17 Jun

How Boutiques Can Increase Sales During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has made a huge impact on businesses as mandatory store closures have been in place for several months. However, this has led to an increase in e-commerce as consumers turn to the internet for their shopping needs. Here are a few ways to increase your boutique’s sales during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Set Up Online Promotions 

Your customers may not be able to come in and shop at your boutique’s storefront, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t shopping online! E-commerce is up by thirty percent compared to this time last year. Many businesses are taking advantage of this surge by running promotions to encourage their customers to shop online. Implementing new sales and promotions can incentivize customers to shop on your website. Email and paid social media are great ways to connect with your customers and let them know about these sales and promotions. 


You can connect with your customers and keep your boutique at the front of their minds (and inboxes!) by using email. Ninety-nine percent of consumers check their email daily. This means that email is an excellent way to communicate with your customers and inform them of new sales, promotions, and products. Driving traffic from email to your website will help to increase sales. 

Email is also a great way to update your customers about what your boutique is doing to prevent the spread of COVID, especially once stores begin to open. Many people are still worried about how the country will safely reopen. Knowing that your boutique is taking steps to keep customers safe will make people feel more comfortable making purchases both online and in-store.

Paid Social Media

With all the free time at home, people are using social media to stay connected more than ever. Paid social media is a great way to ensure your customers are informed of your online promotions and sales. Highlighting your new arrivals in these posts will make customers excited to visit your website and shop the sales. Paid social media will also spread awareness of your boutique to people who haven’t heard of your boutique before. An increased awareness of your business will help increase sales even after Coronavirus passes. The more people who are aware of your boutique, the greater opportunity there is to drive traffic from social media to your website to generate sales.

Social media is also a great way to connect and let your customers know that you care. Engaging with followers in the comments of your posts will keep your followers involved with your account. Additionally, putting a personal touch on your social media posts (and emails!) makes your communication feel more genuine. Followers that are engaged with a boutique’s social media account are more likely to pay attention to new posts and be interested in purchasing your products. 

Focus on Comfort

Although some states are beginning to reopen, many people are still working and taking classes from home. People enjoy being comfortable while at home, which has led to an increase in sales of comfortable clothing. Take advantage of this trend by promoting cute, comfortable clothing and accessories that your boutique offers. Loose tops and leggings are popular, as are cozy sweaters and flowy shorts. Promoting these items to your customers through email and paid social media will help to increase your boutique’s sales.

Wholesale Fashion Square strives to provide shoppers and shop owners with the knowledge they need to make informed and inspired decisions about the clothing they purchase. We hope these tips and tricks about increasing your boutique’s sales during the Coronavirus are helpful! Visit our website to view our large assortment of cute, comfortable clothing, and don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us what you’d like us to write about next! We want to hear from you.

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    I completely agree with you on this one, BCZ people are not going out so they will look for deals online which is good for the customer. Good blog post you have presented.

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