19 Feb

How to Add Animal Prints to Your Wardrobe this Spring

How to Add Animal Prints to Your Wardrobe this Spring

Bold animal prints aren’t always immediately thought of as “spring” sort of trend. Spring is known for its delicate, airy hues. Soft shades of champagne, peach, and lavender emerge from budding flowers. Tumbling creams and blues saturate the cloudy skies. It’s no wonder why the fashion world’s chosen approach to the season largely consists of a palette of pastels accented by dainty patterns and frills. Even so, that doesn’t mean that animal prints have no place in your springtime wardrobe. There are a number of fun ways to breathe some wildlife into your outfits and reinvent your style during the season of new beginnings.

Keep it Subtle

If you’re looking to add a little refined flair to your outfit that still complements the soft hues of spring, consider a modest reptile print. Intricate yet understated, these types of prints come in a wide variety of colors and shades, but if you want an especially subtle interpretation that blends well with pastels, stick with colors like taupe, porcelain, and smoky gray. An ivory snake print maxi dress adds just enough texture to your look to make it interesting. Keep it casual with a simple sandal, or add heels and a statement pair of earrings to exude elegance at your next springtime brunch. For more casual outings, a gray snake print top will provide as a unique ornament to your outfit. Pair with lace accents popular during this season. Of course, you’re not limited to reptile prints. A muted leopard print will have a similar effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Break it up with Blocks of Color

Many animal prints are made up of especially busy patterns, so it can help to pair your cheetah spots and zebra stripes with blocks of color to minimize the dizzying effects these prints can have. One way of doing this is by selecting pieces that have large sections of color embellished with section of animal print. A pink top that keeps the leopard spots confined to the bottom trim makes it a stand out piece that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. Produce this effect yourself by pairing an animal print blouse with solid-colored pants, or by pairing animal print pants with a plain shirt! Alternatively, you can make the stripes of an animal print kimono really pop by pairing the dress with a baby blue top or tank top. There are an endless number of combinations for you to try.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix Prints

A single animal print piece is usually enough to add an effective amount of flair to an ensemble, but that’s not to say you can’t mix prints to create an especially striking outfit! Consider a print top where the animal patterns merge in a kaleidoscope-like collage of wild style. Busy as a blouse like this may be, paired with some denim shorts and sneakers, it’s a great staple piece that will provide a unique twist to an otherwise basic ensemble. Using animal prints with other popular prints and patterns can be a beautiful combination as well. A floral piece with animal print embellishments is a stunning interpretation of the flowery elements of springtime. Pair a jumpsuit like this with black heels and a necklace, and you’re ready for a night on the town!

Use Prints as an Accessory

If you’re ready to play with patterns, but not quite ready to step into a full leopard print dress, accent pieces are definitely the way to go. Jewelry is a small but effective way to sneak some animal influences into an outfit while still keeping it classy. A simple, cream-colored dress paired with a patterned bracelet or some stunning faux leather tiger earrings adds a whole new dimension to your look. Adding these wild accessories to an otherwise simple outfit will make them pop even more, ensuring you look especially fierce throughout your day. Try adding multiple accent pieces of varying patterns to create a style that is truly all your own.

Whether you prefer looks that are elegant, bold, simple, or striking, animal prints are a great on-trend addition to any wardrobe and boutique. Spring is a fantastic time to experiment with fresh new clothing and accessory items. We here at WFS hope our tips embolden shoppers in your store to wear animal prints with confidence and style. Visit our website to see other animal-inspired pieces, and drop a comment below telling us how you like to style animal prints!

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