific tips on what you need to know to buy wholesale for resale. Following these tips in the order below may help you track progress and stay organized during the process. 1. Understand the Purpose of a Wholesale Company Wholesalers are like middlemen between your retail business and a manufacturer. They...
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20 Aug

7 Reasons to Include Trendy Plus-Size Clothing in Your Boutique

Trendy Plus-Size Clothing from Wholesalers - Wholesale Fashion Square
Including trendy plus-size clothing in your boutique offers many benefits to both your customers and improves the success of your boutique. Here's what to know. Did you know 67% of women in America wear sizes between 14 and 34, making the plus-size clothing industry a multi-billion dollar market and rising? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention collects data on everything, even plus-size women. They found the average American woman is 5’4”, 170 pounds, with a waist circumference of 38.7. This is the equivalent of a size 14. It makes you wonder why more retailers aren’t catering to the plus-size woman. If you’re considering selling trendy plus-size clothing, here are a few more reasons why it’s a great idea. 1. 100 Million Plus-Size...
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