19 Aug

How to Work High-Waisted Bottoms

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“Mom jeans” used to be a term reserved for slights against high-waisted straight-legged blue jeans. But now? You’ll find that many people have embraced the label as one that represents the high waistline they adore wearing. High-waisted bottoms have come back with a vengeance over the past few years, and is it really any surprise why? High-waisted pants and skirts create statement-making silhouettes that are extremely flattering on almost all body types, and there are so many ways to style them! Whether you’re looking for professional office wear or a pair of shorts you can sport at the beach, this is a style that works anywhere, anytime. Still, there are certain ways to wear a high waist that make an outfit especially flattering.

Styling your Shirt

High-waisted pants do an especially good job of elongating the look of your legs. Tucking your shirt into your pants allows the entire length of the bottoms to be visible, which emphasizes this benefit. You can tuck the entirety of a blouse into your black, high-waist skinny jeans, or try a French tuck, where only the front portion of the top is tucked in and the ensemble is made to appear more casual. Just be sure to avoid overly baggy tops, which will puff out and cause your upper body to have a box-like shape.

Another option that allows the entirety of your bottoms to be visible is a crop top. Crop tops and high-waisted bottoms are a popular pairing since they begin and end in a similar place on the body, making the two pieces seem like they were made for each other. Because your high-waisted pants are already covering a good portion of your stomach, a short-sleeved crop top can be worn and still line up perfectly with the hemline, if allowing a small part of your midriff to be visible.

Sometimes, an especially hot day makes tucking in a shirt uncomfortable and unideal, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to crop tops! A long, untucked shirt can still be paired with high-waisted bottoms without hiding the waistline. Try a slitted button-down tunic shirt to show off the top of your shorts. Perhaps, however, you want the comfort and slimming effects of a high-waisted pair of pants without necessarily displaying the waistline. Luckily, that’s as easy as selecting a nice, long blouse that extends a few inches below the top of the pants you’re wearing.

Long Outwear

Long outer pieces are a fun way to play with the proportions of your clothing. While high-waisted bottoms shorten the perceived length of your torso, a long cardigan or kimono does the opposite, elongating the appearance of your upper body. Combining the two makes for a delightful blending of the two effects. Select an open sleeveless cardigan to keep cool while still reaping the lengthening benefits of a long piece of outerwear. Near the tail-end of summer, when the autumn breeze starts to hit and the nights get a bit chilly, a striped kimono cardigan will serve as a delightful accessory to your ensemble, and the vertical stripes will heighten your appearance even more! Try out different patterns, lengths, and textures to see what best complements your shape and style.

Skirt Length

You can achieve different things with a high-waisted skirt depending on the length and style you choose. A high-waisted mini skirt will draw attention to legs that are already naturally long. They can flare out or be form-fitting; it all depends on the body type and the occasion. A floral print maxi skirt, in contrast, can artificially extend the length of your legs by shifting your perceived waistline upwards. Pair this style with a short top and heels for a glamorous evening out. High-waisted midi skirts fall just below the knee and are best for people who are naturally tall, although, with the right cut and material, anyone can pull them off. A ruffled wrap style midi skirt is an excellent choice for a summer day outdoors, especially when paired with a tucked tank top and sandals.

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