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7 Ways to Wear That Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is a classic. It’s the elegant staple piece that never disappoints, and it lends so much versatility to a woman’s wardrobe. The LBD can be dressy or casual, and it all depends on not only the dress, but how you dress it up! There’s plenty of tips and tricks to help you style the LBD in a way that’s all your own.


The LBD is plain and simple; that’s what makes it so chic. Even so, you shouldn’t be afraid of a dress with a few embellishments! A simple black dress will take this timeless look to the next level. Similarly, a sequined dress is the perfect reflective canvas for light to shimmer and sparkle on, providing your dress with the sort of luster that might be absent from a more matte black garment.


The dress itself may be black, but the accessories you choose can provide your LBD with an abundance of color and personality! A floral infinity scarf is an excellent option for a casual outing with friends at the coffee shop. Don’t forget a great pair of sunglasses for a sunny day outdoors! For a more serious endeavor, a gorgeous pair of earrings or a studded handbag will easily set you apart from the crowd. Accessories come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re the easiest way to add some individuality to an ensemble.

Outer Layers

Adding a whole new dimension to your outfit can be as easy as throwing on a coat or kimono! Even in the summer, a nice black cardigan will transform your look in a way that still allows you to beat the heat. Try out various colors, patterns, and textures of jackets, cardigans, and shawls. With enough mixing and matching, you’ll never wear the same LBD outfit twice!

Inner Layers

It’s possible to add some layers underneath your LBD, too. Inner layers can sometimes be more challenging to pull off, but all it takes is the right dress and the perfect shirt to match. For example, a long-sleeve button-down shirt looks fantastic under a sleeveless V-neck dress, and the juxtaposition with the black really brightens up your look for a fun day out. Depending on the dress, you might even try short sleeves or a rounded collar. If it’s chilly enough, you can try both outer and inner layers!


The silhouette of a dress can dramatically transform an outfit. Experiment with different fits to see what works best for you! For instance, a simple V-neck tunic dress is a comfortable and loose option that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. Other options you choose might be more form-fitting. Or, you might select a dress with a pleated skirt that gives off a real retro vibe. How a silhouette looks on you might be different than how it appears on someone else, based on height, proportions, and even personal style. Don’t be afraid to try out multiple types of silhouettes!

Necklines and Sleeves

A unique neckline or pair of sleeves can transform a plain LBD into a showstopping one. Sequins and other flashy embellishments certainly make a dress stand out, but you can keep it simple and still have a little black dress unlike any other. Consider an off-shoulder dress and pair with a solid-colored jacket for a fun and flirty charm on a cool summer’s evening. Or, try a plunging neckline that will be sure to make you feel fierce during a night out.


Shoes are the most effective way to tie an outfit together. For a fun, casual look, all you need is a pair of sneakers. A fancier occasion might call for gem-studded stilettos or bold-colored pumps. A cork wedge or nude sandal, on the other hand, is perfect for an evening at the beach. The image you convey with your LBD has just as much to do with was you wear with it as the dress itself. So, choose your kicks wisely, and have fun with it!

They say every woman should own a Little Black Dress, but that doesn’t mean every woman needs the same dress, nor does it mean she has to wear it any certain way. Here at WFS, we want people to have fun with fashion and find what works for their wardrobe or boutique. We hope our tips help to add a little something extra to your next summer outing! Leave us a comment below telling us what you want us to discuss next! 

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