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Cute Outfits For Women: Boutique Wholesale Spring Clothing Edition

Cute Outfits for Women: Boutique Wholesale Spring Clothing - WFS

Finally, Spring is here, and customers are ready to transition from bulky winter clothing to cute Spring outfits. When you think Spring, adjectives like fresh, renewed, and vibrant come to mind. This is exactly how your customer wants to feel in their clothes.

As a boutique owner, you can help them look and feel their best this Spring. Below is a guideline on buying wholesale spring clothing for women.

Cute Outfits For Women

Clothing trends include warmer clothing for those early Spring days with cooler days and nights. Clothes must transition quickly to warmer times and eventually into Summer. Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may experience freezing temperatures one night, and two days later, warm weather arrives, and you feel like it is summertime.

Wardrobes should consist of the basics that can be layered with outerwear. Below are examples of how your customers can wear the trends, starting with an essential item:

  • Tiered Dress

Whether the dress has one, two, or three tiers, it will be hot this Spring. Tiered dresses come in mini, midi, maxi styles and various fabrics. Tiered dresses can be paired with a cardigan or denim jacket on cooler days. On cold days you can add leggings and boots. On warmer days, you can focus more on accessories.

  • Rompers and Jumpsuits

Rompers and jumpsuits evolve each season and can now be found in casual and dressy styles. Your customers may want an athletic-style jumpsuit if you are lounging around the house or running errands. Workwear can include flattering wide-leg rompers with smocked tops or a double-button blazer. Rompers and jumpsuits come in shorts, capri-length, and ankle-length.

  • Tops

There may be days in early Spring when the button-up flannel shirt is your customer’s go-to top. As the temperatures rise, you can switch it for something cooler. It’s all about the sleeve. You can’t go wrong with ruffle, pleated, tulip, pom pom, tiered, butterfly, or puff sleeves. Crop tops are also a favorite this year.

  • Bottoms

Denim, in any form, is always a big hit for Spring. Customers can choose flared, wide-leg, boot-cut jeans or embroidered capris. Still popular are the destructed varieties. Denim skirts, no matter the length, look great with almost every top style. Leggings are being adapted for workwear. They feel like loungewear but have the appearance of dress pants. Yes, your customers can wear leggings to work. Spring pants are loose-fitting, flowy, and lightweight in solids or fun patterns.

The best thing about Spring pants is that you can find them in vibrant colors. They are also versatile; you can wear them with boots on colder days and sandals when it’s hot.

Ruffles, tiers, and pleats are the details on mini, midi, and maxi skirts this Spring. The pencil skirt is a classic that is always in style for those who don’t like details.

  • Accessories

The outfit your customer wears is the backdrop, the canvas, and should be adorned with trendy accessories to complete the look. Your boutique should carry accessories that help your outfits stand out. Here are accessories to consider selling for Spring:

    1. Kimonos
    2. Scarves
    3. Belts
    4. Handbags
    5. Hats

A must-have in your boutique is jewelry.

Buying Wholesale Jewelry to Complement Outfits

Choosing jewelry to sell in your boutique takes planning. You want to focus on your target customer and the Spring outfits available. Do your customers like to wear statement pieces or subtle enhancements? Do they like flashy, bold, blingy, or dainty and classic?

Because jewelry options exist for every customer, you can narrow your purchases based on customer and brand characteristics. Consider the following:

  • Does the jewelry meet the lifestyle of your customers?
  • Does the jewelry fall into the price range your customers want to pay?
  • Do customers want fashion, estate, antique, artisan, or fine jewelry?
  • Does the jewelry match your brand?
  • Do the profit margins on the jewelry help your boutique reach success?

Working with a wholesale jewelry supplier is one of the best ways to ensure your boutique has the cutest outfits, accessories, and jewelry for Spring.

Importance of Finding Quality Wholesaler

A quality wholesale supplier offers many benefits for your boutique. They work directly with manufacturers and designers, getting a heads-up on upcoming trends in fashion. Wholesalers pass this information on to you, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Great wholesalers also offer a one-stop-shopping experience. Because they provide clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more, you can spend more time on other areas of the business. Other benefits include getting discounts and promotions, meeting shipping deadlines, and excellent customer service.

You may wonder which wholesalers are the best and how to contact them. The answer may differ for each boutique owner since each business has customers with different wants and needs. 

During your search, don’t be afraid to ask questions. How the wholesale supplier answers will help you determine if they are right. 

Buying Wholesale Spring Clothing

Buying wholesale clothing can be easy with a wholesale supplier if they meet the specific standards you set for your boutique and customers. Some tips include double-checking that the following of each wholesaler is above par:

  • Clothing quality
  • Company reputation
  • Operations in the United States
  • Transparency with policies (the fine print)
  • Customer service
  • Deadlines for orders, shipping, etc.

Another characteristic of good wholesalers is their ability to negotiate with a buyer. They should have some leeway to reduce prices on shipping or for orders higher in bulk. Or they may allow small-batch ordering for an increased price. They want your boutique to succeed and will adapt orders when possible.


You can find cute outfits for women that are trendy and affordable. The best way to do this is by researching and choosing a wholesale supplier with various products, easy ordering, and a desire to make your customers happy. The more you know about your customers, the clothing they want, and your budget, the easier it will be to find the best wholesale supplier for your boutique.


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