3 Jun

Protective Face Masks – The Newest Fashion Accessory this Year

Protective Face Masks

Face masks. They’re the fashion trend for 2020 that no one saw coming. What began early in the year as a way to protect from the Coronavirus has evolved into the functional fashion accessory of the summer. Although the standard N-95 protective masks are still common, other stylish, fun options have emerged. Fashionable face masks even made appearances on the runway and in street style during New York Fashion Week. Whether you’re going grocery shopping, heading back to the office or visiting with friends (six feet apart of course), there’s a face mask to complement any summer outfit. 

How to Style

There are a variety of types and styles of masks that can be used to protect yourself from the Coronavirus. Reusable cloth masks, bandanas, and reusable cloth face coverings are just a few of the types of face protection available this summer. These come in a variety of styles that can compliment any outfit. 

Match it to an outfit or accessory

Face masks can be matched to a color or pattern in an outfit or accessory to create a cohesive, stylish look. Tie Dye is a popular trend this summer, especially since many people used their extra time during quarantine to create their own tie dye clothes. A tie dye face mask can be used to match these fun clothes for a carefree summer look. Camouflage is another popular trend for summer 2020. A camo face mask is a great way to complement the pattern in a camo skirt or shirt

With the wide variety of styles available, face masks can help pull together a more polished outfit for a night out with friends as restaurants begin to open back up. Snakeskin is continuing to be a popular print this year. Try pairing an accessory, such as a snakeskin print crossbody purse, with a snakeskin print face mask for a subtle way to style this trend. 

Tie a Bandana

A bandana is a versatile accessory that is proving to be a big summer trend. It’s no secret that the Netflix Original Series Outer Banks swept the country by storm, furthering the popularity of the bandana (Pogue life anyone!?). Bandanas can be worn as a cute headband or a trendy hair accessory. It can also be tied around the wrist or neck for a fun, beachy addition to any outfit. A bandana is also a cute alternative to a face mask while out in public to protect against the Coronavirus. You can easily wear a bandana around your wrist and tie it around your face before running to the store so you’ll never be without a face covering. Bandanas are also easy to wash in between uses to ensure that you are protecting yourself from the virus.

Show your Spirit

The fourth of July is fast approaching, and many cities are still planning on having Fourth of July celebrations. However, with thousands of people coming together for these celebrations, it’s especially important to wear a face mask to protect against the Coronavirus. A patriotic face mask that features the stars and stripes, or a red or blue bandana are all great options to show your spirit this Independence Day. 

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