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Small Jewelry Business: The Wholesale Trends You Need

Small Jewelry Business - Wholesale Fashion Square

Have big plans for your small jewelry business!? Here are the top wholesale trends you need to know! Read below for more…

Starting With Some Small Jewelry Business Stats 

Statistics on jewelry sales in the United States are jaw-dropping. In 2020, the U.S. jewelry market earned nearly $58 billion in annual revenue; the jewelry store market size is $33.9 billion, and currently, there are 51,153 U.S. jewelry store businesses. Also, local jewelry stores sell more jewelry than large retail stores.

If there was ever a time to start a small jewelry business, it is now. And by purchasing wholesale jewelry to resell, you can enjoy big profit margins. Understanding the wholesale trends for your small jewelry business can come directly from your wholesale supplier. They have the inside scoop from designers and manufacturers on what jewelry pieces are trending. When they share trending information, you get the edge over competitors.

Below are the wholesale trends you need now.

Seed Beads

Seed beads are a big deal, and because they are so versatile, they won’t be going out of style anytime soon. The types of beads vary and include hex, magatama, cube, square, cylinder, Japanese, and the list goes on and on. One thing consistent among all seed bead pieces is the color that pops and wows.

You can purchase seed bead jewelry with a theme, like for Pride awareness, the fourth of July, and numerous other seasonal options. Your customers will love multi-layered seed bead necklaces, flower seed bead rings, link hook earrings, or large seed bead cuffs.


Charms have been popular since ancient times when handmade charms were created from bones and items found in nature. Charms were worn to bring good luck or ward off evil spirits back then. Over time charms have become more meaningful and personal. Today, you can find a charm for just about anything. Examples include initials, sports, holidays, birthdays, animals, gemstones, etc.

When buying charms for your small jewelry business, think about your customers and brand. Offer charms that coordinate with the other items in your boutique. Because they are small, you can provide many options for customers. 


Pearls are popping up on more than just a necklace or bracelet. You can buy wholesale jewelry with pearls on hair pins, headbands, anklets, stacked rings, thumb rings, cuffs, drop earrings, hoop earrings, and even chopsticks.

When purchasing pearl jewelry for your customers, remember to check quality factors such as luster, surface, shape, color, and size.

Raw Materials

Technically, pearls count as raw materials, but many others are trending in jewelry. Must-haves for your small jewelry business include shells, natural fibers, clay, wood, sea glass, and cork. Choosing jewelry made from raw materials gives your customers a chance to wear sustainable, eco-friendly jewelry. Selling eco-friendly jewelry will make your customers feel like they are doing their part in saving the planet. Eco-friendly jewelry leaves less impact on the environment but a more significant impact on your revenue.

Braided Jewelry

With raw, natural materials, braided jewelry adds texture and style to any outfit. These are not your handmade at summer camp braided jewelry pieces. These are the upgraded, hip versions of an old tradition.

Braiding raw art materials is an ancient practice. Kumihimo, or braided cords, has been practiced in Japan since 700 A.D. Braiding is traced back to 3500 B.C. in Egypt. Various materials, including hair, have been braided to represent ethnic and cultural elements. 

The right wholesale supplier will have braided options in everything from drop earrings, belts, and bracelets to necklaces and accents on hats and purses.

The Chunky Chain

Chunky chain link jewelry is trending this year. Whether it is big box brand stores or high-end department stores, you will find an array of chunky chain necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more.

Silver, gold, and rose gold are popular metal chain jewelry. However, you will also see vibrant pops of colored chunky chains in green, red, purple, etc. Some people layer their various sizes and lengths of chunky chain necklaces and bracelets. Others are mixing chunky chains with flat chains.

There are chunky chain-link styles for every wardrobe. A dainty chain with a diamond pendant is great for evening wear. A metallic gray chunky chain bracelet looks great with jeans and a concert tee. Your customers will not have any trouble finding a chunky chain-link piece of jewelry to love.

Vintage Inspired

Vintage jewelry is always a big hit in small jewelry businesses. Because so many people cannot afford original vintage pieces, you can give them jewelry inspired by the past. Your wholesale supplier will have a great variety of vintage-inspired necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. They will even have vintage-inspired graphic tees to pair with some of your other cool jewelry items.

Vintage Chic, vintage grunge, and vintage bridal are a few of the styles your customers will love. Because you receive wholesale discounts, you can offer the vintage finds for less cost to your customers, inspiring them to buy more than one item.

Vintage-inspired jewelry can also be grouped. Selling a necklace with a matching ring and earrings may grab your customer’s attention quicker than if they are sold individually.

Boost Your Small Jewelry Business Sales

Purchasing hot items from your wholesale supplier is just one step. You must also find creative ways to promote the new items in your small jewelry business. Grab the customer’s attention with displays that rock. Don’t just hand the jewelry on a rack and hope the customer will sort through them. Instead, follow these tips:

  • Take professional photos of a model wearing the jewelry and post the pictures on your social media pages. Use your photogenic customers as models.
  • Make the in-store display match the jewelry you are selling. If you are selling formal rhinestone jewelry, don’t display them in the casual, athleisure section of the store. 
  • Provide interactive experiences for customers wanting to buy jewelry. Use online apps or programs that help customers pick out the best shapes, sizes, and lengths for their face and body types.


And most importantly, make sure your customers leave your store with a positive memory of the jewelry in your store. This long-lasting impression and positive feeling will lead to loyal customers!


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