15 Jul

5 Colorful Combinations to Try This Summer

Summertime palettes are almost always the boldest and brightest of the year, which is lucky for us, because today, we’ll be discussing 5 colorful styles you absolutely have to try this summer. Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at the trendiest color combinations of 2020 and showing you some of the best ways to mesh the hues together to create a super chic ensemble.

Scarlet and Saffron

It can be a bit difficult to match close hues like red and orange or yellow without having them clash due to their closeness on the color wheel. However, the bright intensity of scarlet mingles surprisingly well with its more muted cousin, saffron.

Saffron is an orange-yellow color with just a little more red in its mix than mustard or citrine. It’s a fairly versatile color, and looks good as an accent or as the focus of an ensemble. When styling it with scarlet, we recommend choosing one color as the focus, and leaving the other to be an accent. This will help to emphasize the differences in the colors, rather than overwhelming the viewer with the similarities of the warm hues. We also recommend using white or a cooler color to break up the warm tones in your outfit.

This animal print top has saffron hues scattered throughout as an accent to the shirt, and we think it would look amazing with this scarlet red cardigan, shorts, and a nude pair of sandals.

Orange and Teal Blue

Orange and blue are complementary colors, making orange and teal blue a pretty stark contrast when used in an outfit. Even so, these colors are fairly easy to pair together.

Since these colors are natural complements, unlike scarlet and saffron, it’s not necessary to pick one color as the focus. Both can be central elements to your ensemble. However, if you don’t want the contrast to be too great, our suggestion is to use patterns and other colors to break it up a bit.

This striped teal and orange top uses the colors evenly, with dark slate and ashy grays used to separate the two hues. Pair with a pair of jeans and cute earrings for a comfortable but polished look.

Lavender and Sandy Brown

This pairing is an elegant, subtler alternative to the complementary combo of purple and orange. A true sandy brown color has just a hint of gold color in it, and pairing it with lavender makes that quality all the more apparent.

We think the best way to style these two is by making sandy brown the focus and then styling lavender around it. A lavender shirt like this one looks polished when paired with these sand-colored pants. For a more subtle use of this color combination, trying pairing a sand-colored dress with a lavender necklace, bracelet, or earrings

Midnight Blue and Aquamarine

This is a stranger combination of colors, to be sure, and it may just be one of the hardest to pull off. Similar to our first color combo, these two hues are very close on the color wheel, with aquamarine having a touch more green in its mix than its true blue counterpart. To really make it work, we suggest using bold blocks of color that are distinct and easy to differentiate, though you can use patterns sparingly.

If you want a cute summer outfit, try this blue kimono with white shorts and an aquamarine-colored shirt. Notice how even though the cardigan has a print, it is still overwhelmingly blue, and still functions as a large block of blue color that can successfully contrast the aqua-colored shirt.

Since aquamarine is also common in jewelry, consider using it as an accent to a midnight blue ensemble. These aquamarine earrings would pair nicely with this blue top.

Pale Yellow and Coral Pink

Pale yellow and coral pink are both warm hues, but since they aren’t as saturated as, say, a lemon yellow and fire engine red, it’s easier to pair them without clashing. Coral pink is particularly interesting because it’s a variant of orange, but it’s still distinctly different from the intense tangerine and pumpkin oranges that might come to mind when we think of the color.

There’s a decent amount of flexibility with this color combination, so you can experiment with color placement and visibility, as well as your use of patterns. As an example, this coral pink jumpsuit looks killer with a yellow cardigan like this one, which also sports thin, horizontal stripes.

At Wholesale Fashion Square, we want shoppers and boutique owners to make informed and inspired choices about the clothing and accessories they buy. We hope you’ve learned a bit more about the various ways you can mix and match colors this summer. Be sure to check out our wide assortment of seasonal clothing to find some gorgeous pieces that could be a perfect fit for your boutique!

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