26 Aug

How to Rock the Tie-Dye Look

Tie-dye is sort of infamous for being incredibly difficult to pull off. However, its reputation is unfairly exacerbated by a few misconceptions people seem to have regarding this style. Tie-dye does not, for example, have to be rainbow-colored or spiral-shaped, and yet the image most conjure when they think of tie-dye is of a psychedelic pattern in bright colors that you might associate with a music festival.

Today, we’re going to dismantle those preconceived notions you may have about tie-dye, and show you some examples of how you can rock tie-dye in ways that break the classic, multi-colored mold (or at least use the classic look in new and exciting ways).

Explore Your Options

To rock the tie-dye look, you first need to know what that means. What are your options, and which style looks best on you? Let’s take a peek at some of the tie-dye styles you can choose from.

One Color

Mixing and matching colors is tons of fun, but sometimes we just want to keep things simple. Nothing wrong with that! There’s no rule that says a tie-dyed shirt has to incorporate every hue known to man. In fact, it’s possible to just use one color and create a subtle dye effect without going overboard. This tie-dyed top catches the eye with its varying color saturation, but it’s not overwhelming.

Even if you use one type of color, you can use dyes that vary in saturation to create a really cool fade effect, like the one seen in this mauve tie-dye dress.


If the intense saturation of typical tie-dye isn’t your speed, try more muted, natural tones, like this earthy tie-dye top.

You can also mix and match darker colors to add a little oomph to a piece while still keeping it relatively inconspicuous. This grey cardigan pairs quite well with a black tank top and jeans.

How to Style

Now that you have a little more insight into the types of tie-dye styles that are out there, you have to choose how you’re going to wear them!

Whether it’s via accessory or a main article of clothing, you essentially have two choices when it comes to styling your tie-dye: you can make it the focal point of the outfit, or use it minimally for a subtler touch. The choice is yours, but before you decide, let’s take a look at our favorite examples of both options.

Use Minimally

Tie-dye can serve as an accent to a full ensemble. Rather than make it the focus, you can use it in minor ways to add some interesting designs to your outfit. You might keep the obvious tie-dye effects contained to the bottom portion of a garment. You can also leave one portion of clothing undyed, allowing the gap in color to serve as a cool design.

In any case, if you are making your tie-dyed attire the focal point, don’t spend too much time trying to match your accessories to the colors of the dyed piece. Nine times out of ten, your ensemble will look better if you make the dyed part of your outfit the only colorful part. Pair dyed pieces with neutral shades, like blacks and grays. If you wear jewelry, stick with golds and silvers, and stray away from anything too colorful.

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and shop owners alike to find the best pieces for their closets and boutiques. We hope you’ve discovered a few new ways to style your tie-dyed clothing! Be sure to check out our wide assortment of tie-dyed pieces to find some fun additions to your boutique or closet.

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