26 Feb

Reshape Your Spring Wardrobe with These Geometric Styles

Reshape Your Spring Wardrobe with These Geometric Styles

You know what they say: fashion favors the bold, and geometric patterns are the best way to ensure your spring is shaping up to be a fun one! But just what does one mean by “geometric patterns?” It is an admittedly broad term, but we’re thinking big, recognizable shapes, angular or round, that conjure thoughts of cubism and geometric abstraction paintings. Just like any art movement, there’s a myriad of different takes on geometric patterns in the fashion world. Whether the interpretation is a tasteful, monochromatic chevron print or a busy hodgepodge of colors and angles, these patterns can be made to suit anyone. So, this spring, don’t restrict yourself to floral prints! Mix it up with these awesome geometric styles, and you’ll be looking sharp in no time!

Colorful and Festive

If you’re looking for a busy print that reflects a distinctly jovial sense of style, consider a pattern that makes use of easily identifiable shapes that are scattered throughout the design in an asymmetrical pattern. A tie dye dress is a fun take on this idea. While it lacks the structured repetition one might expect of something “geometric”, the shapes are still bold and well-defined enough to distinguish the pattern from other, more complex and irregular prints. This mix-it-up method can extend beyond shapes to the inclusion of other patterns as well. A quirky striped top covered in big, sweeping shapes shows that it’s entirely possible to combine two distinctly different patterns seamlessly. Creative outfits like these will definitely help you be a stand-out at any gathering!

Basic and Bold

Perhaps you’re looking for a pattern that’s a little more structured. If that’s the case, try donning a printed top where horizontal and vertical assembly lines of squares immediately catch the viewer’s eye. Even if the colors are a bit muted or the pattern doesn’t really deviate from the use of a single shape, orderly patterns such as this rely on the striking effects of using symmetrical blocks of color and well-defined angles to create what is still a truly bold and daring aesthetic. It’s referred to as basic because it’s a clear-cut pattern that doesn’t overwhelm, but that doesn’t mean outfits with this take on the geometric style aren’t absolute showstoppers. In this case, less is more. You don’t have to feel limited by sticking to a single repetitive shape or hue, either. A fun dress can make use of chevron zig-zags and groups of broad, rectangular lines to create sharp angles and provide you with a more colorful take on a repeating pattern, without being quite as complicated as the “festive” selections cited in the preceding paragraph.

Elegant and Simple

When you want to sport an outfit that’s a little more simplistic but still evokes depth, texture, and a sense of fun, symmetrical patterns are your friends. For instance, a polka dot dress is charming as well as timeless, and you can dress it up or down to suit your style. Use simple jewelry and nude flats to make the dress the focal point of the outfit, or wear a patterned jacket that adds color and complexity of your entire outfit! Repeating shapes in a symmetrical pattern is especially eye-catching, but not so busy that you can’t combine different patterns or add pops of color. If you want something even more muted, a blue ivory gingham dress alludes to a more traditional geometric pattern with its use of modified stripes that cross horizontally and vertically to form squares. In general, limiting your use of color within a piece will help the pattern itself really shine, and can provide your outfit with a sense of refined flair. Of course, you can always approach the geometric trend from another angle and wear a pair of square earrings that exudes sophistication and provides the subtlest hint of color to an outfit. Simplistic patterns like these are perfect for springtime. Shoot for lighter pastel colors for an outfit that’s decidedly spring-inspired.

Shapes are the building blocks of every pattern on every garment. The geometric style essentially reduces this concept down to its most basic features. Simple, easily identifiable figures of all shapes and sizes and symmetries create unique outfits that other fashion trends just can’t quite imitate. Here at WFS, we encourage people to experiment and find what works for their boutique or wardrobe. Geometric styles are some of the most fun to test out, especially in the spring! We hope our tips have been helpful. Visit our website to see other geometric pieces, and leave a comment telling us what other trends you’d like tips on!

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