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Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses and What to Stock

Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses - WFS

The jewelry you sell in your fashion boutique is more than decoration for various parts of the body. Jewelry has a purpose, like boosting confidence, completing an outfit, and showing off your customer’s personalities. It helps them stand out in a crowd and is a great way to accentuate your features. 

For some, jewelry has meaningful value, like a family heirloom handed down through generations or a sentimental piece from a romantic partner. For others, jewelry is a good investment or an easy way to upgrade an outfit.

Having the right jewelry for sale in your boutique is an easy way to increase revenue. One way to further increase sales for even higher profit margins involves jewelry packaging.

What is Jewelry Packaging?

Jewelry packaging refers to the container that holds jewelry. The container protects jewelry from damage and is a unique and memorable way to showcase products. With the right packaging, jewelry appears more eloquent, allowing you to raise prices and increase profits.

Packaging must grab the customer’s attention with beauty, cleverness, convenience, and how well it shows off the jewelry inside. Everything from the logo, font, and phrases should be pleasing to the customer. They should also match the style of jewelry you are selling. For example, if you sell religious jewelry, choose packaging that lets the customer know, such as adding the words “faith” or scripture to the outside of the box.

Below are more jewelry and packaging ideas for small businesses.

Types of Jewelry Packaging

Hopefully, you are working with a quality wholesale supplier to purchase all the jewelry you sell in your boutique. You get the best deals for bulk orders and various jewelry options. When your order arrives from the wholesaler, you may find the jewelry already in some packaging, likely clear plastic or black faux velvet.

You can use this same packaging when selling to customers or elevate the packaging to wow customers and make more money. Always remember what type of jewelry you’re selling, your budget, your target customer, brand, and where you will display it. Below are some ideas to get you started:

  • Themed Jewelry Packaging 

Many fashion boutiques offer seasonal and themed jewelry, such as sports, summer, and Christmas. When selling novelty jewelry, think of novelty packaging that matches. If you want to keep it basic and use a cardstock holder, print an amazing design on the cardstock that centers around the piece of jewelry. Print a pineapple theme on the cardstock if you are selling pineapple-shaped earrings.

Going beyond cardstock does not have to cost much more, but it can make the jewelry shine. Selling the same pineapple-shaped earrings in a box that resembles a pineapple sets it apart. A novelty necklace with a cocktail pendant is more appealing when packaged in a cocktail glass.

  • Luxury Jewelry Packaging

If your target customer likes high-end fashion jewelry, you can use luxury packaging that gives that impression. Choose packaging that looks expensive, like a genuine leather box that opens to showcase a crystal tennis bracelet. Or, opt for ring boxes with lights or place a baguette piano choker in a video box that starts playing as soon as you open it. If your target customers include men, choose solid mahogany wood boxes for watches, rings, and cuff links.

  • Minimalist Jewelry Packaging

Picture this, a multi-stone and beads bracelet with charms inside a solid-colored box or velvet bag engraved or monogrammed with your brand. It’s simple, chic, and classic on the outside, so the jewelry on the inside will pop. Minimalist packaging is also a good idea when selling sets of jewelry, like a set of five western Aztec turquoise rings or a set of earrings with a matching necklace.

Minimalism does not mean boring. Instead, it is elegant and lets the jewelry speak for itself.

  • Sustainable Jewelry Packaging

Going green is a big deal today, even with jewelry. People want sustainable, reusable jewelry items with purpose or multiple purposes. Sustainable packaging is one area where you can hit out of the ballpark.

Whether you are selling leather leaf-patterned earrings, a chain leather bracelet that can also be worn as a choker, or natural stone rings, get creative with the packaging. Use a mini-jewelry box to give customers a place to store the jewelry they purchase. Or go bigger, and with every purchase, part of the proceeds go to an environmental charity.

Use all natural materials, such as cotton pouches, to hold jewelry. Customers love packaging that serves a double purpose. Ideas include an earring display that doubles as a postcard from your town. Or, choose biodegradable gift bags and boxes. You may want to personalize them to make them even more special. You can use wallpaper samples to hold earrings, make your tags out of burlap, unique ribbons or fabrics, or wrap jewelry like a gift but use twine instead of ribbon and tie fresh flowers in the center.

If you can think of it, create it.

Work With a Quality Wholesale Supplier

Don’t forget to include your wholesale supplier when developing jewelry packaging. They may be an excellent resource for unique materials. If they can’t provide packaging materials, they may be able to direct you to a supplier who can.

Ultimately, your packaging efforts will fail if your customers are unsatisfied with the jewelry they purchased. The prettiest, most sustainable box won’t make someone happy if the watch inside doesn’t work.

Working with a great wholesale supplier means you do not have to worry about problems with the product. Traits to look for in a wholesale supplier include the following:

  • Great reviews and references
  • Easy-to-understand terms and policies
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Staff who want to build a long-term relationship
  • Located in the United States
  • Wholesale clothing options are a plus to complement different types of jewelry!

If you are selling, or want to sell, jewelry in your boutique, start thinking outside the box regarding packaging. Have fun finding new ways to grab your customer’s attention. Make buying jewelry a customer experience they won’t forget.


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