24 Jun

How Fashion Trends Have Shifted as a Result of COVID

The Coronavirus has not only affected businesses and travel plans, but it has also affected the fashion trends this year. In the past, wars, economic recessions, and other major events have caused dramatic changes in fashion. The Coronavirus is no different. Months of working from home, CDC regulations, and economic uncertainty have altered what people will be wearing for the rest of the year. Here are a few of the trends that have shifted as a result of COVID. 

Fashionable Face Masks

This functional piece for protective equipment has evolved into a fashion staple for every closet in 2020. Per the CDC guidelines, many stores and restaurants require their customers to have a face mask in order to enter. Although the standard N-95 protective masks are still common, other stylish, fun options have emerged. Masks were seen all over the runway during New York Fashion Week as designers created fashionable options for this functional accessory. As stores and restaurants reopen, people are looking for face masks to be an extension of their outfits and personal style. 

With seemingly endless patterns, there is a face mask to match every outfit and trend. Animal print continues to be a big trend this summer. Whether it’s leopard print, cheetah print, or dalmatian print, there’s a face mask to match! Floral patterns, camouflage, and stars are also popular patterns this summer. A face mask that matches or complements these patterns will help pull a whole outfit together. 

Oversized and Comfortable 

The rise of online classes and working from home has furthered the popularity of oversized and comfortable clothing. People want to be comfortable while they’re at home, especially since there isn’t an expectation to be dressed up like they would be at the office. This trend has continued to rise in popularity even as quarantine is ending. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing oversized sweatshirts with comfortable shorts while out and about. Consider featuring loose, comfortable clothing in your boutique this summer as many people are still working remotely. Loose, flowy shorts and big, oversized sweaters are popular, as are biker shorts and sweatshirts. Athleisure is also continuing to increase in popularity. Leggings and basic t-shirts are staples for every athleisure outfit. 

Back to Basics

The Coronavirus made a huge impact on businesses, which unfortunately led to a rise in unemployment. As a result, many consumers don’t have the disposable income they once did for trendy clothing that will only be in style for one season. The shift in spending towards more basic wardrobe items is a common theme after major historical events such as wars and economic depressions. Because the Coronavirus created an economic downturn, there has been a huge increase in purchases of wardrobe staples that will last several years and won’t quickly go out of style. Consider featuring basic items such as jeans, beige clothes, and basic t-shirts in your boutique. These types of items are timeless, which is why consumers are gravitating towards them.  

Fancy Fashion

Although many people are focusing on buying more basic clothing, there are some people who are excited to get dressed up after being cooped up in quarantine for months. Even simple activities such as going to the store or getting together with a small group of friends is an occasion to wear fancier, stylish attire. Appeal to these customers by featuring some trendy items in your boutique this summer. A maxi skirt with a crop top is a simple, pretty summer look. Denim shorts with a tank top is a great choice for a hot summer day. Throw a sweater on for a cute look on cool summer nights.

Bars and restaurants are also beginning to reopen, and people will likely be shopping for outfits to wear for a night out on the town. A sparkly two-piece set or a denim skirt and a crop top are both great options for a night with friends. 

Wholesale Fashion Square strives to provide shoppers and shop owners with the knowledge they need to make informed and inspired decisions about the clothing they purchase. We hope these insights about how fashion trends have shifted as a result of COVID are helpful! Visit our website to view our large assortment of clothing and face masks, and don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us what you’d like us to write about next! We want to hear from you.

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  • Alice Carroll

    Thanks for the tip that going for basic-looking pieces of clothing would be a good way to stay on top of my shopping for clothing while not really spending too much during this pandemic. I tend to relieve stress through shopping so the recent longer hours I’ve been spending at work would definitely be mitigated by going to a boutique. Since the summer heat is not letting up any time soon, I think I should start looking into sleeveless options.

    July 20, 2020 at 5:41 pm Reply

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