31 May

Wholesale Fashion Accessories: Why Stock Up For Your Boutique?

Wholesale Fashion Accessories: Why Stock Up For Your Boutique? - Wholesale Fashion Square

Do you need quality wholesale fashion accessories? These items are just as important as wholesale clothing. Read more below.

The accessories market is expected to reach nearly 300 billion by 2025. Reasons for why accessories are such a vast market include people feeling comfortable paying for accessories because they aren’t as expensive and won’t negatively impact their finances.

Other reasons include accessories being easy to try on, impulse buying, and making great gifts. Accessories enhance your outfit and your overall look.

What Are Wholesale Fashion Accessories?

Accessories are items that contribute to your wardrobe and are usually either worn on your body or clothing or carried. They can contribute to wardrobe crimes or wardrobe wins. They show your personality without going overboard. Fashion accessories include:

  • Jewelry
  • Scarves, shawls, capes
  • Hats and other headwear
  • Handbags
  • Jackets
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses and eyewear
  • Wallets

Because fashion accessories are crucial to building your customer’s confidence and helping them stand out in a crowd, you must stock up for your boutique. Plus, fashion accessories encompass many categories of retail goods. Below are additional reasons to stock up.

Customers Need a Go-To Accessory

Whether it’s a statement ring, barrette, or scarf, everyone needs that one go-to accessory that makes them feel good. Not everyone has a talent for matching the right accessories with different outfits. You can help them discover one or two fashion accessories they can wear with multiple outfits. This will reduce the stress some people feel when choosing what to wear.

Fashion accessories, unless they are seasonal, have a long shelf-life. The trends don’t come and go as quickly as they do with clothing. A portion of your accessory inventory can be classic, the kind that transcends trends.

Customers Need to Stand Out

Some customers prefer neutral, solid-colored clothing. To prevent them from appearing boring or bland, you can help them find an accessory to give them a pop of color and personality. Customers can stand out wearing accessories ranging from simple and elegant to sporty or themed.

Customers Need Variety

There is great value in having a variety of products in boutique inventory. Having the right variety of fashion accessories means you can turn one outfit into two or three outfits by switching up the jewelry, jackets, shoes, or other accessories. Having multiple colors of one fashion accessory is also a good idea. Some customers find a favorite item and want it in every color.

Customers Need a Bargain

Selling wholesale fashion accessories in your boutique means you can give your customers great deals while still making a hefty profit. Ordering from a wholesale supplier allows you to get discount prices by buying in bulk. You can also get better shipping prices from a wholesale supplier. The discounts you receive can be passed down to your customers. When they feel like they are getting a great deal, customers may think they can spend extra money on additional accessories.

Customers Need Hands-On Experiences

Research today shows customers want to feel like they have had a personal experience when shopping retail. In fact, 73% of study participants report they will pay more money for an item if they love the brand. You and your boutique are “the brand” that you are selling. Under your brand, you are selling clothing and accessories.

The same study revealed over 80% of customers pay just as much attention to how you treat them as to the products. Just think how great your customers will feel if you give them superb attention and fashion accessories they love.

What Your Boutique Needs

Now that you’re invested in meeting your customers’ needs for wholesale fashion accessories, you must also focus on your needs and the needs of your boutique: increased profits, repeat customers, great reviews, word-of-mouth and social media references, and long-term success. Stocking up on accessories for your boutique can help.

Knowing how to boost your sales of wholesale fashion accessories can help you even more.

Suggestions to Increase Fashion Accessory Sales

If you are purchasing wholesale fashion accessories in bulk and stocking up for your boutique, you are already one step ahead. Wholesale suppliers offer the lowest prices for boutique owners. Some reports claim you can markup wholesale fashion accessories by more than 100 percent. For example, you can buy a bracelet wholesale for five dollars and resell it for twenty, giving you substantial profit margins.

Other suggestions include:

  • Use fashion accessories in your store displays
  • Avoid using locked, glass display cases that put a barrier between your customer and the product
  • Show off your fashion accessories on social media
  • Offer discounts, package deals, and incentives
  • Find the right wholesale supplier

Finding a Quality Wholesale Supplier

Stocking up on wholesale fashion accessories for your boutique will only succeed if you find a quality wholesale supplier. You need them to have reliability, trustworthiness, and a good understanding of which accessories sell and why.

To find the right wholesale supplier for your boutique, follow these tips:

  • Interview wholesale suppliers to ensure they meet your standards

You are technically hiring a wholesale supplier to be your provider of fashion accessories. Interview them as if it is a job interview. Ask questions regarding their ordering and return processes, manufacturers, location, shipping costs, and deadlines.

  • Research the wholesale supplier’s reputation online and with references

In your interview, you can ask the wholesale supplier for references of current or former boutique owners on their client list. Check reviews and comments on the wholesale supplier’s website, Yelp, Google, and Facebook review sites. When you call references, be prepared with a list of questions you want to ask about the wholesaler.

  • Place a small batch order to test the process from start to finish. Doing so will give you first-hand experience with the ordering, shipping, and possibly the return processes. You will also be able to judge the quality of the fashion accessories before placing a bulk order.

If you are ready to start stocking up your boutique with wholesale fashion accessories, contact a wholesale supplier to discover how they can help you succeed. When you succeed, they succeed.


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