27 May

How to Pull Off the Metallic Trend this Summer

The metallic trend is one of the most fun trends that are out there, and what better time is there to wear a reflective blouse or shimmering gown than summer when the sun is bright and your outfit can really shine (literally!)? Metallics can, at first glance, seem like something reserved for fancy parties and festivals, given their flashy appearance, but in reality, there are plenty of ways you can pull off the metallic trend at all hours of the day this season!


Turn a typical daytime outfit from drab to fab with some modest metallic additions! Is it a work day? Swap out the office pantsuit for a refined black metallic dress and black wedges. Perhaps you’re going out with friends this weekend. For a casual, sportier look outside the office, be daring with a sequined crop top paired with black pants and sneakers. Make metallic pieces the main components around which you style the rest of your ensemble.


We did already say that metallic fabrics are for much more than parties and the nightlife, but we have to admit that this is when they’re really in their element. Once again, metallic pieces should be the main focus of your outfit, but feel free to wear sparkling statement jewelry, too! You’ll look especially radiant. Metallic pieces are pretty popular at dances and parties, so when everyone is dressed head to toe in glitz and glam, don’t be afraid to deviate from the gold standard and don a fitted red sequined dress to stand apart from the crowd! Are dresses not your thing? A black romper can be so much more when it’s covered in gorgeous gold designs. Add a pair of heels in gold or black and some statement jewelry, and everyone will be asking where you got your stellar outfit.

Fun and Embellished

Most often, when we think of the best ways to style metallic pieces, it’s as a combination of big blocks of metallic colors and simple complementary colors. After all, metallic pieces are very eye-catching, so you don’t usually need a lot of extra detailing or patterns so breathe life into your outfit. Even so, metallic pieces can absolutely be used in patterns and prints, and that can redefine an entire ensemble. Feeling a bit more sophisticated? Consider two pieces that are embellished with metallic fabrics. A red ruffled blouse adorned with an intricate gold pattern will have you looking absolutely regal.


Not all metallic clothing has to be a dazzling gold or silver. We understand that not everyone wants their outfit to twinkle like tinsel. If that’s the case, for just a touch of shimmer and shine, opt for a more simplistic taupe romper, and add a statement necklace and a nice pair of mules to bring the look together. It’s a beautiful marriage between flashy and modest. If you still want to emulate the energy of a metallic piece without going overboard, satin catches light especially well, and as far as fabrics go, it’s a great choice to mimic the look of metallic fabrics in a way that’s less obvious than sequins or other reflective materials. And if you want to stick to the traditional metallic colors, a grey slip dress with lace detailing is a beautiful but still basic alternative.

Be a Shining Star

Looking to attend your next gala? Metallics make it easy to feel like you’re gliding across a red carpet that’s been rolled out just for you. Stand-out silhouettes are key; mermaid tails or fit-and-flairs will help to make an already remarkable outfit outstanding. Ensembles dominated by sparkling sequins and other materials associated with the metallic style will have you feeling camera-ready in an instant. A stunning black and silver sequined dress is the perfect way to channel your inner superstar! If you’re looking for something a little less flashy but equally stunning, try a gray maxi dress! Be sure to add some radiant accessories, like a glitter wallet, or a pretty pair of shiny stilettos.

Here at, WFS, we want your best self to shine through! We hope our tips encourage shoppers and boutique owners to experiment more with metallic styles in their wardrobes and in their stores. Visit our website to see plenty of other metallic pieces and get inspired, and don’t forget to drop a comment below telling us what you’d like us to discuss next! We love to hear from you.

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