10 Jun

5 Tips on Reopening Your Boutique After COVID

After months of stay-at-home orders and closures of non-essential businesses, the country is finally beginning to reopen. Customers and business owners alike are excited to get back to business as usual. However, reopening after COVID-19 presents some challenges. Many businesses are reopening on different dates, and many customers are still hesitant about returning to stores. These 5 tips will help your boutique successfully reopen and get back to business!

Update Your Google My Business Listing 

Many businesses have their own method and timeline for reopening their stores in accordance with government regulations. Some businesses are modifying their regular store hours, implementing curbside pickup, or waiting a few weeks before beginning the reopening process. This can be confusing for customers who are unsure about which stores have reopened, and if these stores have modified their hours. A great way to make sure your customers are able to easily find the information about your boutique’s reopening is by updating your Google My Business listing. Customers will be able to search Google and see information such as the reopening date, the hours of operation, and the availability of curbside pick-up. This gives your customers confidence that they have the most current information about your store. 

Post About Reopening On Social media

Social Media is a fantastic tool to keep your customers informed as you begin the process of reopening your store. You can post important information about the reopening date and modified store hours, as well as any additional services you are offering such as curbside pickup. Additionally, you can let your customers know about changes to their shopping experience, such as requiring a mask to enter the store. Posting these updates on social media will also allow you to directly engage with your customers and answer any questions they may have. Consider boosting these posts on social media in order to reach a wider audience of potential customers. Many people have been eagerly waiting for stores to reopen and will be excited to shop at your boutique as soon as they can!

Send Email to Customer Base

Never underestimate the power of email! Ninety-nine percent of consumers check their email daily. This means that email is a fantastic way to let your customers know when and how your boutique is reopening. Make sure to also include your current store hours and what precautions you are taking to ensure your boutique is sanitized and safe for your customers. It may also be a good idea to include any promotions your boutique is having when the store reopens. This will encourage customers to visit the boutique as soon as they can.

Promote Store Sanitization Practices

Although stores are beginning to reopen, many customers are still hesitant to go shopping. The past few months have been stressful and uncertain, and there is still a risk of catching COVID-19. However, many businesses have adopted strict sanitization practices to make sure their stores are as safe and clean as possible. Consider promoting your sanitization practices to your customers through social media and email. Are you offering hand sanitizer at the door and requiring face masks? Is your store steaming clothes and cleaning dressing rooms after each customer? These are things that customers greatly appreciate. Customers will feel safer shopping at your boutique knowing that there are thorough sanitization practices in place!

Ensure Social Distancing guidelines are met

With many businesses reopening in the coming months, the CDC is strongly recommending that people continue to social distance. You can make it easier for customers to social distance in your store by marking checkout lines and dressing room lines in sections that are six feet apart. Many stores are doing this by marking the line on the floor with tape “x”s spaced six feet apart. This will make customers feel more comfortable while shopping in your boutique and ensure that your boutique follows the CDC’s guidelines. 

Wholesale Fashion Square strives to provide shoppers and shop owners with the knowledge they need to make informed and inspired decisions about the clothing they purchase. We hope these tips and tricks about reopening your boutique after COVID-19 were helpful! Visit our website to view our large assortment of summer fashion essentials, and don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us what you’d like us to write about next! We want to hear from you.

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