2 Oct

How To Increase Average Dollar Spent This Fall

Average Dollar Spent (ADS) is the measure of the average purchase in dollars that each customer in your store makes over a given time period.  ADS is a great indicator of the general shopping habits of your customers. Stores should strive for a high ADS because it means that their customers are bringing in more revenue individually, but more importantly, it means that they are buying more items.  Satisfaction with purchases of any size, but especially large purchases leads to greater brand loyalty. There are many sales tactics that boutiques can use to increase ADS, such as focusing on selling big ticket items, offering discounts on larger purchases, and including other suggested items in their fitting rooms or in their search for the perfect look.

The easiest times of year to increase that ADS number is in the last two quarters of the year, when people are gearing up for back to school and the holiday season, layering up, and getting excited by all of the new fashion trends.  This fall, your sales associates can work on increasing ADS in your store by adding on fall pieces to any original purchase before checkout. Remember this guide next time a customer in your store has tunnel vision to purchase one item.  She won’t be able to resist adding on stylish complementary pieces.

If your shopper is in your store to buy new jeans, this is the easiest item to add on to.  Often, pants are more expensive than shirts and our natural instinct is to include a top with a bottom.  Ask the customer why she is buying new jeans and try to determine what type of occasion she is needing to complete an outfit for.  For example, if she says she needs new distressed ankle jeans for a concert coming up, you can offer her a cute tank top to match, a stylish belt, or some new heels or booties to show off.

If she is in your store and picks out a cute sweater, your sales associates have the opportunity to add on layers underneath it or over it.  Many times women like a cozy camisole to wear underneath the sweater when it is on the more shear side.  For more of a preppy look, shoppers can layer a button down blouse underneath too.  Your shopper can play with texture by pairing that sweater with a cool leather jacket or a bold statement necklace.

If your shopper needs a blazer or suit, there are many other options that she might want as an add-on.  Having the right blouses on hand to match the suit is so important, and the more color options you have in each style of blouse, the more likely she is going to find one she likes and want to buy one in a couple matching colors.  In this cold time of year, she may want to purchase an overcoat or matching scarf to go with it.  For some trendier and edgier looks, she can purchase some vintage-looking t-shirts and hoodies to layer underneath, along with a pair of chunky sneakers for a cool street look.  Pairing a more plain suit jacket with a pair of patterned pants can also be a fun second option for the right occasion.  

If she is buying boots, you can often find the opportunity to add on many different accessories since not many girls can resist an accessory haul during the fall.  Also, shoppers want a lot of cozy tights and sock options to go with their purchase for many different cozy looks. Not to mention, a matching belt or bag can be another easy add on to any fall outfit.  When she finds a pair of boots she likes but is not sure what to wear them with, that is the best opportunity to bring her a pair of pants or tights that tuck into the boots perfectly.  

It is important to have attentive sales associates who listen and determine customers potential wants and needs.  Remember these easy add on techniques to increase your store’s Average Dollar Spent and overall revenue and conversion potential.

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